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River surfing in Lyon: this is how Redman survived

Message from the locals before starting the video

First of all, it is important here to remember that river surfing is just as dangerous as sea surfing or even more. Although the leash is obviously still mandatory in the river, it is strongly advised not to wear it on the ankle to avoid getting stuck under a branch or a rock. Many surf here with a leash attached to a diving belt fixed at the waist and easily detachable if necessary. The leash should be easily detachable and worn around the waist or arm. Lifejackets and helmets are also highly recommended in the river to reduce the risks associated with whirlwindsto the strong currents and to floating objects.

That being said, on to the rest!

If you didn’t know Redman, discover today this young surfer who embodies good humor and madness in all these edicts. Clips in which he shares his passion for surfing as well as various content, such as his knowledge of physics and chemistry. As his name suggests, he always wears a red wetsuit, but that’s another story…
Redman is just a character. Behind the red neoprene hides Jolan Bonelli, a surfer you may already know, but above all a super nice guy with whom we had the chance to exchange a few words.

From Guadeloupe to Lyon, via Reunion

As for studies, Jolan is a rather studious student. But unfortunately for the surfer that he is, after a license in physics and chemistry to Anglethe joined last September a master’s degree in chemistry at the prestigious school of ENS (Ecole Normale-Supérieur) in the city of Lyons.

Yes, after having lived in the 4 corners of the world, from Guadeloupe to Margaret River in Australiapassing through the Meeting and the France (Marseilles and Anglet), here he is in Lyons.

“It’s a bit complicated to say that I come from somewhere”.

You understand, Redman is a character he built for himself to get closer to the sea! A sort of imaginary friend with whom Jolan can exchange.

Joking aside, in addition to knowing how to surf well, the boy has imagination and crazy creativity. Both his mind and his body need freedom, nature and vast spaces to flourish. With his last edict, Jolan tells how he has coped in recent months, with the adversity of a big city far from the ocean.

Marc Antoine Laloi

Hi Redman, how is the surfer so far from the ocean?

“The first semester in Lyon wasn’t easy, the pace of classes was quite brisk, I just worked. During the week of vacation I still had time to shoot the edict “The Story of How Redman Lived On”.

The second semester was a little better so as soon as I could, I joined Baptiste Gaud aka Balisto in the mountains at Chambrousse. I survived by making up for the lack of surf with snowboarding. There, I am going on an internship in Tenerife for 3 months, so I will have the opportunity to reconcile myself with the sea.”

How did you learn that there was a wave in the Rhône?

“I learned quite early that there were waves on the Rhône, but it’s Nathan Sadoun who put me on the spot and put me in contact with the locals who are surfing this wave in Lyon. It is quite rare, the flow must be around 1000 m3, so it does not happen so often.”

Marc Antoine Laloi

Can you tell us the story of the clip?

“Following my meeting with NathanI very quickly made a scenario in my head concerning the wave and now it had to be filmed. Except that I couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it, and then filming myself alone quickly reached its limits (laughs). As a result, I posted a random post on an audiovisual Facebook group and Marc Antoine Laloi contacted me, he was setting up his audiovisual company and was trying to understand the spirit of extreme sports.

So we teamed up for this clip. He knew nothing about surfing, I spent a lot of time explaining to him how to film surfing and explaining the world of the discipline. In February, we had a crazy week and the wave of the Rhone worked. In the end, the rendering is rather cool. »

>> Song “Down the River” composed by Remi and Lilie Labadie

>> + See videos of Redman
>> Post by Vincent Schwendt

Marc Antoine Laloi

Marc Antoine Laloi


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