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six pro tips to succeed every time

PRACTICE – In the collective imagination, if you have a state-of-the-art camera, your photos will be successful. Fake ! But a few simple reflexes can make it possible to improve.

You are returning from southern Bolivia where you were able to admire the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt desert in the world. 10,000 km2 of immaculate white, the memory of a lake that evaporated 12,000 years ago. All this, perched over 3,600 meters above sea level. You have taken full view. Yes, but then, when you return, you realize that none of your photos do justice to this marvel of nature… That was without taking into account the advice and tips of Vincent Frances, photographer and founder of the travel photos Photographers of the World, who gives us his instructions for success without fail.

Be aware of your environment

First mistake not to make according to the professional, “that of focusing at all costs on an object while forgetting to pay attention to its environment“. Example: you want to take a photo of a cat on the roof of a car. Except you’re so focused on it that you haven’t even seen the trash cans, traffic signs, or even the big trucks in the background of the photo, which will completely ruin it. Before pressing the shutter button on the camera, take a good look at the whole scene!

Capture the right moment

The photo is also a lot “anticipation, patience and observation“says Vincent Frances. “You have to be able to read a scene knowing what it will become in a few seconds“, he observes. It is therefore necessary to observe it and soak up a minimum of it before pressing the button.

Choose the right subject

Architecture, landscape, animals, portraits, dishes…”A good subject is above all a subject that touches you personally», philosophizes the lover of nature. According to him, the secret is to try everything, to end up choosing one, on which to improve. Start with a subject that surrounds you, your cat, your child, your spouse, the view from your window… The only limit is that of your imagination.

Use the rule of thirds

To succeed in your travel photos, also think about the rule of thirds. To do this, you have tomentally represent a frame of three horizontal lines and three vertical lines“, describes the photographer, who continues:”then, just position the important elements of the image at the intersections of this imaginary frame, this is what will put them forward“. And why not in the middle of the photo? Because contrary to what one would tend to think, the eye reads a photo from top to bottom and/or from left to right. Putting the subject in the middle of the photo would then risk making it “more banal“.

Do not forget to take into account the light

In ancient Greek, the wordphotography“means”write with light“. “It is she who will dictate everything in your future photo“, assures the founder of the agency, who advises to place yourself in relation to the light to succeed in your shots – except in the case of a sunset. He also suggests taking advantage of golden hours, either the few hours following sunset or the few hours preceding it. They will immediately give the shots a nice golden light.

Vary the frames

When it comes to framing, there is no rule“, reports the one who regularly accompanies groups of beginners. Horizontal framing is generally used to photograph a landscape (as the name suggests) or groups of people. Vertical photos are most often reserved for portrait formats (as their name also suggests) or for actions that take place at height. “But the reverse can be very interesting. The advantage of the horizontal format is that it is easier to grasp. The positive point of the vertical format is that it gives an impression of depth“, he completes. The secret to a successful photo? Try both.


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