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La Baule exposes its passion for the automobile and declines it throughout the beautiful season

Fixed forever on the films of Paris Match photographers, racing cars of all kinds, sports coupes, or more simply ”retro” cars are exhibited outdoors in La Baule. At their wheel, stars, celebrities, pilots. A motionless journey, but hair in the wind, awaits you.

If you pass by the station, the seafront, the Guézy or Escoublac, then plan a stopover of a few minutes, you will not regret it.

On the square, the embankment or near the town halls annexes, along the avenue Lajarrige, place des Palmiers or in the communal forest, you will come across unforgettable cars.

Unless it is their owners, or those who pose at the wheel of the little marvel.

Whether it’s an overpowered V6 or a Renault 4L, the passion for cars is there, in photos, in La Baule.

For the third consecutive year, the city of La Baule-Escoublac and Paris Match have agreed to share photographic treasures with the general public.

The reserves of the famous magazine are full of shots (more than 15 million!) bearing the hallmark of the weekly: high class photos, aesthetics, snapshots and celebrities.

But rather than lock themselves in a closed place, the actors of the exhibition ”La Baule, the automobile passion” have taken the price to propose an open-air photographic walk deployed in the city.

“Because the history of La Baule-Escoublac is intimately linked to that of the automobile, we have decided to dedicate “2022, Year of the automobile”.

Franck Louvrier, mayor of La Baule-Escoublac

After the Ocean, after the Horse, in previous years, it is therefore the Automobile that reveals itself to the walker, through the magnificent selected photos.

For Franck Louvrier, the mayor, ”Paris Match tells us for more than 70 years the evolution of the car”. ”His remarkable photos also tell our story”, completes the aedile.

The French love cars! exclaimed Georges Pompidou. And him the first! A lover of cars and speed, the President of the Republic of the 60s/70s often drove himself and at high speed, so much so that his bodyguards sometimes had the greatest difficulty in following him!

This is the anecdote that accompanies this photo of the head of state, with his wife. Returning to vote in his town, Georges Pompidou also knew how to appreciate the simplicity of the 4L.

If these cars manage to take us into our memories, they also give pride of place to dreams, myths and fascination.

So when a magnificent Italian, piloted by an international movie star, finds herself seized at full speed by the photographer from the Paris Match plane, we are in the presence of a dream, a fantasy come true, thanks to Jean -Paul Belmondo, immortalized in 1962, at the wheel of a bomb named Ferrari, the 250 GT!

And when the anecdote tells of Françoise Sagan’s passion for beautiful cars, she quotes the author of ”Bonjour triste” and her definition of the car: ”this drowsy animal that you wake up with the turn of a key”, we feel that each celebrity forms a myth in its own right with its car.

The “La Baule, Automotive Passion” exhibition highlights fans of speed and beautiful mechanics, and gives pride of place to the years 1950-1980: the great era of legendary cars! A trip that will last the whole beautiful season, until September 17th. Jacques Chirac, Françoise Hardy, Marie-France Pisier, Simone Signoret, Fangio, Jean-Pierre Beltoise, François Cevert, and many more await you!

In La Baule-Escoublac, 2022 is therefore declared the year of the automobile. Thus, a whole cultural, event and educational program dedicated to the car has been put in place.

Yesterday’s car is exhibited all over the city, with selected themes (for example, ”on the road in songs” at Guézy, ”fans of speed and fine mechanics” avenue Olivier Guichard, etc…)

Beyond this exhibition of previously unseen photos, La Baule-Escoublac is repeating its photo and news competition on the theme of “Automotive passion”. The car of today and that of tomorrow therefore have their place in the entertainment programme.

The two competitions will take place from May 1 to August 15, 2022. The best photos and news will be published in a collection. Theme: Automotive.

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