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Operating contract between Marina Valleyfield and the City

The City of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield has just signed a five-year marina operating contract with Marina Valleyfield, which takes over from an emphyteutic lease signed in 1997. This new formula and its requirements constitute a lever for the development of tourism and the revitalization of the city center, while the site represents an obvious potential economic value for the City and its citizens.

From left to right: Patrick Haworth (General Manager), Elie Hanna (Vice-President), Miguel Lemieux (Mayor), Carl Sinray (President), Denis Labrosse (Treasurer).

In fact, they ensure the viability of the marina in the community, the financing and carrying out of shoreline repair work, but also the reappropriation of the site by the citizens and its full integration into the downtown area.

Financial participation

As part of the operating contract, under article 7.1 of the law on municipal powers, the City remains the owner of the site and Marina Valleyfield is responsible for paying rent and taxes.

“Under this agreement, the organization will pay the City nearly $2 million over the first five years. The contributions will cover over time the costs related to shoreline repair work specific to the marina site, in addition to providing the City with additional leeway to fund other structuring projects,” explained Mayor Miguel Lemieux. of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.

Website integration

The future removal of the fence around the marina site will support the City’s request to open the space to the public, with the exception of certain spaces such as the docks, the pavilion and the swimming pool, and to make a natural extension of the Old Beauharnois Canal, towards Parc Marcil, forming almost a whole. Residents and visitors will be able to walk there, appropriate the place and its atmosphere and admire the site and the view. The strip of land for its part will become the entire property of the City, which provides for specific facilities, conducive to walks, from Parc Marcil.

board of directors

The organization, newly subject to the governance policy of the City of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, adopted new general regulations on April 24. Next June, during its annual general meeting, it will set up a new board of directors which will now be composed of five members approved by the City and four yachtsmen from the marina elected by the members, half of whom must be domiciled in Salaberry. -de-Valleyfield.

Mr. Lemieux points out that this change will ensure that the interests of the community will definitely be represented in decisions.

For his part, Mr. Carl Sinray, Chairman of the Board of Directors, declared: “Marina Valleyfield is happy to be able to continue our excellent collaboration with the City and to work together to make Salaberry-de-Valleyfield a water sports capital. »

Other agreements to come

The operations and management of the site will also be reviewed within the framework of future agreements, particularly concerning the winter storage of boats where cohabitation with the citizens of the sector will be prioritized, the use of the blue building, the management of the docks at the Delpha-Sauvé Park and the eventual holding of a sailing school.

A popular site, because exceptional

With its 400 docks with services, the Ville de Salaberry-de-Valleyfield marina is one of the three largest marinas in Quebec. Ranked four gold anchors by the Association maritime du Québec, the marina offers the particular advantage of being accessible on foot, from the nautical center of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. It is a real treasure, one of the most prized, which must serve the City and its development.

Note that the preliminary estimate for the work to stabilize the banks around Baie Saint-François is $27,000,000, including the marina site. The erosion and instability of the banks of Baie Saint-François over several kilometres, as well as the dilapidated state of certain municipal elements contiguous to the bay, constitute a brake on development.


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