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Kelly Wearstler presents her new furniture collection

Bold, versatile, visionary, Kelly Wearstler is the undisputed queen of interior design in California. After years of experience in interior design, on film sets and in five-star hospitality, including fitting out Proper Hotels in Santa Monica, San Francisco, Austin and Downtown LA, she also created his brand of furniture. His latest collection of furniture and home accessories, Kelly Wearstler Spring Summer 2022, explores the intelligent use of materiality, and is inspired by styles from different eras for a generous, organic and constantly evolving aesthetic. For Kelly Wearstler, design is all about chemistry: it’s about merging her vision and goals.

Decorator and designer Kelly Wearstler.

© Joyce Park

Inspired by the curves that defined 1970s French and Italian design, the Spring-Summer 2022 collection creates unexpected dialogues between soft and solid, textured and tactile. “My style is characterized by its contrasts: it explores surprising binomials, such as the masculine and the feminine, the contemporary and the antique, the raw and the refined”, explains the interior designer to AD Italy from his home in Beverly Hills. Among the new furnishing elements in stone, precious wood, metal, fabric and ceramic, Kelly Wearstler presents for spring the furniture collection morro, originally designed for the Santa Monica Proper Hotel Library and Art Gallery.

The collection morro spring-summer 2022 by Kelly Wearstler. Photo © The Ingalls

“The collection morro started with a custom table, which we designed for the library Grotto from the Santa Monica Proper hotel. Santa Monica Proper’s interiors, inspired by the colors and energy of the Los Angeles coast, feature natural palettes, raw materials and organic fabrics. Grotto is a small library doubled as an art gallery within the hotel, explains the designer. I wanted to give the impression that it was the library of a couple from Malibu who traveled a lot and collected books and works of art over the years, to create an inspiring universe. »

The collection morro by Kelly Wearstler at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel. Photo © The Ingalls

His intention for the Grotto Library was to create an intimate space with character, reminiscent of a beach house with a very personal style. “I loved revisiting this series for my capsule collection Spring Summer 2022, with the possibility of reinterpreting these pieces according to a new objective. »

Armchair morro, spring-summer 2022, Kelly Wearstler. Photo © The Ingalls

What were your inspirations for the collection Spring-Summer 2022 ?

For this collection, I was largely inspired by Japanese influences from the middle of the last century and French and Italian design from the 1970s. As part of this collection, I have created a new family of furniture morro which takes up the curved lines dominant in French and Italian furniture of the 1970s, as well as textures that are both flexible and solid. I was inspired by the low profile of mid-century Japanese furniture, adding a touch of modernity, subtle details like the spherical oak legs.

Armchair Larchmont, lamp Mixed, travertine bowl, cupboard Palma, Kelly Wearstler design. Photo © The Ingalls

What materials have you favored for this new collection?

I have used a range of natural materials including stone, precious woods, metals, ceramics and textiles. I liked to explore new working methods, to create clean and sinuous silhouettes. The neutral palette has been paired with geometric pieces to create versatile combinations. I also like fabrics in bold colors, like plum and golden yellow.

Bench Echo by Kelly Wearstler. Photo © The Ingalls

What is the idea behind the fractured table?

I love its texture and elegance. I have a large custom version of this in my house in Beverly Hills. Each tempered glass panel has been hand-fractured and framed with an antique brass border. We created this table in three custom sizes, but this new edition is designed to be smaller and more intimate: a space that invites conversation.

Chair Heron and table Superluxe Round Fractured by Kelly Wearstler. Photo © The Ingalls

The collection was photographed at Schindler House: how does the new collection interact with this iconic West Hollywood architecture?

Schindler House has an extraordinary history: it was designed by Viennese architect Rudolf Schindler as a two-family house, which he shared with his wife Pauline Schindler and Clyde and Marian Chace. The four rooms have been designed to be completely separated from each other. A space allowing everyone to explore their own creativity. The building evolved into the home of an architectural studio, the undisputed source of Southern California modernism. It is the place where Schindler, with his partner Richard Neutra, defined his career. Since 1994, Schindler House has housed the MAK Center for Art and Architecture and offers an exciting program of exhibitions and publications.

Armchair Fairfax, table Ebell, collection Heath Green Patina by Kelly Wearstler. Photo © The Ingalls

Photographing my collection in this iconic location was a real honor. I have always been drawn to California. Growing up in South Carolina, I always knew I would end up here one way or another. California living embodies a blend of elegance and character, surrounded by natural beauty. I always try to push the boundaries of design, California is the perfect place for my work because it’s not steeped in tradition. For this particular collection, I wanted to explore the blend of Japanese, French and Italian influences with the modernity of California.

Couch During, plaid Front Superluxe, lamp Miramar, side table stacked, armchair Fairfax, Kelly Wearstler design. Photo © The Ingalls

What do you think is the most important thing to keep in mind when designing furniture?

For me, designing furniture, lighting and rugs is similar to creating pieces of sculpture or art, they have to communicate, have a distinctive character. When I design a piece of furniture, I want it to be sophisticated, elegant and luxurious, but without compromising on comfort. It’s about finding the perfect balance between form and structure, materiality, texture and color. Harmony between form and function.

Zuma Chair, Troye Lamp, Stacked Side Table, Tribute Stool Small, Superluxe Fractured Side Table, Rhodes Coffee Table, Colina Stool, by Kelly Wearstler. Photo © The Ingalls

Translation Perrine Chambon.


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