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Spockee, an innovative growing start-up

Competition between brands is growing. To distinguish themselves, they test new technologies, in search of performance. The start-up created 3 years ago by Antoine Olive meets this criterion. It is therefore increasingly approached by tourism companies.

Live shopping is increasingly integrated into companies’ communication strategies. But what does this term mean and above all, what does this solution bring to these?

The interest of live shopping

Live shopping defends 3 values. Restraint is the first. It corresponds to the average time spent on a video per viewer. On a live of 30 minutes, the average time is 10 mins per spectator, knowing that these do not all arrive at the same time. There is therefore little zapping and an engagement of the viewer’s attention that does not exist anywhere else on digital. It is an important media value for professionals.

The second value is direct transformation. Indeed, live shopping creates sales without customers needing to calculate prices.

The third value on which live shopping is based is people, because tourists need simplicity, immediacy and efficiency. But that’s not all, because they also appreciate the presence of an expert, who will share their passion for their product and for their travel destination. In short, the customer’s request is to get authentic content. One of the qualities of the solution.

The birth of Spockee

“It all started with a classic entrepreneurial journey of successes and failures.” says Antoine Olive, founder of Spockee. The latter had a real awareness of the consumer’s omnichannel journey and the importance of offering them an optimal customer experience in store and online.

The start-up creator’s interest in new consumer trends led him to draw inspiration from the Asian model. The emergence of Twitch in this continent inspired him a lot. Indeed, Taobao and Ali Baba had begun the beginnings of live shopping by organizing sales sessions with a Key Opinion Leader (KOL), a person who broadcasts promotions and explanations about the product to an audience.

A question therefore arose: How to bring together ideas for optimizing the customer experience and make a difference online thanks to the expertise of stores and the emergence of streaming trends? According to him, it had become important to provide the store clerk with a live video application. This would allow, from the store via a smartphone, to animate the largest store in the network: the website.

The evolution of the company

Spockee has grown a lot in 2021. The ambition of its founder is as follows: “to be the sharpest live shopping solution on the market and not just sell an evolution of an ecological road map, “ explains this one.

This year, the start-up joined Skeepers, which has 500 employees. Previously around twenty employees made up the company. This partnership is based on the desire for a much stronger group synergy. This allows Spockee to understand how to bring an audience together with influence solutions, how to target intentionists with predictive solutions and do business in replay.

The Spockee company therefore represents today 600 lives shopping and 50 customers visible on 4 important diagonals: fashion, cosmetics, specialized distribution and mass distribution. A balance sheet that places the company as the market leader in France. “But it’s not our greatest pride, which remains to have made 600 lives with only about twenty clients. This means that each client has done about ten lives over a year, “ develops the director of the start up. The partners carry out a minimum of one event per month while others do one live per week.

Today, e-commerce is becoming live commerce. Brut is a perfect example of this because it is a video medium. ASOS also increasingly illustrates its products with videos. “The next logical step is live video for more authenticity. The market is being structured, strong demand from brands is now observed” says Antoine Olive. These generate audience for their lives shopping by communicating within their own network via social networks, a newsletter, an SMS campaign…

This year, a collaboration was born between Spockee and, the first player in tourism using live shopping of the year. A very disruptive company on its communication and sales strategy. It is the first online tourism company to have implemented a live shopping format. An appointment held every week and highlighting a campsite.

The future of live shopping

Following the lives, major tourism players contacted Spockee. This shows that this sales technique is now part of the strategy of several players in the sector.

The challenge of live shopping today is recurrence. This is key to accustom the audience to an appointment but also to improve the performance of the company as the lives progress. “It is important to become more and more incisive and to optimize the conversion rate which is currently around 10%.” develops the creator of Spockee. According to him, it is necessary to accelerate on the commercial aspect with Skeepers which represents 8000 customers in France and abroad, a real impulse, but also technological. Indeed, the tool must be strengthened and allow brands to continue to distribute at a regular pace, with an agile and effective solution. Skeepers allows nano influencers to broadcast independently on brands’ e-commerce sites and multiply the number of shopping events per day. To this end, it is necessary to add functionalities around gamification: an important element for live shopping. Real work on retail entertainment that allows you to have fun while listening to an expert talk about the product therefore remains to be done.

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