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Sustainable travel in Costa Rica with Morpho Evasions

Being a responsible and sustainable travel agency starts with the utmost transparency. Whether in terms of prices, without intermediaries, fair, or in terms of our operation, we are the guarantor of the smooth running of your trips. This is how we build the trust that ensures the serenity of your vacation.

More specifically to our vision of sustainable travel, we implement these actions on a daily basis:

  • Mutual trust with our travelers and impeccable on-site assistance

Traveling abroad is never trivial, whether families, small groups or individuals traveling to Costa Rica, it must be possible to do so with complete peace of mind. This is why we offer French-speaking assistance 24 hours a day, because it is essential to be able to count on the local agency to support you, advise you and assist you in the event of a problem!

  • Minimize our impact on the environment

This is a major project. Since 2011, we have favored teleworking. This has resulted in an increase in the quality of life of our employees (less time on the road, energy savings). As our agency is based next to the airport, we also minimize journeys to receive travelers as they leave the airport. We have also developed digital road books, which drastically reduce our impressions.

It is achieved through reforestation projects that we have either within the Morpho Evasions agency itself: on a farm dedicated to reforestation. Either with local foundations such as the Corcovado Foundation.

  • Involve local people

Costa Ricans are by nature playful, eco-friendly and proud to share their country’s treasures. It is thus authentic encounters and exchanges that we advocate. Respect for local populations is at the heart of our vision of ecotourism. It is done through benevolence, authenticity and exchange.

We carefully choose local tourism providers, involve communities and a large number of Costa Rican families in order to allow a better distribution of income. We set up, with the communities, projects for the protection of local culture, animal and plant species as well as the sustainable development of tourist activities.

  • Improve our agency operation

All our processes are optimized to reduce our impact on the environment. Whether it’s our management system (we no longer have any printing, unless there is an exceptional request), our travel documents, our conferences and presentation of products by videoconference, widespread teleworking, cleaning products that respect the environment. These actions also have another positive action, which is to lower our operating costs and benefit our customers by maintaining excellent quality.

  • Select the most environmentally friendly service providers

First of all, we rely on our knowledge of our service providers. These are regular inspections, honest contacts with tourism professionals that allow us to better qualify our offers.

Feedback from our customers is also extremely important. Costa Rica has a lot of tourist offer so we can’t visit everything. It would take us a long time and the “carbon” cost would be enormous. Constructive feedback is therefore essential.

  • Fight against inequalities.

Morpho Evasions is committed to promoting equality between men and women, both in management positions and with our travel consultants and employees.

The family and access to education are also central to our actions. We work in collaboration with CANAECO, the UCR-CREA-C Foundation and PANIAMOR to participate in environmental education, continuing education, volunteering and prevention actions.


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