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Street Art in Belfast

Do you want to know where to admire the most beautiful works of street art during your stay in Belfast? Would you like to know which parts of the city are the most full of urban frescoes?

Just like you, the little newspaper is passionate about travel and more particularly about Ireland and its wonders.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Why Belfast Street Art Is So Special
  • Where to see Belfast’s street art hotspots
  • Which Street artists are present in Belfast

At the end of your drive, the street art of the capital of Northern Ireland will have no more secrets for you, you can go through the streets of the city and make the most of its urban art. Let’s find out together without further ado.

I) Belfast a city where urban art carries a strong message

Street art in Belfast attracts thousands of urban art enthusiasts every year. In effect, the capital of Northern Ireland is full of murals All more beautiful than the other. Much of Belfast’s street art is shot and inspired by symbols of peace. This is particularly due to the religious wars with Southern Ireland that marked the populations in the years 1960 to 2000. Thus, artists seek to heal the wounds of the past with art, to the delight of visitors. Street art being very popular in the city, there are many places where you can find splendid colorful graffiti. Let’s see that in this second part.

II) The best street art spots in Belfast

To discover the frescoes of the city, you can either do it yourself or take a guide. Note that the price for the latter can be quite high depending on when you are visiting Belfast. If you decide to organize your walk on your own, we recommend that you start at Library Square deviate on the streets of Talbot Street passing through Exchange Place without forgetting Lower Garfield and ending with Union Street. In addition, the city has murals everywhere so do not be afraid to get lost in the middle of the urban setting.​

III) The street artists present in the city

A) Golden Hares of Rathlin Island by Annatomix​

Annatomix’s beautiful geometric hare can be found just off Castle Street at the entrance to Marquis Street. This mural is an artistic representation of the golden hare whose shapes have been geometricized by the artist. The animal is very present in Ireland and is part of the landscape, many of them are found on Rathlin Island, off the North Antrim coast. To see this work, nothing could be simpler, you just have to go to 76 Castle Street to contemplate it.

B) Keep Her Bed by ADW

This work is located at 65 Union Street and is one of a kind. Indeed, the street artist ADW has chosen to integrate street furniture into his tag, thus reinforcing his industrial side. The fresco represents a human heart connected to a chronometer. The latter illustrates the artist’s vision of the finitude that awaits each of us. Note that other graffiti, less emblematic, but just as nice, are nearby.

C) The Son of Protogorasby MTO

This graffiti shows a boy hugging a dove struck by two arrows. This mural by artist MTO references Belfast’s conflicted past. You can admire it on Talbot Street, opposite Belfast Cathedral.

D) Conflict of Sabek

Another mural you’ll find on Talbot Street. Using bold, contrasting colors, Sabek paints the conflict between a worm and a crow, which is narrowly missed by a shot arrow. The image stands out against the historic red brick of the wall on which it is painted.

E) Blurry Eyed by Dan Kitchener

This mural depicting a soggy urban street was done freehand, without a guide or stencil. You’ll find it on Rue Talbot, in the Cathedral Quarter.

That’s it, you know all the secrets behind Belfast’s street art. Now you can organize your urban exploration in the best possible way in the capital of Northern Ireland. From the names of urban artists to the most beautiful spots in the city, nothing will escape you.

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