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Romain rents hundreds of storage boxes in the West of France and it’s a hit

Romain Collyer offers up to five sizes of boxes for hire in Saint-Malo. The main formats (S, M and L) can be rented from €79 to €149 per month. ©The Malouin Country

It is the flagship of his personal fleet. 270 containers impeccably aligned on land in the southern industrial zone in Saint-Malo. All, or almost, padlocked and already rented to individuals or professionals.

welcome to Containsmore to Saint Malo. Born in 2009, the small company specializing in self-storage boxes looks like a great thirteen years later. “I started my activity with four used boxes”, rewinds the Malouin Romain Collyer, 40 years old this year. The leader and founder of Containsplus now owns more than 700 spread over seven sites which he owns. With the franchise he created four years ago, these are 1,500 containers Containsmore which are available for rent in theWest of France.

Succeed in finding land

His company has branched out to Nantes, Vannes, Rennes, Granville, Dinan, Vitré, Flers, Cherbourg, Redon, Bressuire, Lamballe, Avranches, Combourg, Fougères, Lanvollon, Falaise… And what is beginning to look like a small empire of storage stamped ” low-cost “has not finished developing. Other openings are planned. Other sites targeted by the young entrepreneur. “It’s the sinews of war, succeeding in finding well-placed sites,” explains Romain Collyer, who doesn’t seem obsessed with the idea of ​​ever-increasing development either.

Fishing rods every Sunday

It must be said that today he has plenty to take care of.

” It works very well. Even in small towns, I didn’t expect that. »

Its containers are the solution for all those who have no more space in their garage. This is the most missing piece in the house. “There is a real demand, we are responding to it,” he says soberly.

In Saint-Malo, impasse du Brochet, you can come across customers, in transit between two moves, who need space to store their furniture. Or craftsmen and merchants who store supplies and stocks of goods. Or even fishermen who come to get their rods and landing nets every Sunday before daybreak.

Permanently accessible

Because that is also the advantage of Containsplus. “Our sites are accessible by car 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are secured by lighting, cameras and an entry code”, summarizes Romain Collyer. A device, he says, which is enough to act as a scarecrow in the face of burglars.

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“And then, they would then have to succeed in opening a box, without knowing what they will find there. Really, it’s a waste of time for them. We are not targeted. »

Three box sizes

75% of its customers are individuals, 25% of professionals. Three box sizes offered to them (except in Saint-Malo, where there are five). It’s like a garment that you buy: you can opt for S (about 10 m3)M (16 m3) or L (33m3).

“We have set up a volume calculator on our website. You specify what you want to store and it will tell you which box to choose”.

Simple, fast and efficient according to the entrepreneur.

From €79 to €149 per month

On the price side, count 79 euros per month all inclusive for a size S boxing, to 149 euros for the L model.

These metal containers “are perfectly impermeable to humidity”, continues Romain Collyer. The floor is raw wood or lino. Ventilation has been planned, but they have neither water nor electricity. It’s not about living in it.

“They only served once before coming here. To travel between China and Le Havre. I buy each container between 2,500 and 4,000 euros”, explains the businessman attracted by this logistics solution during a trip to Denmark in 2009.

“At the time, I was working for the Monde du Petit Fûté management company. I had already noticed that the use of containers was more and more widespread. People used it to build toilets or even student residences. And there, just before a concert, I saw technicians open two containers on each side of the stage and fit it out in less than two hours. I was blown away. »

Romain Collyer began by offering four boxes for hire, acquired with his savings and salaries at Petit Fûté.  Thirteen years later, he owns 700 in his own name and his franchise offers more than 1,500.
Romain Collyer began by offering four boxes for hire, acquired with his savings and salaries at Petit Fûté. Thirteen years later, he owns 700 in his own name and his franchise offers more than 1,500. ©Le Pays Malouin

And conquered by the solution. “When I returned to France, I bought four containers with my wages from Petit Fûté and my savings, which I installed on land belonging to my father’s company. And reinvested what I earned”. For the sequel that we know and the great success of an entrepreneur from Saint-Malo which has earned him now bigger investors who are making eyes at him…

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