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Our tips for keeping your papers and money safe while traveling

In travel as in everyday life, it is always stressful to find yourself without papers or without money, or even both in the worst case. Here are some tips to avoid finding yourself deprived on the other side of the world.

The theft or loss of identity papers or money while traveling are incidents from which no one is really immune. To avoid finding yourself starving in the rain, without a penny to phone, here are some good habits that will allow you to limit the damage. By following our advice, you will get by with only a few administrative renewal procedures.

How to avoid losing your passport

When travelling, you often have to take out your passport: at the reception of hotels, to rent a car, or to fill out travel documents… So many opportunities to lose it!

A photocopy is generally accepted

If when you travel to France or Europe, it is always quite easy to prove your identity even when you are no longer in possession of your papers, it is not the same outside the EU in the event of theft. or loss of passport!

But did you know that, outside of immigration control, a photocopy is often sufficient? Before you leave, copy the main page issued upon receipt of your biometric passport. It won’t matter if you lose it, since you’ll still have the original. Then remember to make a photocopy to replace it in your wallet.

This advice is also valid for your residence visa.

The adventurer’s trick

Take your old passport with you, even with a cut corner, it can do the trick for a hotel receptionist that “you don’t smell” or a thief who would search your belongings!

Do not ruin your trip because of the theft of your papers or your money

Avoid having your passport stolen © Kar tr

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

A basic rule to remember – which comes from popular wisdom: do not put all your eggs in one basket. Basically, never keep EVERYTHING in one place.

Take only what you need in cash and a bank card, and leave the rest of the cash, traveller’s checks and an emergency card in a safe place: the small safe in the hotel room, at friends, a station locker with the things you don’t need in the case of a visit in transit… Better to lose your budget for the day than the entire trip!

Avoid exposure

When you are not used to the local currency and it is difficult to distinguish the notes from each other or there are many of them, it is better to classify them in order of size and scroll them like cards in a game to do the calculation. This way you avoid seeing the contents of your wallet scattering on the spice stall in the old market where a dozen hands come to help you “top up”!

Tips for hiding a few banknotes

We are not talking about crossing the border with the balance of your account in Switzerland, but about having enough with you so that you do not find yourself in the water if your little bag has accidentally disappeared. To always have money on you, roll up one or two bills (dollars or euros) and insert them into:

  • a secret pocket sewn by you on a garment
  • a bra liner
  • a cut that you will have made inside the waistband of the jeans

Money belts keep your money and papers safe from pickpockets, but thieves get away with it.rhymeés will necessarily look for this kind of accessories on tourists!

Finally, we repeat, when traveling, you must remain vigilant and never leave your belongings unattended (the European deminers thank you by the way for keeping this habit within our borders).

Keep money, papers and valuables in a small bag and take it with you everywhere, even to the bathroom. For the rest of your luggage, do not hesitate to ask a passenger – whom you feel kind to, of course, to look after them for you during your absence.

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