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Movie theater, flight simulator, recording studio… These 10 hotels where you don’t just sleep

A hotel for musicians in Berlin

In one of the trendiest areas of Berlin, between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, the Nhow Hotel is a haven for musicians. Dedicated to music, this amazingly designed hotel, with some 300 rooms with a futuristic design, in pink tones, indeed houses a recording studio! It is also the only hotel in the German capital to have its own music studios and recording booth. But the experience does not stop there and continues in the room: customers have the possibility of ordering a guitar, a keyboard or even Bluetooth speakers via room service.

A privatized cinema at the Nuage hotel in Paris

If a night at the hotel is often conducive to relaxation, the Nuage hotel, located a few meters from the Champs-Élysées, in Paris, hit hard in terms of disconnection: there is indeed a cinema privatized, whether you are alone, as a couple or as a family. Cherry on the cake ? As in a real cinema, popcorn, ice cream and other sweets are available. In the program ? Travel stories, naturalist documentaries but also films considered part of the cinematographic heritage. Ideal for insomnia or for sweet dreams.

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A hotel-bakery in Barcelona

IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES 10 hotels where you don’t just go to sleep

We knew the gargantuan hotel buffets for breakfast, but the hotel Praktik Bakery, in Barcelona, ​​has chosen to innovate, by setting up a bakery within its walls, “Baluard”. After a good night’s sleep, guests can thus enjoy a buffet combining bread kneaded in the hotel’s bakehouse, as well as pastries fresh from the oven. Even better: you can learn the art of baking by taking part in a bread-making workshop within the establishment!

A flight simulator in a hotel in Bordeaux

What could be better than a stay at a hotel to keep the theme of travel and test a flight simulator? Between the restaurant and the reception of the Mercure hotel in Chartrons, in Bordeaux, is the replica of the cockpit of an A-320 plane, which allows you to take off virtually at an altitude of 2,000 feet. Installed by AviaSim, a network specializing in aeronautical simulation, the simulator allows you to fly over Mont-Blanc or perform a Paris-Milan alongside professional pilots. At the end of 2021, the Mercure Porte de Versailles hotel in Paris and the Novotel de Massy, ​​in the Paris region, followed in the footsteps of their Bordeaux predecessor, by also offering a “hotel + flight” pack.

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The Parisian hotel which houses a karaoke room

We knew the karaoke rooms, as well as the karaoke restaurants, but the Hotel Paradiso, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, innovated by dedicating a room to this very popular practice in Japan, and in Asia in general. In the room of the hotel called “La La Land”, you can sing at the top of your voice with friends or family, during private two-hour sessions. More than 40,000 titles are available, something to please everyone!

A Nordic bath hidden in a hotel in the 15th arrondissement of Paris

A Nordic bath with a view of the Eiffel Tower? It is possible, at the Hotel Wallace, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. In addition to its beautiful interior, designed by the architect duo Hauvette & Madani, this recently opened hotel hides its game well, since it has a terrace with a view of the Iron Lady. Said terrace itself hosts a Nordic bath for two, which can raise the temperature between 38 and 42 degrees.

An escape game in a hotel? It’s possible

The Gamotel, in Vitteaux, in the Côte d’Or, “is above all an escape game in which we sleep, rather than a hotel in which we play”, advances the management of the establishment. The concept, at first sight intriguing, is rather simple: opened in July 2021, the Gamotel offers a life-size escape game, with an exceptional duration. Indeed, the game starts at the end of the day and does not end until the next morning – while a classic escape game lasts about an hour.

A real immersion for 16 hours, night included, which begins as soon as you book. This is when you choose your role during the escape game, before taking it on as soon as you arrive on the scene. There, no lobby, but an actor – gamemaster – who receives us, and will accompany the participants throughout the adventure. Bold!

The speakeasy that hid in the basement of a hotel

Right in the center of Paris, in the forbidden basements of the Hôtel Normandy le Chantier, is a confidential bar, the entrance to which is concealed behind a mirror door. A stone’s throw from the Louvre, you have to be discreet, and mingle with the guests of the hotel’s 118 rooms and suites so as not to be spotted, and thus access the speakeasy to drink a cocktail.

Sleep among works of art in Vaison la Romaine

In the heart of Vaison la Romaine, the Burrhus hotel is a hotel-gallery established in a former collector’s house. Since 1991, exhibitions have been regularly organized within the walls of this building in Vaucluse, where artists also come in residence. Contemporary art lovers also meet every year, in December, near Mont Ventoux, to attend the Supervues exhibition: Laurence and Jean-Baptiste Gurly, the owners, bring in 35 artists, who then invest the 35 rooms of the hotel. Objective of this carte blanche? “Transforming part of our daily life and staying in the intimacy of a work of art.”

An infinite swimming pool on the roof of this hotel in Singapore

Many hotels have a swimming pool, but the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore is the one with the largest infinity pool in the world! The impressive swimming pool of this hotel, built by the Israeli architect Moshe Safdi, stands out from afar, and can be identified thanks to its three “pillars” which support the pool. Once in the water, you have a breathtaking view of the center of the city-state. Only downside: you must be a hotel guest to access it!

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