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Jonathan David, chronicle of a tumbling season

Dégringolade, feminine name which means the action of tumbling often used to speak of a violent or brutal fall. A name that well represents the current season of LOSC which finds a ranking quite far from its new standards. But this word represents even better the season that Jonathan David is going through, from acclaimed striker to striker in difficulty.

Twelve goals during the first part of the season in Ligue 1, only one during the second part of the season which is currently elapsed. But what could have happened to Jonathan David, who finally seemed able to reveal his full potential by achieving a full season. Explanations of an exercise from dream to nightmare for the young Canadian striker.

An attacker in the footsteps of his collective

After the first part of the season, where LOSC alternated hot and cold, only one flew over. It was Jonathan David. Top scorer in the championship for a few days, especially with Gaëtan Laborde, also in bad shape, the Canadian only needed a few balls per game to score. We remember in particular his goals against Brest or against Bordeaux, where inspiration and confidence were not lacking. In the Champions League, he was also the one who left LOSC alive thanks to his decisive goal in the victory against Red Bull Salzburg. But gradually, the confidence dissipated and completely disappeared. But the offensive performances were already decried during this first part of the season.

During this second part of the season, the Lille collective fell apart. The games went on and without David’s confidence and assurance in front of goal, the results also tarnished. Matches won by a goal difference became draws and draws became losses. Nothing, therefore, to fix a confidence in perdition. Often accompanied by Burak Yilmaz, Jonathan David also lost his bearings without the Turkish striker, but with many different partners. A permanent adaptation which did not put the Canadian international in the right conditions, just like the meetings where he played alone at the forefront. He who is systematically better with a second striker next to him.

A season far too busy for David

60 matches. Jonathan David has not finished this season he already has 60 games under his belt. It’s too much. Too much for a professional football player who wants to perform in every match he plays. A very important parameter to take into account when it comes to taking stock of the season of the Canadian number 9. In addition to the many matches he played, we must also add the many trips made to join his Canadian team. More than 5500km and seven hours of round trip flight to transit between his club and his selection. Not to mention the trips made to the four corners of America to play qualifying matches in El Salvador or at the other end of the United States, the player’s odometer begins to be saturated.

If we thought that his twenty-two years would compensate for all this, the fatigue is more and more felt over the matches and in particular this Friday against AS Monaco where the Canadian was non-existent for the fifty-five minutes disputed. . He is not the only player to suffer from his numerous selections and the kilometers traveled between Europe and South America. The assiduous followers of Ligue 1 will have found: it is Lucas Paqueta. He too had started the season in a very good way before gradually sinking and becoming a shadow of himself for a large part of the second half of the season.

A statement that changed everything

At the end of last December, while Jonathan David was in a rush, the player’s agent Nick Mavromaras declared on Radio Canada Info that his striker would leave LOSC at the end of the season: “For us, the objective is to finish the season in Lille, but it will be his last season there for several reasons. I think the Premier League is a great option for him. I think he likes Spain a lot too because he likes the feeling of the ball and the very technical players. These two leagues are a big priority for him, but we are not ruling anything out. You never know, with Paris Saint-Germain or the big Italian clubs. It’s normal that all these big clubs are interested in the top scorer in Ligue 1, but I can tell you that today there is no official offer. »

A statement bordering on disrespect by evoking many potential destinations for the player, but today everything (or almost) has changed. Top scorer in Ligue 1 on the evening of the 19th day, Jonathan David has scored only one goal since. His departure is less and less assured. With a declining market value and the disinterest of several big clubs, worried about their second half of the season, LOSC can hope to keep their striker for another year. So will he be present in Lille at the dawn of the 2022-2023 season? The answers will be given this summer, but one thing is certain, Jonathan David’s season must be considered average given the player’s qualities and LOSC must be demanding with him.

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