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Pay less for your hotel: tips

Whether for a weekend or a long vacation, accommodation is often very expensive. However, if platforms like Airbnb or Abritel are very successful, many travelers prefer to opt for a night at the hotel. It must be said that the advantages are numerous: comfortable rooms, numerous services, restaurants, bars, swimming pools… Everything is good for having fun. Before even choosing a destination, some even opt for a particular hotel, based on its architecture, reputation, etc. Obviously, the more the standing increases, the more the price increases.

Despite everything, it is now possible to afford hotel nights at very low prices, even in the most beautiful palaces. Luxurious suites, room service, panoramic view and jacuzzi… The finest services are yours for almost nothing. To do this, just follow the tips for pay less for your hotel. Ready to pack your bags?

Pay less for your hotel by avoiding comparators

Booking, Trivago, Liligo, eDreams… hotel comparators are many. When looking for holiday accommodation, these sites are the safe bet to help us decipher the types of hotels present in a particular destination. With them, we compare the prices, the standing, the location and the various services of all the hotels in the area. If they are very practical to guide us in the final selection, these comparators unfortunately make us lose money. Indeed, comparison platforms generally take a commission on each reservation.

It is for this reason that hotels sometimes offer preferential rates via telephone reservations. By contacting the hotel directly, you can thus have access to many advantages: upgrade, choice of room and its various services, free breakfast, parking, current promotions, etc.

Avoid school holidays to pay less for your hotel

For save money on a trip, it is better to go out of season. As we know, prices increase during big tourist periods : demand being stronger, the price of flights and hotels are subject to an increase, which can sometimes double the basic price. If you can, plan to go outside of school holidays, bridge weekends, public holidays, etc.

Similarly, some days cost more than others. Friday night and Saturday night are the most expensive nights, while Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night will be the least expensive. Obviously, when you have no choice but to go away for a weekend during the school holidays, it is better to find another trick to pay less.

Pay less for your hotel by booking at the right time

On the booking side, there are always two teams: the one who prefers to book well in advance and the one who schedules everything at the last minute. In both cases, there are advantages and disadvantages. Indeed, by reserving in advance, you are guaranteed to have a room in the hotel you want, at a competitive price. Because the closer you get to the date of the stay, the more the establishment can increase its prices, until it is completely full.

Nevertheless, if it is not full the same day, he will tend to sell off his rooms to avoid running empty. This technique can be worth it, but be aware that there is also a risk that all hotels will be sold out at the last minute.

Staycation, luxury hotels at low prices

Since 2017, Staycation offers Parisians and travelers passing through the capital to enjoy the most beautiful hotels in Paris at unbeatable prices. Basically, the platform offered preferential rates for luxury rooms, only on Sunday evenings. Since then, offers have opened up to more nights, in hotels of different ranges, but also outside Paris. With Staycation, we now go to Normandy, Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon and even the most beautiful ski resorts. It’s also an opportunity to rediscover your city and simply treat yourself to a break two or three streets from home, to break up everyday life.

The principle is simple: the site takes advantage of unoccupied rooms in hotels to offer cheaper overnight stays at the last minute. Thus, from one week to another, it is possible to find different destinations and hotels. On Staycation, new offers appear every Wednesday morning. Little more ? The platform adds many services to your booking: gourmet dinnerprivate swimming pool, cocktail workshops, spirits tasting, massages and even care kits delivered directly to your room.

Solikend, affordable solidarity hotels

Solikend is a solidarity hotel reservation website. In the same way as Staycation, the platform provides rooms in hotels that are not full. Once the establishment has been selected, the customer must also choose an association that he wishes to support. At the time of payment, he also decides whether he wishes to pay 20% less or 20% more than the initial rate. In all cases, the entire note will be intended for the selected association.

In any case, Solikend offers prices “10 to 20% cheaper than anywhere else”, says Yoann Magnin, founder of Solikend. A great way to provide financial support to an association, while having fun or enjoying an atypical stay.

Ready to offer you a stay in a budget hotel ?

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