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Misunderstandings about the new travel rules

After the publication of the new travel conditions yesterday, new questions have arisen, in particular about the deadline to respect after having been vaccinated before being able to travel. In question, different definitions of the “complete vaccination schedule” in Polynesia and in mainland France.

The Council of Ministers has updated the conditions for entry into Polynesia. As a reminder, the compelling reasons have been lifted since June 9 between Polynesia and mainland France, only for vaccinated persons and their accompanying minors. The latter were exempted yesterday from quarantine but will undergo, in addition to the test less than 72 hours before boarding, three PCR tests, upon their arrival, then 4 and 8 days later. Non-vaccinated passengers and passengers coming from risk areas will remain subject to compelling reasons and a 10-day quarantine.

But since the announcement of these new rules yesterday, many travelers have questions about certain points and are visibly struggling to get answers. A question that has been raised several times relates to the time that must be respected after an injection to enter into the definition of the “complete vaccination schedule” in the national texts. With the Pfizer serum, it is 14 days, as we know, and this period is triggered after the second dose or directly after the first in the event of past contamination. But for the Janssen single-dose vaccine, the state text provides for a 28-day delay. A bad surprise that could call into question certain travel plans for Polynesians who, below this deadline, should justify compelling reasons on the Paris-Tahiti and Tahiti-Paris line. This security period is all the more surprising since the country had put all vaccines in the same boat when it reopened with the United States.

The Health Department has made some clarifications: the national period of 28 days for people vaccinated with the Janssen serum certainly applies to people going from Tahiti to Paris. But, in the other direction, the opinion which is given by the Polynesian health authorities to obtain the sesame of entry to the fenua is always based on the appendix of the decree 525-CM defining the complete vaccination schedule, and which sets this deadline at 14 days.

This would mean that a lot will depend on the airlines, which are now responsible for checking the health status of vaccinated passengers. Nevertheless, until proven otherwise, a traveler who has received the Janssen vaccine for more than 2 weeks and less than 4 weeks may be refused access to a flight, particularly in the Tahiti-Paris direction. Whatever happens, it is therefore appropriate for these people to declare their situation and their travel plans as soon as possible on the ETIS platform to receive a response from the authorities.

Vaccination schedule and quarantine

Another question concerns the rules of the country, this time, which do not affect the ability to board a flight, but the health protocol applied on arrival in Tahiti. The decree issued by the Country on June 9 provides, as announced, that fully vaccinated people and their accompanying minors are exempt from quarantine measures. Here again there is vagueness over the notion of a complete vaccination schedule. Because the text in fact modifies a decree taken on May 13, 2020, more than a year ago, and which laid down the first structure of the health protocol. The annex which describes the complete vaccination schedule dates from March 26 and provides for the possibility of vaccination in a single dose with the Pfizer vaccine in the event of past contamination. But this possibility is only apparently open to people receiving this dose “three to six months after the Covid episode”. However, many waited more than six months to receive it, as was also recommended by the health authorities in France and Polynesia. Can they be exempted from quarantine? According to the Health Department, people who have already had covid and who received their single dose of Pfizer vaccine before the end of May are considered “in the nails” of the complete vaccination schedule and should not be subject to the quarantine requirement.

The Polynesian vaccine database integrated into the national database in 1er July

At 1er July, the Polynesian covid vaccination register will be integrated into the national database and will allow Polynesian travelers to obtain a QR code via the TousAntiCovid application instead of the paper vaccination record issued by the vaccination centres. This should, says the Health Directorate, facilitate travel and access to certain places open to the public in Europe.

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