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Ten European destinations to go on vacation without breaking the bank

Holidays are a luxury that not everyone can enjoy. Only with the years that we have just lived, we really need it. The Lonely Planet travel guide has thought of us by establishing a ranking of destinations close to home and access to which will not require you to break the bank. With Europe being as rich historically as it is culturally, there are so many different things to see and do. And whether you are sea or mountain, there is something for everyone. Remember to check the sanitary measures in force before packing your luggage.


Lonely Planet begins its classification towards the east of the continent, in Poland. Of course, over there, it is impossible to miss the tragic history that the country has known. If you feel like it, go to Auschwitz, a concentration camp and extermination center during the Second World War. For a cultural holiday, don’t miss the country’s two largest cities: Krakow and the capital, Warsaw. Athletes will rush to discover the national parks of Ojcow and the Tatra Mountains. Finally, for lazy breaks, make a detour to Gdansk and its posh seaside resort.


Do you need to take a breather after all these events? Thanks to its mountains and forests, Slovenia is the ideal place to recharge your batteries. You can make a first stop in Ljubljana, the capital. “The Beloved” in Slovenian, was elected “European Green Capital” in 2016. Stroll through its narrow streets, go explore the castle and rent a bike to go around Tivoli Park, as big as Central Park! Nature lovers will be delighted to learn that Slovenia has many national parks: Triglav, Kozjansko, Škocjan, Logar. Your lungs will thank you.

The Greece

How can we talk about holidays without discussing Greece? Of course, you can go to the unmissable Mykonos, Rhodes or Santorini, but with mass tourism, prices are no longer as competitive as before. Never mind, Greece has hundreds of other islands where calm prevails. According to Lonely Planet, “if you like authentic atmospheres and wild landscapes, head for Kimolos“. Despite its proximity to Athens, Agistri Island is unknown to tourists and is therefore preserved. A corner where forests and coves mingle with villages. Finally, if you want to be alone in the world, go to Kythnos. The beaches are magnificent and the villages full of charm.


For a total change of scenery, go to the other end of the continent, to Georgia. Preserved from mass tourism, it is home to very diverse landscapes: fortresses, authentic villages, thermal baths… If you love old stones, go for a walk around Touchétie, Dmanisi, Dartlo, Grémi or Kazbegi. Among the atypical corners, do not miss Uplistsikhé, an ancient city entirely carved into the rock. If you like to trek, head to the iconic peaks of Mijnis Kure. This national park is one of the most authentic with its reliefs, its erosion and its canyons. Finally, you can take a dip in Batumi, on the shores of the Black Sea.


Serbia attracts few tourists, however, its landscapes are worth the detour. Starting with the capital, Belgrade. The city is a fabulous mix of art, culture and gastronomy. Lonely Planet recommends strolling along the banks of the Danube then continuing the walk towards the fortress and Kalemegdan park. The country also hides the Uvac nature reserve, a magnificent jewel of nature. The lakes follow the vegetated cliffs, giving splendid canyons. The national parks of Đerdap and Tara offer similar landscapes.


Northern Europe is increasingly tempting tourists. Sweden is one of the countries where the inhabitants are the happiest, so inevitably, it makes you dream. Of course, Stockholm is a mandatory stop. The capital is built on fourteen islands and its colorful facades offer a magnificent spectacle. If you want to get away from the crowds, you have plenty to do. Between the national park of Tyresta, that of Sarek and the megaliths of Ale: the choice is not lacking.


If you are thirsty for culture and sun, fly to Malaga. Located in the very south of Spain, it houses the Picasso Museum and the Center for Contemporary Art. Perfect for a holiday rich in knowledge. You can also put your suitcases in Seville and you will thus discover its many historical monuments such as the cathedrals of Our Lady of the seat of Seville or the Giralda. Granada is also one of the cities not to be missed. Its many palaces and gardens will offer you an enchanted parenthesis. Finally, take a detour to the white villages. Built on hills, they are crossed by a road connecting them.


Portugal is a very popular destination for tourists. There is a region which is particularly preserved from mass tourism: Madeira. This island is very wild and full of little corners of paradise. Starting with the botanical garden located on the heights of the city. It is home to more than 2,000 varieties of plants on nearly 35,000 m². The Peak Ruivo is unmissable for hiking enthusiasts, with its 1862 meters, it is the highest point in Madeira. If you want to swim, head to Porto Moniz. There, a choice of natural swimming pools is offered to you and the view is impregnable on the coast.


As Lonely Planet puts it so well, “forget the great classics such as Rome and Florence and aim for the heel of the Italian boot by setting off to discover Puglia, a region still little frequented by tourists“. There you can enjoy the famous gastronomy while enjoying its spectacular coasts. Start your journey with Bari, this port city with white facades. Its proximity to the water makes the place even more magical. Then, for nature escapades, go to the caves of Castellana, the regional natural park of Porto Selvaggio or the hills of Itria.All its landscapes will give you the impression of being in a kind of oasis, rather than in a Italy.


Let’s end our tour of Europe where we started: in Eastern Europe. Here, you can enjoy the pure mountain air as well as the fine sand of the long beaches. Between these landscapes are also historical gems such as the Rila monastery, the ancient theater of Plovdiv, the Saint-Alexandre-Nevski Cathedral in Sofia… Then head for the hikes in Malyovitsa, Belogradchik and Melnik. After sweating, take a jump in the water of the small beach of Ahtopol yes again in that of Silistar. Difficult to get to, but the view is worth it.

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