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KEFI Association: Diving at the Nautical Club of Nice

KEFI organized its White Party at the Club Nautique de Nice. This meeting between business leaders and tourism stakeholders allowed more than 120 members of the association to network while enjoying delicious rose-scented dishes in a festive and musical atmosphere.

KEFI (κέφι), taken from ancient Greek, means the spirit of joy, passion, enthusiasm, good humor and pleasure. It is in the image of all these superlatives that KEFI set the scene for its evening at the Nautical Club of Nice. On June 2, 2022, many institutions from the Côte d’Azur business and tourism world gathered aroundElodie Puttemanits president for a sunset party refreshing and epicurean in the restaurant and on the terrace of the Club House.

kefi nautical club nice

Élodie Putteman surrounded by members of the KEFI association and partners

Friendship served on a gourmet platter

For this evening between heaven and earth, placed under the sign of friendly business and the unique and captivating underwater works of Sebastian Sun, exposed through the diving board, all the ingredients were there to ensure that the event remains etched in the memory of each participant for a long time. In this unique setting with a breathtaking panorama (panoramic view of the port and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean), Elodie Putteman and her team had pulled out all the stops to receive the 120 members of her association. On the menu: gastronomic delights concocted by the chef of the Club House, Cristiano DeLuca and his brigade; rose flavored dessert Stephanie Aufrere and rum tasting; DJs; classical music; souvenir photos and of course, Champagne and business cards.

kefi nautical club nice

Sebastien Soleil

Warmth and friendliness

On arrival at the Nautical Club, the guests were welcomed by Élodie Putteman surrounded by some of the founders of KEFI: lorline (vice-president) and Alex Putteman (secretary), Celine Chauchet (wellness manager) Fanny Castanier (community manager) and Aurelien Picolier (treasurer), all dressed in white, according to the theme of the evening.

kefi nautical club nice

Stephanie Aufrère

Open up new collaboration opportunities

The guests comfortably seated on the panoramic terrace furnished with tables and comfortable seats or in the dining room club house, jacket dropped, glass of Champagne in hand and business card in the other exchanged, from the beginning of the evening until the end of the night, in a festive and relaxed atmosphere. This highly successful networking event gave local economic players the opportunity to network, develop professional relationships, benefit from advice for the development of the companies present, share information on topical issues concerning the lives of companies.

kefi nautical club nice

Champagnes Fines Bulles Comte de Cheurlin

Communicate in a relaxed way

The super dynamic team of KEFI had made every effort to provide local economic players with an evening as delicious as it was fruitful. A drink in hand, in complete relaxation and the jacket dropped, exchanges between startupers, SMEs, lawyers, chartered accountants, notaries, insurance brokers, real estate agents, renovation companies, wealth management advisers, insurers, industrialists, hoteliers , restaurateurs, multiplied at will around a tasty gastronomic buffet concocted by the brigade of the Nautical Club

kefi nautical club nice

Rose dessert, Champagne and music

To perfect these pure moments of happiness, the guests were able to continue their meetings around a delicious gastronomic buffet completed by rose desserts and rum tastings offered by Stephanie Aufrerethe creator of Counter of the Rose at Grasse ( Le Comptoir de la Rose, Gourmet Perfumes in Grasse ). This rum aged in oak barrels, blended with Rose Centifolia by the family Ricci from Domaine Saint-Sauveur in Grasse, giving a surprising and captivating nectar, was a great success with the guests. Icing on the cake and to refresh this tasty evening under the stars, the delicious Champagne Fine Bubbles Comte de Cheurlin came at the right time.

kefi nautical club nice

Souvenir films and photos

For the musical atmosphere, the harpist Skarlet Khoury with nimble fingers, several times awarded at the National and Regional Conservatory of Nice has distilled with joy and joy its scintillating sounds. Behind the decks, the DJ Alexis Bonora made a large number of guests dance until the end of the night with its summer set and its crazy and frenzied rhythms. Others continued the evening by having their picture taken by @nicephotobox or by Aurellio Stella of the agency Evenjoy, the official photographer of the evening. On his side, Ghautier-Frachon immortalized this crazy evening by filming it with his super eight camera.

kefi nautical club nice

KEFIbusiness differently

KEFI came into being at the instigation of a group of friends on a beautiful spring day. KEFI aims to answer the following question: what about the creation of value and business on the Côte d’Azur? It is to this problem that KEFIthe business differently, by associating the analytical with the emotional, the oldest with the renewal and the start-up with the multi-national.

kefi nautical club nice

B2B based on conviviality

Since then, this new association focused on B2B has been placed under the leadership of Élodie Putteman, Regional Development Manager South-East at KPMG France (audit and consulting firm) and member of the SKAL International Côte d’Azur chaired by Nicole Martin.

kefi nautical club nice

Le Comptoir de la Rose, gourmet paradise

The Counter of the Rose in Grasse is a gourmet paradise for lovers of floral gastronomy. Open at 17 rue Marcel Journet, larry pasettirose grower for 30 years in Mougins and Stephanie Aufrere-Montigny welcome you to their shop to make you discover with happiness the thousand and one scents and gustatory virtues of the rose.

kefi nautical club nice

Stéphanie Aufrère presents her rose rum

Artisanal and local products all in the rose

This beautiful boutique, all dressed in pink, located in the historic heart of the World Perfume Capital, highlights artisanal and local products all in the rose. Risotto, sweets, raspberry and chocolate granola, crystallized rose petals, Centifolia and Hibiscus rose infusion, rose infusion, cocoa bean peel, so many delights that will delight gourmet palates. Organic Centifolia black tea, salts, peppers and exceptional spices and other sweets with Rose de Grasse will enhance the flavor of your dishes. (

kefi nautical club nice

Stéphanie Aufrère (right)

Sébastien Soleil: Unique and captivating underwater works

Originally from Volvic, in a volcanic region of France, Sebastian Sun was not always a photographer but his art naturally imposed itself on him. First designer, expert in marketing and communication, the artist changed life and vision. It was during a first snorkeling in Thailand six years ago that the love story between him and the underwater world began. Three years later, he invested in a camera and a suitable case, which allowed him to capture its beauty. The result is striking shots, which call for letting go, abandonment and faith. “I believe in Freedom, not the freedom to act foolishly, but the Freedom to be free from your own past and history, from whatever you think limits you. With the help of Water I realized that we are limitless, it’s all about energy and letting go. he explains.

kefi nautical club nice

Skarlet Khoury, multiple award-winning arpist

Scarlett Khoury is a professional harpist who has been playing in the big leagues for 35 years. Several times awarded at Nice Conservatoryat the Academy of Music of Monaco, at the Paris Conservatory… A classic journey within the classic. His musical life could have continued like a long calm river, but here it is: “chance” got involved. “I performed on stage with the rapper Kanye West or on the occasion of the 40-year career of Tina Turner. These experiences took me out of my usual register and reinforced what I felt deep inside: dusting off the image of my instrument. As a result, the harpist offers an astonishing pop rock repertoire like Hit the Road Jack! ,stairway to Heaven,Riders on the StormWhereSmells Like Teen Spirit. This real meeting makes it possible to harmonize the quintessence of the musician and her instrument to offer an original and sensitive work.

kefi nautical club nice

Scarlett Khoury & Celine Chauchet

Alexis Bonora DJ, many festive events at stake

Alexis Bonora DJ travels through the trendy clubs of the Côte d’Azur with his catchy musical style. He is also the organizer of many festive events in prestigious places. He will be able to respond with talent to your musical expectations (private parties, weddings, inaugurations) or to set the mood for an entire club!

kefi nautical club nice

Alexis Bonora

KEFI Association
179 avenue Sainte-Marguerite
Tel: +33 (0)6 12 61 27 67

kefi nautical club nice

Aurellio Stella & William

Nautical Club of Nice
50 Bd Frank Pilatte
06300 – Nice
+33 (0)4 93 89 32 97

kefi nautical club nice

Yana Bykovska (right)

kefi nautical club nice

KEFI Association: Diving at the Nautical Club of Nice

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