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LoL: BDS Bootcamp in Korea, first struggle for Adam

Photo: LoL Esports

At the end of 2021, we carefully followed the trip to Korea by Vetheo and Jezu. The two Frenchmen had decided to go and taste the Korean soloQ during an intensive stay, just to work on their mechanics and to arrive sharpened for the recovery. The least we can say is that it was beneficial for the Misfits Gaming midlaner. Voted MVP of the LEC’s 2022 Spring Split, he has shown very good form at the start of the season.

Training in South Korea is a bit of a trend in the League of Legends universe. Of sardoche to Team Liquid, several actors of the scene have already tried the experiment, for the pleasure but also for the tryhard. This time, Team BDS is making the trip. The structure does not do things by halves and has brought 10 players: its LEC roster but also his academic roster who was prematurely eliminated from the EUM. Players are going to play very big given that depending on performance, the cards between team one and team two could be redistributed. We will therefore carefully scrutinize the performance and feedback of players, especially French players: Adamthe little prince of toplane, NUCLEARINTthe talented mid laner and sheo, the former KILLERS. To begin with, it was the former Fnatic who had a first little problem, even before arriving on Korean soil!

What a mistake from the French player!

Team BDS didn’t go straight to South Korea and the team made a stopover in Turkey on the road. It’s no secret and in an airport; there is not much to do, especially since we generally do not have time to go out to visit the surroundings. The fallback solution to pass the time is usually to take out your phone to enjoy a series, play a little game or take a look on social networks. When we also know the average age of professional League of Legends players, we imagine that this is exactly what Adam did!

The problem is that he must not have been careful about roaming services. Today, the majority of phone plans include coverage in the Europe zone. But the case of Turkey depends on the operators… You always have to be careful abroad so as not to have large amounts outside the package. Adam didn’t make a mistake and by activating 4G for “one second”, he took a – 50 euros. In his misfortune, his operator automatically blocks when he perceives a problem and his expenses have gone no further. We imagine that on the way back he will be careful. We had a better start to the trip, but we hope that the Frenchman will soon find a smile by torturing the Korean ladder. It is also possible that it falls on the players of G2 Esports who are already there and who are training for the MSI.

A big absence in the photos!

Team BDS will surely feed his content networks to maximize the usefulness of his trip to South Korea. We will therefore have the opportunity to follow the evolution of the 10 players while discovering, we hope, aspects of Korean culture. It is hoped that players will have the opportunity to go to karaoke or PC bangs (internet cafes). We won’t be against pictures of Korean barbecue or fried chicken either.

A photo of the start has already been posted and we couldn’t help but notice the absence of a player! Obviously, xico is not on the trip, since he was benched earlier in the transfer window. It was hard to imagine seeing the Portuguese make the trip in this context. But the one that we especially noticed by its masked presence, it is Reeker. The German midlaner has not been made official at Team BDS, but many rumors have leaked (LEC Wooloo). If BDS is going to train and create internal competition, Reeker should be somewhere in the equation… We hope the team didn’t at least make him travel in the hold! We also wonder if the structure will be able to hide the player during the stay. Who of the photographers, the staff or the players will crack first?


League of Legends works with cycles. It is very difficult to maintain oneself at the highest level and according to the mercati, we generally see regular renewals in the rosters. Cloud9 is no exception to the rule, except that the team should call back old acquaintances…

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