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Spring break in the Canary Islands

April is one of the most favorable months for a getaway to the Canary Islands. Average temperature 24 degrees and little rain.

To get spring off to a good start, long sunny days and refreshing swims at the beach await travelers in the archipelago. Zoom on a selection of ideas for a sweet parenthesis in the Canary Islands.

Relax in crystal clear waters

April is an ideal month to enjoy the quiet beaches of the Canary Islands. The crystal clear waters of Caletón Blanco, in Lanzarote, the spectacular Puertito de Lobos, 20 minutes by boat from Fuerteventura, or Las Conchas beach, in La Graciosa, are ideal for spending the day as a couple, with friends, with family or alone. There are beaches for all tastes and all times of the day.

The natural pools are a perfect alternative to dive into the sea water and savor the calm and relaxation in the archipelago. Charco Azul on La Palma, Charco del Conde on La Gomera or La Maceta on El Hierro are authentic natural hot tubs not to be missed.

whale watching

The Canary Islands are one of the best places in the world to see cetaceans in the wild, as the archipelago is a stopover point for 23 different species. Here pass sperm whales, whales, pilot whales as well as six different kinds of dolphins. The month of April is ideal for observing fin whales which are dark gray in color, have three prominent fins, a yellowish-white belly and a raised dorsal fin.

To see these species in the wild, just take the boats bearing the “blue boat” label, which are the ones that guarantee their safety and respect. To see them in their natural habitat, so close to the coast, is an extraordinary experience.

Discovery of the best cheeses

Visits are organized to some cheese factories in Fuerteventura. Here with goat’s milk, the cheese has a unique taste. The exquisite Majorero cheese, the first goat’s cheese to be granted Denomination of Origin in Spain, has an exceptional flavor. He is internationally recognized thanks to the many prizes he has won over the years, in various competitions held around the world.

Cheese is so important to the gastronomic culture of the island that there is even a dedicated museum that explains all its secrets. Located in Antigua, the museum is worth a visit since it allows you to discover this emblematic product of the island, its thousand-year-old history as well as the agricultural history that has made it an exceptional dish.


Introduction to scuba diving in La Restinga

This small fishing village located near the Mar de las Calmas marine reserve, in El Hierro, is a prime spot for diving enthusiasts. In addition to all the services offered and an exceptional atmosphere, there are the best conditions for scuba diving.

In addition to diving, other activities are possible such as the visit of Restinga which is a must on the island of the meridian. The small cove with crystal clear and calm waters invites visitors to sunbathe and swim in peace. When it comes to dining, there is plenty to choose from, as many restaurants offer a good taste of La Restinga’s gastronomy, the star of which is undoubtedly the freshly caught fish.

Immersion in nature

Between beaches and volcanoes, some of the most amazing and magical natural spaces in the Canary Islands are the incredible “laurisilva” forests. Among the most spectacular, we find that of Anaga, in Tenerife, or the national park of Garajonay, in La Gomera, which, listed as a World Heritage Site, is one of the natural treasures of the world. Garajonay is home to one of the largest and best preserved examples of laurel forests, a group of plant species that became extinct millions of years ago.

Wine tasting in La Geria

Here the vineyards are considered exceptional because they exist nowhere else on the planet. If there are different wine-growing areas in Lanzarote, La Geria offers a most impressive spectacle: farmers dig small holes in which they plant the vine roots in the fertile soil, then cover it with a mantle of small stone fragments volcanic which retain the humidity brought by the trade winds; all surrounded by low walls to protect the plant from the wind. These lava fields produce exquisite wines with Denomination of Origin, to be tasted while enjoying this extraordinary landscape.

Canary Islands

Shop in the best markets

In Teror, famous for its delicious chorizos, a market is held every Sunday. Here you can find absolutely everything: vegetables and fruit, meat and sausages, cheese, clothes of all kinds, jewellery, flowers, toys, crafts, religious objects… It’s a good outing for a Sunday morning in Gran Canaria and the place ideal for finding a nice travel souvenir.


The skies of the Canary Islands have been recognized as the purest in Europe. The archipelago is considered one of the three best sites on the planet for stargazing. While the stars and constellations can be observed from all the islands, La Palma and Tenerife have two of the most important international observatories in the world: the Astrophysical Observatory of El Roque de Los Muchachos and the Teide Observatory.

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