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MBA tourism: program, duration, list of training courses and professional opportunities

The MBA Tourism (Master Business of Administration) is intended for holders of a diploma of Bac + 3 level minimum. Do you want to discover a diploma with an international dimension? Program, training directory, professional opportunities… Here is everything you need to know about the Tourism MBA.

MBA Tourism Program

Lasting two years, the program MBA Tourism allows you to obtain a certificate, issued by the school or establishment chosen to carry out your studies. It also includes an internship to be carried out in a company for six months. Know that this program is calibrated to perfect your skills, to get you up and running quickly. In this case, you already have professional experience. As such, the program of MBA is centered on practical case studies or projects to be carried out, in order to confront you with real everyday situations, as a future tourism expert.

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The main subjects taught in the program MBA tourism are generally the following:

  • the development of tourism projects;
  • the deployment of online tourism strategies;
  • online marketing and service marketing;
  • business law, hotel finance and human resource management;
  • business culture and the sociology of tourism.

Also note that the MBA program offers excellent training, for which you must really commit yourself. It requires a lot of rigor and time. It also requires a good command of foreign languages ​​(at least two, such as English and Spanish).

MBA Tourism courses

In order to become an expert in the tourist area and refine your skills in this area, MBA Tourism courses allow you to achieve your goals and build your career. They are provided initially, continuously or alternately in different establishments (specialized schools, business schools or certain hotel schools). The admission criteria vary, from a simple individual interview to the entrance examination.

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MBA Tourism and Luxury Hospitality

The Tourism and Luxury Hospitality MBA gives you access to highly qualified positions in the dedicated sectors of tourism and luxury hospitality, by understanding the marketing dimension. It is generally offered by specialized schools (notably hotel schools), in France and abroad.

With the MBA degree in Tourism and Luxury Hospitality, you benefit from high-level training, given in French and English, with work placements as a bonus. This training aims to make you an expert in the luxury hotel sector, allowing you to analyze and understand new communication strategies as well as marketing trends, and to learn the workings of intercultural management. You must master foreign languages ​​to be perfectly at ease in the field of tourism and luxury hotels which has a strong international dimension.

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MBA International Tourism

The International Tourism MBA is open to holders of a minimum Bac+3 (preferably from a training course in tourism, communication, marketing, or applied foreign languages). The Tourism MBA program also includes work placements.

Apart from purely theoretical but essential subjects (financial law, human resources), you are encouraged to broaden your field of expertise. You study the foundations of tourism marketing and management in an international context, and you learn the basics of geopolitics or, for example, heritage and cultural tourism. You analyze and develop tourism products, while refining your knowledge of communication, brand strategy and image.

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MBA Tourism in work-study program

The work-study MBA in tourism is aimed at people who have already completed, preferably, a tourism or hotel training at Bac +3 or Bac + 4 level, depending on the schools or establishments. People with professional experience, or wishing to develop their career can turn to work-study, a real key to entering the tourism sector.

Generally spread over two semesters, the work-study MBA in tourism has several advantages, including a major financial advantage. Indeed, you benefit from theoretical training (illustrated by your courses) and practical training (thanks to experience in a remunerated company) alternately, it is your host company and partner funding organizations who are responsible for paying the cost of your training. The key is to find a company that is able to welcome you!

The outlets of the Tourism MBA in France or abroad: some examples of jobs in tourism activities

Following graduation, there are many outlets for the Tourism MBA, in France and abroad, to exercise dynamic and exciting jobs.

  • Tourism product manager

The business of tourism product manager consists of developing travel circuits for tour operators from A to Z, from choosing photos to writing content for the presentation catalogue, and demonstrates a keen sense of negotiation. A specialist in a very specific geographical area, the destinations he offers hold no secrets for him. Whether it’s cultural getaways, or adventure departures (treks, safaris), the tourism product manager is constantly in contact with travel partners (hotels, guides, transport), depending on the destination of its customers. At ease with foreign languages ​​(especially English), he is required to travel abroad one or two months a year.

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  • Travel agency manager

A true conductor, the travel agency manager carries out very diverse missions, apart from the management of his teams and the management of his establishment, of a financial and administrative nature. It communicates regularly with the various players in the tourism sector, and rigorously supervises the activity of its customer advisers. Thanks to monitoring work, he manages the commercial policy of the travel agency to be aligned with the competition, within the framework of the regulations imposed. He is also responsible for leading commercial operations, from the agency’s presence at trade fairs to client evenings, including phoning and emailing.

the hotel manager cares about both the well-being of its customers, but also the good health of its business on a financial level. The challenge he faces on a daily basis? Build customer loyalty and guarantee the hotel’s reputation. This involves the quality of the welcome, the comfort and setting of the establishment, as well as the catering. As treasurer, the hotel manager is responsible for all expenses for which he is responsible. He also brilliantly supervises his staff. A taste for human contact and a sense of business are essential to the profession of hotel manager. Depending on the size of the establishment, he may be supported by an accommodation and catering manager.

  • Communications Director or Marketing Manager

In order to support a company’s overall strategy, the communications director leads the internal and external communication strategy. He takes care to disseminate and enhance the identity and DNA of the structure in which he works, in order to strengthen its brand image. He may be required to manage a team to support it in the implementation of projects, which must be budgeted.

the Marketing Manager, meanwhile, is in charge of the company’s commercial strategy. Whatever the sector of activity concerned, he constantly listens to the market, which he analyzes meticulously to boost the product or service offered. He must assess the risks and opportunities, in order to fine-tune the company’s product or service strategy and brand image.

The Event manager or event project manager imagines communication operations and puts them in place, in order to strengthen the image of the company or client for which he works. He is called upon to operate in a company, generally alongside the communications director, or within an event agency. Whether it’s a festival, a trade show or a gala evening, the event manager takes care of the project from start to finish and monitors its budget. Creative and rigorous, the event manager must demonstrate editorial skills and a sense of listening and interpersonal skills. He does not know routine or regular work schedules and moves frequently.

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