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is it too late to save tourism?

The 1st round of the presidential 2022 is held this Sunday, April 10, 2022

A few hours before the first round of the presidential election, the National Group of Hotel Chains (re) launches the debate, in particular on the total absence of a project concerning tourism. For the Union, it is essential that a Minister of Tourism be attached to Bercy and that “the tourist industry becomes the economic priority” of France. We made the rounds of meals from UNAT to EDV, passing by Remy Knafou, a thinker in the sector. Tourism pros, this Sunday don’t forget to vote… despite everything!

The 1st round of the 2022 presidential election is being held this Sunday, April 10, 2022, tourism will have been one of the absentees - Depositiphotos
The 1st round of the 2022 presidential election is being held this Sunday, April 10, 2022, tourism will have been one of the absentees - Depositiphotos

The 1st round of the 2022 presidential election is being held this Sunday, April 10, 2022, tourism will have been one of the absentees – Depositiphotos

Totally absent from the presidential campaign, tourism “rest an unthought in France,” according to Simon Thirot, the general delegate of the UNAT.

And obviously, the next five-year term, regardless of the president, will not change anything, given the few (understatement) proposals from candidates on the issue.

The sector is still considered as gathering and hunting, at the time of primitive societies. There is no political strategy,” analyzes Jean-Pierre Mas, the president of the EDV.

He is not the only one to rail against a campaign which will have revolved only around subjects imposed by the extremes.

While the French and tourism professionals are called to vote this Sunday, April 10, 2022, the National Group of Hotel Chains is interfering in the campaign.

The France must adapt, reinvent its tourism and bring it towards ever greater quality, hospitality, diversity, towards ever greater excellence.

Tourism is, for France, a formidable lever of growth,” jointly sign Roland Héguy, the confederal president of the UMIH and Jean Virgile Crance, the president of the GNC.

“Talking about industry, because tourism refers to the word vacation”

The president-candidate has shown the desire to achieve full employment during his second term, if the voters give him the opportunity.

A goal that could be achieved, thanks to the tourist industry.

It is important to talk about industry, because tourism refers to the word vacation. Obviously no one talked about vision or even employment in our sector ” recalls Yves Brossard, owner of Primeahotels Guadeloupe.

As a new world opens up before us, it is time to rethink this industry.

The last time it was designed and fitted out by the State services was in the 1960s and 1970s, with in particular “the Racine plan”, to build buildings welcoming French families on the coast and/or in the mountains.

Tourism in France must be thought out by the State. The distribution of tourism, therefore avoiding overtourism, which is a matter of land use planning. For 50 years, nothing has happened, “Plague Jean-Pierre Mas.

The GNC intends to get things moving and shake up this moribund campaign.

For the Union, it is time for tourism to have its own ministry, attached to Bercy and not to the Quai d’Orsay.

It’s necessary build a ten-year plan to support the competitiveness of CHRD companies on the digital level and the attractiveness of their professions and improve statistical knowledge of the sector with the establishment of observatories specific to our professions, recommends the document.

“Holidays are important for living it together”

About the Ministry, the professionals are not all in agreement.

Remy Knafou does not want a scattering of the political debate or a sectorization. For Emmanuel Foiry, tourism is not the last wheel of the carriage, it is just omnipresent.

This is a subject that is approached in a disparate and roundabout way.

Tourism affects land use planning. When the candidates are debating on highways, airports, public transport… then we talk about it,” he recalls.

The sector is one of the leading industries in the country with 8% of the national GDP, for 2 million jobs,

And yet, if it is not to evoke it in a negative way, nobody or almost does not approach the subject of tourism.

With what this represents for our territories, we could expect our candidates to have a global vision. We need real political support, just for jobs and infrastructure.

Holidays represent an important interest in living it together, even though our society is not doing really well,” analyzes Simon Thirot.

Beyond the economy, the industry conveys values ​​through.

Until recently, Europe had never experienced such a period of peace, thanks in particular to the opening of borders, without limits and the mixing of populations.

Global warming and tourism… the candidates for absent subscribers!

Moreover, the UNAT has published a plea for the 2022 presidential election, with 15 proposals that you can find by clicking here.

At least, it will not be possible to attack this article by arguing that it conveys a political message.

For once, the opponents of the election have distinguished themselves, as well as their representatives, by their ability to completely snub the subject.

And yet, there would be things to discuss.

The reflection on tourism is only an entry – neither minor nor major -, but an interesting entry to consider and understand how much we must prepare ourselves to see things differently.

In all areas: strategic, environmental, societal, economic and, ultimately, political, because it’s a whole system that is falling apart right before our eyes,” says Remy Knafou, professor emeritus at the Sorbonne.

Especially since the industry is facing major challenges, even though the IPCC only gives us 3 years to act.

Moreover, the president of the EDV, pointed out to us shortly after the Primaries, that during the event, all representatives were uneasy about tourism and global warming.

The GNC encourages it to orient ecological taxation towards the financing of sustainable innovations, but also to promote establishments that have a recognized approach, while labeling good environmental practices.

School trips: “every child must leave at least once!”

Unfortunately, that’s not all.

Atout France will have to be rethought, given the evolution of the sector, both in its approach and in its role. Social tourism is ignored, like school tourism.

We would like political objectives: that each child go to a discovery class at least once. A child who travels, gains in autonomy, mobility and confidence.

This contributes to the learning of citizenship,” continues the delegate general of the UNAT.

Another aspect that is very little discussed: the tourist industry in the overseas departments. Despite the 1st Overseas Tourism Strategic Committee (CSTOM), which was held last February, the islanders are generally neglected.

There is no politics, no innovation, no debate.

We need to equip ourselves with skills to improve reaction capacities. There is no longer any question of a minister or a secretary of state learning on the job,” calls out Yves Brossard.

While our sector is recovering, but still enjoys this bad publicity with overtourism and its environmental impact, the State must realize that it is not always up to private actors to find solutions to problems.

On Sunday, professionals will vote, but for which tourism and which policy?

Finally, there was neither campaign, nor idea, nor constraint towards the candidates. The disinterest of the French is more than legitimate,“concludes an observer.


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