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Mauritius: Mauritian tourism gives pride of place to Reunionese customers

Exclusive offers for Reunionese, promotions specially designed for Reunionese customers, revised rates aligned with those of local tourists, the entire Mauritian tourism sector seems to be set in motion to welcome Reunionese who are, more than ever, expected in the sister island for the next school holidays which begin this Saturday, May 14.

The Mauritian tourism sector seems resolutely to seduce the Reunionese for these first holidays without confinement. has approached Mauritian tourist operators to feel the pulse of the Mauritian tourism sector for these Easter holidays and find you some good deals.

The Reunionese clientele remains the priority of small and medium-sized hotels

The Mauritian tourism industry has, for the past few years, given pride of place to local and Reunionese customers. There is a real enthusiasm for these local markets accentuated by the health crisis.

On the other hand, with the covid crisis, we had a total and radical drop in the Reunionese clientele so essential for the tourism sector. In terms of revenue, the Reunion market is still a priority on which, for a hotel like Pereybere Beachside Apartments, we remain focused.”, underlines Samad Khodabocus, director of Oceanafrican Tours.

Responding to’s question of whether the tourist offer meets the expectations of Reunionese customers, Samad Khodabocus indicates that Reunionese customers have become rather family-oriented and the offers offered by his establishment have been made accordingly.

Reasonable budget holiday packages for Reunionese

We charge a price that has remained unchanged for years with, in particular, a half-board formula from 45 Euros per night per person. We have a group rate that includes airport transfers and excursions”, he argues.

We cannot increase our prices because we will be out of competition, which remains fierce in the region. It is also necessary to respect the requirements of this Reunionese clientele which remains fragile because the majority of small and medium-sized hotels focus on this market.”, explains Samad Khodabocus who manages the Pereybere Beachside Apartments.

The gradual lifting of health restrictions is a real relief because we are very dependent on this market. It is an undeniable accelerator for us on the Reunionese market”, he maintains.

We have to be honest. The Reunionese clientele brings a lot of foreign currency and provides many direct and indirect jobs in Mauritius. This provides a living for the large part of SMEs in the tourism sector, in particular”, recognizes Samad Khodabocus.

For these Easter holidays, the tourism sector should have carried out an awareness campaign with reasonable budget stay packages so that the Reunionese, who have also been affected by the crisis, can come on vacation.”, proclaims the director of Pereybere Beachside Apartments.

Rates aligned with those of Mauritians for activities, walks and cruises

Vishal Danookdharee, director of Sud Sauvage Adventure, a tour operator which offers various activities such as quad rides in nature, or even, with the dolphins, parasailing and various excursions across the island as well as cruises in the Mauritian waters aboard catamarans says he is accustomed to the Reunionese clientele to whom he reserves a very warm welcome.

Vishal Danookdharee indicates, for his part, that for the activities offered by Sud Sauvage Adventure, the prices offered to Reunionese are aligned with those offered to Mauritians. For example, for its flagship activity, namely, cruises aboard catamaran are offered at 32 euros per person (Rs 1400). This applies as much to cruises on the west coast (île aux Bénitiers) as those on the east coast (île aux Cerfs).

Unusual offers: crocodile meat and deer and brown pig hunting

Anne Christine Herbst, group marketing manager of La Vanille Nature Park, also indicates that prices have been specially adapted for Reunionese for the entrance to the park, whether for individual visitors or those who come in groups.

Various activities are offered by La Vanille Nature Park, some free and others paying, such as encounters with Octar, the park’s iguana, feeding giant tortoises and crocodiles, or even interactions with lemurs.

It is also possible to taste crocodile specialties (burger, steak, curry, meefoon, etc.) and also local specialties in their restaurant ‘Le Crocodile Affamé’, open every day from 11am to 4pm.

Jean-Francois de Rosnay, director of Hunting Mauritius, is a guide and organizer of hunting trips in Mauritius. “With more than 20 years of hunting experience around the world, we are committed to sharing our hunting experience and helping people discover Mauritius in a different way.”, he specifies.

Reunionese will be able to discover deer hunting, which exists in Reunion but remains inaccessible to ordinary mortals. In addition, they will be able to know the brown pig, Mauritian wild boar, which is not part of the Réunion fauna.“, emphasizes Jean-Francois de Rosnay.

We offer VVIP packages to high-end customers but also family packages at more attractive budgets in order to democratize hunting in Mauritius, to discover the most beautiful hunting grounds and their populations of java deer and local wild boar, forests and their biodiversity but also to discover the most beautiful accommodation on the island, taste Mauritian gastronomy and promote green tourism”, he indicates.


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