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MAPR 6: Internet users are ironic about the great absentee from Bruno and Alicia’s honeymoon

This Monday, April 18 and after a two-week break, season 6 of Married at first sight has made a comeback on M6. The opportunity for fans to discover the honeymoon of Bruno and Alicia in Porto. A trip made for two… or almost. Because Internet users expected at any time to see a mystery guest appear.

In the episode of Married at first sight broadcast on Monday March 28 on M6, viewers discovered the wedding of Bruno and Alicia, who said “yes” to Gibraltar. After the ceremony, Carine, the groom’s sister, made a speech to express all the love she had for her brother. “I wasn’t sure I wanted to say that. Finally, I really wanted to reassure my brother, but also my in-laws. I wanted to show that we are a tight-knit family, we have always been there for each other. We support all his decisions, and we are present. That’s the purpose of my speech.” Carine had recently confessed in an interview with Tele-Leisure, about this speech which had not had the expected effect. It first had a devastating effect on Alicia who lost his own sister in a car accident 6 years ago, and the effect on the mother of the latter, forced by too strong an emotion to leave the room before the end of Carine’s intervention.

But where is Carine?

To these painful reactions was added that of Internet users a little seized by the intensity of Carine. The latter did not see the statements of the young woman with a very good eye during her eulogy to Bruno, nor throughout the evening… On social networks, many were those who feared that the possessiveness and jealousy of the young woman does not put the couple formed by Bruno and Alicia in danger.

And during the honeymoon in Porto, this little trauma has made its comeback on the networks. Never in the image, Carine was nevertheless in the thoughts of many Internet users who went wild creating many hilarious photo-montages evoking the absent so present“Anyone hear from Carine? We’re going to see her land in Portugal during their honeymoon, we’re not going to understand anything“, “Exclusively, the content of the letter for Bruno and Alicia: ‘We are pleased to announce that Carine will accompany you on your honeymoon. Kisses. The production (Elodie and Pascal)’“, “And who will wait for them in Porto?? The little sister”, “Alicia, if I were you I would look under the bed”, “Bruno’s sister traumatized me, I expect to see her popping up at any moment, could we also read on Twitter. Only one being is missing and everything is depopulated…

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