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One&Only Wolgan Valley: A Nature Retreat in Australia

Like John Lennon, the former Beatles, multidimensional artist, rebel and pacifist, some have devoted their lives to the search for happiness. Some have simply given up on it, while the majority, seeking a sort of happy medium, bet everything on the moments when the train of problems finally stops its course. They are desperately looking for opportunities (weeks, days, or fleeting moments) to feel this feeling of comforting eternity: reviving holidays, far from the daily grayness, or exotic getaways in the middle of nature. Are you the type to think that even pleasure trips can turn into unfortunate events, due to a lack of planning or a twist of fate? Don’t think about it anymore. Because today, we decided to be optimistic, in honor of World Happiness Day.

We close our eyes, and we leave for a long, long trip to Australia, a country which appears for the 2and consecutive year in the Top 20 of the world happiness report of Network for the Development of Durable Solutions United Nations. This country-continent full of contrasts amazes us, from the red desert to the turquoise of the ocean, without forgetting the green of the tropical forest. With the recent reopening of the borders, the country has returned to the top of the most sought-after destinations by European tourists.


To celebrate World Happiness Day, luxury hotel group One&Only is launching a Happiness Retreat immersed in a 7,000 hectare nature reserve, protected by the reliefs of the Greater Blue Mountains (which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage). Located 3 hours drive from Sidney, Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley is a true destination within the destination. In this place of extraordinary radiance, absolute contact with nature allows you to live a resolutely authentic experience of Australia.

Nature above all else


All the senses are summoned to this blissful retreat. Just look around to see kangaroos and wallabies running around freely. The scent of the eucalyptus forest blends with the delicate scent of Australian clematis. In the morning, you wake up lulled by the song of exotic birds, gently drawn from sleep by a light that changes from pink to blue, flooding the mountains and the paths that lead you to treasures of history and nature, in a landscape of unreal beauty.

A committed architecture

Happiness also requires respect for the planet. The resort has a program in place to preserve the country’s historic heritage, and is known for its commitment to sustainability. It is thus one of the main examples in the world of a zero-emission certified structure. Designed by the Turner + Associate team and architect Chhada Siembieda as an ode to the color palette of Australian nature, the timber and sandstone for the construction were produced within a 100km radius. The resort is built around the historic colonial property Heritage Homestread, whose meticulously restored 1832 building is the vibrant heart of the establishment. Guests have at their disposal 40 detached villas inspired by the architecture of the Federation of Australia period, enjoying 360 degree panoramic views of the spectacular landscape of Wolemmi National Park and that of the Gardens of Stone National Park.

The Happiness Retreat program

Let’s go into the details of the program Happiness Retreatwhich brings together the strongest experiences available to guests of One&Only Wolgan Valley, designed to increase your serotonin levels – the hormone of good mood – in a completely natural way and free you from the anxiety and worries of everyday life.

  • Conservation Activity : you have the opportunity to actively contribute to the preservation of the territory, planting and monitoring trees, observing animals and testing water purity;
  • Bushwalking : excursions for adults and children along the most spectacular tracks of the Australian bush, epic hike on Donkey Mountain, with a view of the Wolgan Valley or even historic hike along the railway tracks of the Glow Worm Tunnel;
  • Wilderness Campfire : guided excursion to a location on the estate where you can observe the celestial vault of the southern hemisphere around a campfire. Discovering the planets, constellations, galaxies and mythological stories of the Aborigines;
  • Wolgan Ranger : the program for children aged 5 to 10 takes nature as its playground. The establishment’s expert guides introduce young rangers to the world of Australian insects, animals and birds. Among the activities: fossil hunting, horse riding, orienteering, crayfish fishing, archery and much more;
  • Riding lessons and horseback riding between rivers, hills, meadows and eucalyptus woods. The lessons are open to neophytes and experts alike, who will discover the hordes of kangaroos and wallaroos at leisure, with stops that will allow them to immortalize the beauty of the panorama or to eat with a snack prepared by the kitchen of the establishment;
  • Yoga and pilates sessions with views of the Greater Blue Mountains ;
  • Wellness care with organic products from the Australian brand sodashi ;
  • Gourmet picnics in the reserve with locally grown products.

All you have to do is open your eyes and book your next dream vacation.



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