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Ranking: what are the best countries to retire in 2022?

In 2022, more than a million French people would have taken the plunge and chosen to spend their old age abroad… those who look closely or from afar the question. More than a pleasant and generally sunny place, seniors are also looking for a city where the cost of real estate and living in general is affordable, but not only. To make this classification, no less than twelve criteria were taken into account, such as the quality and cost of medical care, or even access to culture.

The retirement guide site, which has produced such a ranking for ten years, notes that the 2022 list is a bit special. Alongside unbeatable destinations such as Tunisia and Morocco, European countries have gained places compared to previous editions due to the health crisis. “With the Covid, retirees want to be sure that they can easily return to France but also that they will benefit from a good healthcare system”, explains Paul Delahoutre, the site’s founder, to the site.

Greece, Portugal, Mauritius

The island of Paros in Greece thus takes the lead in the ranking after being seventh last year. In addition to its magnificent sandy beaches, its white houses and its colorful touches of bougainvillea, there is accessibility with Athens, and above all, a fixed tax of 7% for 15 years, explains

Then comes Tavira in Portugal, a city where it is good to stroll along the banks of its river and in the narrow streets of its center. First in the ranking in 2021, the city lost a place… perhaps due to the end of its tax advantages. French retirees are now taxed there at 10%. Another Portuguese city to be part of the ranking: the seaside resort of Cascais, which is ranked 9th. Its proximity to Lisbon (30 km) and its rocky promontories may explain the reason for this success.

In third position: this small island in the Indian Ocean, near Reunion: Mauritius, and its Trou-aux-biches, a small village in the north of the island, less touristy and quieter than others more frequented areas. If the seniors there appreciate the Francophonie, they deplore the cost of real estate and the distance from the metropolis.

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Spain, Thailand and Bali

Finally, it is a closer destination, Spain, and the Andalusian town of Nerja which are in 4th position. Retirees appreciate its historic center, the view of the Mediterranean Sea, and above all its medical care and its quality of life: the cost of living there would be slightly lower than in France. In 5th place, and more exotic, is Ao Nang in Thailand, the first destination for retirees in Asia, with its white sand beaches, its immense rock formations, and its much lower cost of living. Another Asian destination: the cultural center of Bali in Indonesia, Ubud, is ranked 7th.

In 6th place, Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic, a heavenly seaside resort about thirty kilometers from Santo Domingo, and the only Caribbean destination in the ranking. The city would attract many French people, despite the downsides of the destination such as infrastructure problems and medical care, reports the site

Tunisia and Morocco still popular

In Tunisia: Houmt-Souk on the island of Djerba come in 8th position. In addition to the proximity to France, seniors particularly appreciate its relaxed lifestyle, its city center and its beaches and the cost of living. Some gray points: medical care and poor infrastructure. It is then its neighboring country, Morocco, which closes the ranking, with the city of Essaouira, particularly popular with retirees. Its beach, its climate, its fishing port and its medina are appreciated assets. Morocco is also particularly popular with French seniors: to some 60,000 retirees who have taken up residence there are added the 30,000 French people who would come to spend the winter months there.

TOP 10 of the best destinations in 2022

  • 1- The island of Paros in Greece
  • 2- Tavira in Portugal
  • 3- Trou-aux-biches in Mauritius
  • 4- Nerja in Spain
  • 5- Ao Nang in Thailand
  • 6- Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic
  • 7- Ubud in Bali, Indonesia
  • 8- Houmt-Souk in Tunisia
  • 9- Cascais in Portugal
  • 10- Essaouira in Morocco

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