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Lyon Métropole at the forefront of more responsible tourism


Behind the scenes

Posted on December 15, 2021
by Charlotte Petit

The Metropolis of Lyon and its partners have set up a new strategy to develop tourism in our territory. With one watchword: responsible, sustainable tourism that benefits all inhabitants.

The Metropolis of Lyon, the Tourist Office and Only Lyon Tourism and Conventions want to develop more responsible tourism for our agglomeration, for both business and leisure customers. Sustainable tourism is tourism that is ecologically bearable, economically viable and benefits the local population. To make this commitment a reality, the Métropole and its partners have developed an action plan.

Tourism that benefits the whole territory

It’s not just the historic center of Lyon that is worth a detour, there is a lot to discover in the surrounding area, at the large Miribel park or at the Caluire waterworks, for example!

The territory also hosts many renowned events: the Nuits de Fourvière, the Nuits sonores, the Sirha, the Biennials of contemporary art and dance… A certain number are in Lyon, but not all. The latest example is the new title received by Villeurbanne, French Capital of Culture 2022, with its plethora of events and shows.

Lyon, capital of cycle tourism

Lyon is at the crossroads of two major cycling routes: the ViaRhôna and the Voie bleue, why not take advantage of them? To properly accommodate bicycle travellers, there is still a lack of suitable accommodation and safety equipment. The bicycle can be used to get around during your stay: the creation of the Voies Lyonnaises will be as useful for tourists as for the people of Lyon!

Other solutions will be developed such as public transport to tourist sites, long-term car parking, promotion of the train.

  • Lyon Métropole at the forefront of more responsible tourism

    The Jonage canal is 40 km of calm and freshness from the large park of Miribel Jonage, to the park of Gerland. There are many cyclists on this route of the Via Rhôna. With TCL: bus n° 52 and 67.

    © Laurence Danière // Metropolis of Lyon

A diversified clientele

Currently, 75% of travelers to Lyon come from France, 12% from Europe and 4% from North America. It is partly these figures that explain why the tourism sector has suffered less from the Covid crisis in Lyon than elsewhere.

Going forward, diversity remains the strategy, Lyon will welcome both doctors taking part in a congress and our European neighbors who have come with their families for an event! And that’s not all, the Métropole is aiming for the national “destination for all” labelwhich distinguishes welcoming destinations for people for whom traveling is more difficult: elderly or disabled people, large families, injured people, pregnant women, etc.

Tourism by and for locals

Tourism means 38,000 local jobs! The receptionists, waiters and waitresses, restaurateurs… are the first ambassadors of the territory. These professions will be promoted among young people, in particular with events such as the Sirha or the Worldskills. The Métropole will also support the development of back-to-work jobs in the sector. A concrete example: “Hôt’Elles”, a project developed with associations on the site of the former Charial hospital in Francheville and Craponne. 60 beds will be available in a hotel run by single mothers staying nearby, as part of back-to-work jobs.

And for tourism in your image, you are invited to participate: the Métropole has just relaunched the recruitment of new greeters, volunteers who show tourists around their towns. Giving travelers a real experience, life in Lyon, that’s participatory tourism!

In figures, tourism in the metropolis of Lyon

  • 75% of visitors come from France, 12% from Europe and 4% from North America
  • 250 professionals participated in a major consultation to give their vision of tourism and its future in the territory, which resulted in the responsible tourism master plan
  • 6% of jobs in the metropolis are linked to tourism
  • 1ʳᵉ French metropolis in terms of responsible tourism, Lyon intends to remain so

Enlarge image

Confluence Museum in Lyon (69). Located at the confluence of the Saône and the Rhône.
© Thierry Fournier//Metropolis of Lyon

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