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Mediterranean Worlds Forum | City of Marseilles

On Monday February 7 and Tuesday February 8, 2022, Marseille is hosting – at the Palais des Congrès Marseille Chanot – the “Mediterranean Worlds Forum”.

As an extension of the commitments made at the “Summit of the Two Shores” in 2019, the forum will bring together civil society actors from all over the Mediterranean around concrete solutions to meet our common challenges.
The forum will be an opportunity to highlight projects and proposals made by women and men committed to these subjects. Through exchanges, it will allow create networksof build bridges and of launch new initiatives aimed at youth and civil society.

The Mayor of Marseille will open the forum – Monday 7 February (plenary session from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.).

The closing – on Tuesday February 8 (around 3:45 p.m.) – should take place in the presence of the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian.

The work of the Forum

With the red thread theme, “Equal opportunities between the two shores of the Mediterranean”the forum’s round tables and workshops will explore several themes:

The theme “Inclusion and solidarity” led by the City of Marseille

This theme is coordinated by the City of Marseille, in partnership with Humanity & Inclusion (formerly Handicap International) and the Forum Femmes Méditerranée.
The City wants to be proactive in this area intended, in particular, for Ia youth and women from both shores of the Mediterranean through the Marseilles diaspora and the socio-economic world.

Round tables and workshops

Three round tables

Scheduled Tuesday, February 8 from 9 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. – and introduced by Ahmed Galai, Tunisian Nobel Peace Prize – they will focus on the following themes:


  • An inclusive green economy (Humanity and Inclusion)
  • Young Mediterraneans facing the climate emergency: challenges and issues (Mediterranean Youth Council)
  • Economic empowerment of women with the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation.
  • Participatory democracy with young people, led by Sam Khebizi from the association “Les Têtes de l’Art”, in partnership with other associations in the field. Pleas, debates, reflection on the theme “Climate and consultation” with a view to creating an “Assembly of young Mediterraneans”.
  • Inclusion and living together: “The Beit Project/ The Boat Project” by David Stoleru.
  • “Gender and climate” workshop, organized by Cawtar, Forum Femmes Méditerranée and IEmed.
  • “Gender equality” workshop through the place of women in the public space by the Bokra Sawa association.
  • Inclusion through sport of people with mental disabilities. Identification of the needs of the person and implementation of an individualized project, through 3 main axes: health, socialization, autonomy. Example of inclusion projects and shared practice projects.

The Project Village for the Mediterranean 2030

wandering place, friendly meeting space between the public and the many project leaders, gathered to present their actions, the Project Village is the real beating heart of the Forum. It highlights the vitality, creativity and commitment of Mediterranean civil societies and their involvement.
On the spot :

  • an exhibition space, to meet and discuss with project leaders from all around the Mediterranean;
  • an “Agora”, which will host lively programming for the general public;
  • a multimedia room, to discover Mediterranean cooperation from a different angle.

Some highlights in the Village

  • Screening of the film which retraces the adventure of nearly 100 young people who participated in the international solidarity program VVSI (City, Life, Holidays / International Solidarity) behind the J2R label, with partner associations.
  • Exhibition of VVSI projectsdeveloped by young people in the southern Mediterranean sector (Meditalents, Touiza Solidarity, Migration & Development, Une Terre Culturelle, etc.)
  • Monday, February 7: meeting with Ara Khatchadourian, the extreme athlete. Marseille born in Lebanon, he is preparing to row between Marseille and Beirut in May 2022. He regularly shares with young people his taste for effort and self-transcendence. Two short films about his ascent of Everest and his run from Marseille to Yerevan will be shown.
  • Presentation of Mediterranean films on women’s rightsin partnership with the CMCA (Mediterranean Center for Audiovisual Communication).
    Napoli di mio Padre (STFR, 20′): a short film on the popular city of Naples through a family story.
    school of hope (STFR, Morocco, 78′). This film follows the children of the nomadic tribe of Oulad Boukais, in the High Atlas of Morocco and their way to school. Introduction by director Mohamed El Aboudi.
  • Workshop France Volunteers : promoting the Youth Call for Projects VII. Assessment of the actions of young people from both shores of the Mediterranean. Testimonies of young people and associations with animation workshop: “How to carry out an international civic service?”

Photo exhibitions

Several photo exhibition spaces will allow project promoters to illustrate their activities.

  • Bokra Sawa (gender equality). The exhibition of the work of young photographers (Tunisia, Sweden, Egypt, France) within the framework of the Equal in Med project, focusing on cultural differences and social stereotypes.
  • Curry (environment). Exhibition based on images and educational panels, in particular extracts from the exhibition Oasis of the world, Oasis in danger.
  • Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation: exhibition “Ending gender stereotypes in the Euro-Mediterranean region: photographers in action”. The exhibition shows women, generally not very visible and publicized, who dare to break the rules imposed by the patriarchal society.


An operation organized by the “Grandes Tables de Marseille” – with the help of primary schools and secondary schools in the region – is dedicated to “Mediterranean Cuisine”, its cultural, economic and societal challenges as well as the transmission of know-how. The program includes the invitation of chefs and scholars from Algeria, Egypt, Crete, France, Morocco and Tunisia.

More info on the FFM

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