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“My trip is coming! Is there a way to get my passport faster?”

LE FIGARO ANSWERS YOU – After submission of the file, the time taken to obtain a passport can range from 1 to 12 weeks. But a few reflexes can speed up your request.

I have to go on vacation to Mexico at the end of April and I am asked 9 weeks to establish a new passport. How to get one faster?

Theo, Paris

Dear reader,

Unfortunately, after two years of health crisis, travel demand is picking up and public services are facing a traffic jam in passport applications. If the procedure previously took 3 to 4 weeks, the delays are getting longer, especially in large cities. What you need to know to speed up your application.

Go through a prefecture

Avoid going through the town hall box will save you a little time. So choose the nearest prefecture or sub-prefecture. In Paris, going through the district police headquarters seems to be the quickest solution. Find out beforehand about the deadlines for obtaining the passport. These latter “depend on the place and the period of the request. For example, as summer holidays approach, lead times may be longer,” warns Important detail: the location of the request does not depend on your domicile and you can go to any town hall or prefecture. Sometimes, driving a little can save you weeks of waiting.

Carefully prepare all the documents in the file

Before rushing to the prefecture, make sure you have the complete file of your new passport application with you. Some documents are immutable: a valid identity photo of less than 6 months, a tax stamp of 8 6€ (purchasable online), proof of address, the number of your pre-request made online (otherwise, fill in on place the cardboard form). A few additional parts will be required depending on the situation.

Go through the emergency procedure

The reasons for accelerating your request are rare and requests for “leisure” reasons, such as holidays abroad, have little chance of success. Note however that a fast procedure exists and allows the delivery of a temporary passport valid for one year the same day (48 hours max). For this to be accepted, you will have to prove a solid reason, “compelling and binding, of an exceptional order”, according to the Public Services website. Hear by this imperative family reasons (such as a death), humanitarian reasons (such as assistance to people in danger), or even urgent professional missions.

If this is your case, run to the nearest prefecture after completing your online pre-application. Add to the documents in the file (listed below) all the documents you deem appropriate to prove the urgency of your trip: death certificate, hospitalization certificate, letter from your employer… Your temporary passport will only cost you 30 € but please note that it is only valid for one year, against 10 for a normal passport.

List of documents to gather for an emergency request:

– Cerfa form n°12100*02 for passport application (to be printed after completing it online or to be completed on site)

– Any document justifying the urgency of the trip (death certificate, certificate of hospitalization, certificate from the employer, etc.): original + photocopy

– Revenue stamps: €30

– A valid photo ID

– Proof of address

– Old passport if you have one: original + photocopy

– If you do not have a recent passport, add the declaration of loss or theft of the old passport, as well as your identity card (original + photocopy). Failing this, you present a birth certificate less than 3 months old (full copy or extract with parentage). You can also present proof of French nationality (original + photocopy).

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