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Last minute, reviews, savings… 6 pro tips for a successful trip

Try the last minute

Of course, you have to organize your vacation as soon as possible, especially if you have chosen a popular destination. But fans of improvisation can be reassured: many sites offer last-minute tickets or stays:,,… On the site , it is even possible to benefit from reductions of up to 70% on “ultra-last minute” stays, which can be booked up to two days before departure. And for all holidaymaker profiles, a piece of advice: look for your ticket on the Internet during the night, when prices are lower!

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Multiply traveler reviews

Can we trust the opinions posted on the Internet? It all depends on the number of comments! Five opinions are not enough to get an idea of ​​the hotel you want. From 300 messages, it becomes more reliable – if most are negative, move on. The TripAdvisor site (photo) boasts, for example, of registering some 300 new contributions per minute. Enough to find the best restaurants or outings nearby.

Consider sharing

House swaps, rentals between individuals, carpooling… According to the survey carried out in the summer of 2018 by the YouGov institute for the start-up Sailsquare, 57% of French people opt for the collaborative economy. Like them, save money… while having a good time. In Paris, for example, share a taxi to reach the station or the airport (, and everywhere in France, let yourself be guided by a passionate volunteer ( You can also buy a train ticket from a user at an unbeatable price (,,, or borrow a bicycle from a private individual from 5 euros (free Be Bike application).

Beware of all-inclusive stays

Be aware that the interest of “all inclusive” offers varies according to the destination. Advantageous for the Dominican Republic, the Antilles or the Mediterranean basin, they are not necessarily so in Asia, where the tourist offer is cheaper.

Beware of Bad Savings

Cutting back too much on your budget can be risky. “Insisting on a six-hour stopover with young children to save 30 euros is not necessarily a good plan,” says Linda Lainé, editor-in-chief of the magazine L’Echo touristique. Same thing with support contracts. Calling on a travel agency is more expensive than organizing your stay alone, but it can be useful: in the event of a strike, bad weather or the bankruptcy of the company, you are picked up on another flight. » If you prefer to go through booking sites, choose those that offer efficient customer service, which you can reach easily, for example if you realize at the last minute that your name has been misspelled on your ticket.


The best apps: install them before you go

Downloadable for free, these applications are excellent companions for your journeys: XE Currency converts more than 180 currencies around the world, Google Trips (photos) lists the activities offered around you, Gasoil Now locates the cheapest gas stations area, WifiFinder lists all the free networks available… And if you don’t have a destination yet, the Voyages Pirates app will show you all the good deals on tickets and stays based on different criteria.

Didier Arino, director of the Protourisme PATRICK BERNARD research firm

Expert advice to find the best value for money

What are the good plans this year to experience these moments of reunion? Didier Arino, director of the Protourisme research firm, gives us his opinion. “New generation campsites, such as those in the Sunelia chain, represent excellent opportunities. They allow family members to be both together and independent, as they offer a host of activities at affordable prices. They have comfortable mobile homes, with bedding of the same quality as in the hotel”

And to find other housing opportunities? His advice is simple: “think outside the box. For example, everyone knows Airbnb, but many of the accommodations rented out on this platform can also be found on the Gîtes de France platform at much more attractive prices (sometimes 20 to 25% cheaper), with, as a bonus, a label that proves that they have been checked. Similarly, in many parts of France, you have to think about looking for accommodation in the hinterland: not so far from the coast, they are also much more affordable than those located in seaside resorts. I am thinking, for example, of the Vendée hinterland, the Cathar country or Bagnoles-de-l’Orne, a pretty little-known town in Normandy (Editor’s note: 100 km east of Mont-Saint-Michel). »

But do these tips work on all dates? Didier Arino indeed confirms that “the holiday period also plays a huge role in the price of the stay. If you choose a famous destination, it is better to go there the first week of July, the last of August, or even between July and August, periods during which interesting promotions are often offered…

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