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Oceania Cruises unveils 350 itineraries from its 2024 Voyage Collection

Sales will open on May 4 for the 350 itineraries the cruise line has just unveiled. And of these, there is the largest itinerary offered to date, by the cruise line. Itineraries are available for preview online at

The 2024 collection touches many places. Really many: Europe, Alaska, Canada, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Africa, South America, South Pacific and the Caribbean.

Here is a brief summary of what Oceania Cruises would like to share with you, by region.


Europe 2024 will be the brand’s largest and most diverse European season to date. With six ships positioned around the continent, destinations are as diverse as Greenland and Iceland in the north and west to the Holy Lands of Egypt and Israel in the south and east.

Insignia, Nautica, Marina and Sirena will spend most of the season exploring northern Europe and western wine regions. Riviera and Vista will call the Mediterranean home with a seemingly endless abundance of trips to Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Israel, Egypt.


Regatta, Insignia and Nautica will offer nearly three dozen explorations of Alaska, New England, Canada, Bermuda and the colonial South of the United States.

Regatta will resume its ever-popular season in Alaska with a series of voyages that showcases the region in all its glory.

On the East Coast, Insignia and Nautica will offer sailings to Bermuda, New England and the Canadian Maritimes from New York, Boston and Montreal.


Marina will sail all over the continent and will even make a diversion to Paradise Bay, Admiralty Bay and Half Moon Island in Antarctica.


More than three dozen crossings in these regions. Riviera will chart its inaugural season in the region sailing from Arabia to India, passing through Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Vietnam, China, South Korea and Japan.

Nautica will explore the Far East while offering a range of voyages showcasing South Africa, Mozambique, Mayotte and the Seychelles, and Regatta will offer a series of voyages that is a literal kaleidoscope of these countries.


Oceania Cruises is significantly expanding its offerings with two ships in the region – Regatta and Nautica. Regatta features New Zealand and Australia, including a 35-day vacation circumnavigation of the continent.

There will also be these trips that follow the Southern Cross across the Pacific and to Polynesia where Nautica offers a series of four 10-day round trip crossings from Papeete.


Oceania Cruises features a diverse list of sailings to the Caribbean, Panama Canal and Mexico. Itineraries include destinations such as Bonaire, Dominica, Guadeloupe and St. Vincent, as well as the ports of Gustavia, Rodney Bay, Tortola and Port Royal. To the west, travelers can immerse themselves in the cultures of Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala.

Highlights of the 2024 collection

  • New ports of call include Beppu, Japan; Bluff, New Zealand; Castro, Chile; Coron, Philippines; Djupivogur, Iceland; Lake Gatun, Panama; Heimaey, Iceland; Port Royal, Jamaica; Kumamoto, Japan; Limerick, Ireland; Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil; Seydisfjordur, Iceland; Szczecin, Poland; Taranto, Italy
  • The duration of the routes varies from 7 to 82 days
  • Hundreds of nights and extended stays in port
  • Riviera charts its inaugural season of crossings to Arabia, India, Asia, Japan and the Philippines
  • Regatta and Nautica offer two dozen crossings to Australia, the South Pacific and Polynesia
  • Marina, Riviera, Sirena and Vista offer 99 choices of trips across the Mediterranean
  • Insignia, Nautica, Marina and Sirena offer more than 60 cruise options to the splendours of Iceland, Greenland, the British Isles and Ireland, the Norwegian fjords and the North Cape, wine countries and major European capitals
  • Regatta resumes Alaskan cruises in 2024 with a selection of 7-23 day itineraries departing from Seattle, Vancouver, Seward and Los Angeles
  • Insignia and Nautica offer 15 trips of 7 to 18 days to Bermuda, New England and Canada from New York, Boston and Montreal
  • Nautica and Marina offer 15 trips to South America from 10 to 51 days
  • Regatta, Insignia, Nautica, Sirena and Vista offer a selection of over 50 sailings to the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Mexican Riviera and California wine country.

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