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“Las Vegas is no longer the cheap destination it used to be”

Right now, Las Vegas is in high demand with travelers. Demand is very strong, and it is driving up prices. We are here in a good example of rates applied according to the concept of dynamic pricing, which fluctuates all the time, which reacts to everything.

All hotels, restaurants, performance venues and entertainment are open at 100% capacity. This is therefore not a normal demand from travelers in a destination that is not running at full capacity. It is a question of the pressure exerted by travelers on demand.

Las Vegas is still an affordable destination when compared to other major urban destinations of its kind. But prices have gone up everywhere, for a whole host of reasons: the pandemic, inflation in the cost of living, etc. In Las Vegas too.

Hotel rooms at $39 or $49, it will be during really very low periods of the year, in summer for example when it is really hot in the desert, that the traveler may still be able to find them. And still it is necessary that there is no major sporting event or a large convention in the poster on the spot, which return with great steps to Las Vegas. Otherwise, at least for now, the $39 is nowhere to be found.

David Han

Price increases can also be seen on packages because air carriers, in particular, have also increased their prices. All the elements are there for this price increase.

Also, the pressure is also enormous on the shows. Visitors throw themselves into the performance halls! This is another reality which also has an impact on prices.

In other words, if you add 20% price increase on the room, 20% price increase on the flight, 20% price increase on the show tickets and so on, well we end up faced with a significantly higher overall bill than before the pandemic, even if these prices were already rising, slowly but steadily, before the pandemic. »

Senior representative of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority account, David Han explains here the current portrait of the city of a thousand sins. The “what happened in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas” is still relevant, but it costs more.

A presentation evening for a handful of interested parties

Last night, April 27, at the Monville Hotel in downtown Montreal, Open Jaw Quebec got some news from Las Vegas, during an evening meal-presentation on the destination.

The invitation came from Las Vegas but also from Air Canada and Air Canada Vacations, the partners of this evening.

The few people invited were travel counsellors, industry media, Groupe Voyages Québec, CAA Québec and the Voyages En Direct group.

Air Canada Vacations

Now six weeks away from retirement, Guy Marchand – ACV’s Senior Sales Manager for Eastern Canada – added his two cents to the evening, to the delight of those at the table.

For Agents

Many excursions offered in Las Vegas are commissionable at 5%. This is a plus for advisors who make the sale before the client leaves. And this customer can benefit from rates in Canadian dollars advises Guy Marchand.

Guy Marchand

With regard to the Air Canada component, in our opinion, it is very important that the advisor encourage his client to download the AC application. If there is a change to their flights, the customer is notified immediately by this application.

This is all the more practical because it can happen that a departure is brought forward. If there is a flight cancellation, for example, the carrier can sometimes combine the passengers of two flights on the same plane, and it is not completely excluded that the departure time is brought forward by a few minutes. »

Air Canada

Until roughly October 2022:

Montreal to Las Vegas: 1 flight per day

Toronto to Las Vegas: 2 flights per day

Elizabeth Ohayon

Our flights still show availability, but we are really seeing an increase in demand. Travel agents no longer have to assume that planes are empty. They must advise their customers that reservations must be made quickly, as soon as a date is entered in the traveler’s agenda. advises Elizabeth Ohayon, Air Canada Regional Sales Manager.

Upcoming Las Vegas

-The Super Bowl: February 11, 2024

-The LVCC Loop: an underground transport system. This objective is targeted: to eliminate travel on land as much as possible.

Photos: Isabelle Chagnon

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