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The 10 series not to miss in May

For the return of the beautiful days, the pretty surprises are numerous. On the menu this month on the small screen: endearing characters, adrift cops, a family united in adversity, a marriage at the frontiers of time, or even teenagers in the grip of supernatural forces. A high-flying vintage, brilliantly combining thriller with fantasy, humor with drama. To your screens!

state of happiness

How Norway became an oil producer and completely transformed thanks to this black gold. This is the instructive subject of this series created by Mette Marit Bølstad. In Stavanger, a modest fishing village on the North Sea, the American oil companies which have been exploring the seabed for months are packing up because they have not found the Holy Grail. However, a prospector from Philips Petroleum begs his management to persevere, he is convinced that a huge deposit awaits them.

History will prove him right. On Christmas Eve 1969, oil finally appeared on the Ekofisk platform. This is the start of a new era for Norway. While recounting the underside of this epic which catapulted this harsh and penniless country into prosperity, we follow the journeys of endearing characters, in particular women whose destinies will be forever changed by this discovery. Exciting. On Arte on May 6.

The Responder

Fans of drifting cops, this British thriller by Tony Schumacher is for you, especially since it is the impeccable Martin Freeman (“Sherlock”, “Fargo”) who embodies it. Policeman on the sidelines because of his unconventional methods, Chris is going through a difficult existential crisis, between the trauma of a childhood marked by an abusive father and a failing marriage. While trying to find the words to get out of it with a therapist, he gets it into his head to save a junkie who doesn’t really want to be saved.

While operating alone, he finds himself decked out with a new new recruit (Adelayo Adedayo) very strict on the rules. But faced with the circumstances, the tandem will have to stick together and improvise. A good story of redemption in a nocturnal and disturbing Liverpool. On Canal+ on May 9.

Parliament, season 2

Still a parliamentary assistant but now more seasoned, Samy (tasty Xavier Lacaille) sets himself a major challenge by working for a new MP (sparkling Georgia Scalliet) on an ambitious package of measures intended to save the oceans, the “Blue Deal”. This will be an opportunity to learn more about the rivalries between the different European institutions, particularly visible during the famous “trilogues”, these endless and mysterious meetings between representatives of the Parliament, the Council and the Commission aimed at agreeing on a draft directive.

Pedagogical on the merits, “Parliament” is above all a grating and removed comedy, served by a refreshing cast. Next to Samy still twirl the pretty Englishwoman Rose (Liz Kingsman), who became a poor lobbyist after Brexit, the brilliant and a little crazy Torsten (Lucas Englander), the incompetent but so endearing MP Michel Specklin (formidable Philippe Duquesne), who will find himself catapulted President of Parliament… Not to mention the indescribable string puller Eamon (William Nadylam), Samy’s enigmatic mentor whose influence continues to rise. On Francetv Slash on May 9.


After the deeply quirky “Hero Corp” series, Simon Astier – half-brother of Alexandre Astier, creator of “Kaamelott” – is once again taking on the fantastic genre with talent. The first original French creation by Warner TV, the fiction once again plays on humor and fantasy with the arrival on Earth of strange creatures from elsewhere. To welcome them, three childhood friends living in Pointe-Claire, a small town with the air of a North American residential town, where boredom is never far away.

Just appointed to the local police, Richard (Simon Astier), whose driving is a little clumsy and a couple with no great future, will find himself at the heart of this somewhat whimsical intrigue and of which he is the only one to perceive the danger. among his teammates. Surprising and full of fantasy, the series will seduce fans of the second degree and absurd situations, all carried by an ambitious aesthetic. The very successful cast – from the excellent Florence Loiret-Caille to the hilarious duo of the Palmashow – invites you to embark on this not-so-ordinary adventure. On Warner TV May 10.


The dramatic death of Malik Oussekine, a student victim of police violence during a demonstration in Paris, on the night of December 5 to 6, 1986, cannot leave anyone indifferent. It is the poignant fight of a family to make its voice heard that this creation recounts, for the very first time, in the form of a series in four episodes. We rediscover the distress of his mother Aïcha (Hiam Abbass), his brothers Ben Amar (Malek Lamraoui) and Mohamed (Tewfik Jallab) or his sisters Fatna (Naidra Ayadi) and Sarah (Mouna Soualem), ready to sacrifice everything to Let justice be done. A drama that will have a major impact on French society as the series intends to be as close as possible, in its transcription, to historical reality.

A real success, both in its direction and in the acting, plunging with finesse into the heart of this state scandal, in the midst of a student protest against the Devaquet law, and this legal storm, where the guilty will only be recognized ‘after several years. Also in the cast, Kad Merad who plays here Maître Georges Kiejman, the family lawyer, but also Olivier Gourmet, camping the Minister of Public Security at the time, Robert Pandraud.

Created and produced by Antoine Chevrollier (“Baron Noir”, “Le Bureau des Légendes”), notably accompanied by Julien Lilti (“Hippocrate”, “Germinal”), the fiction gives this affair a new international scope among younger generations, as a new tribute to Malik Oussekine, played here by Sayyid El Alami. On Disney+ May 11.

The Essex snake

Late Victorian. A young widow keen on palaeontology leaves London to settle in a coastal village in Essex where she is passionate about the legend of an evil snake roaming the waters of the Blackwater estuary. When a tragedy occurs, this free and determined woman tries to shed light on what happened with the local pastor who is trying to fight against the superstition that has invaded the village.

In a moor reminiscent of that of the Bronté sisters’ books if not for the presence of misty marshes, this series by Anna Symon taken from Sarah Perry’s bestseller tells the story of a woman finally freed from the chains of marriage, and who counts live as she wishes even if the era is still very corseted, and of a religious figure already filled with doubts who sees his religion undermined by popular beliefs. A beautiful historic and fantastic dive into this immutable England. On AppleTV May 13.

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Arguably, his work as screenwriter and executive producer on “Doctor Who,” a cult British series about aliens and journeys through time and space, more than prepared Steven Moffat to adapt “The Time Traveler’s Wife. for HBO. Here again, it is a question of time travel. But unlike the show that made it a success, the screenwriter tackles one of the most down-to-earth sacraments: marriage.

How do you live your marriage with a man who has no ties over time? How do you fall in love with a woman you have no memory of ever meeting? Behind its sometimes easy humor and its rigorous realization, “The Time Traveler’s Wife” reveals a touching discussion on the stakes of love, its certainties and its duties.

The miniseries offers its star couple the opportunity to reveal themselves beyond their respective Hollywood successes. Rose Leslie, known for her role in Games of Thrones, is invigorating as Clare, a young woman conditioned to marry the love of her life, struggling between the inevitability of her future and her desire for autonomy. Facing her, Theo James (“Divergent”, “Underworld”) demonstrates new talents and a surprising humanity in each of the versions of Henri he embodies, from the distant 28-year-old man to that of about forty. year with graying temples. On OCS May 16.

Stranger Things

Netflix’s event series begins its final lap with the first “volume” of its 4and season. After three years of waiting, the creators of “Stranger Things” promise a glorious and disproportionate end. And for the group of flagship teenagers, whom the spectators had the privilege of seeing flourish, this period already sufficiently thankless does not promise to be easy. From sunny California to the steppes of Russia, nightmares come to life.

Deliciously retro and horrifying, and although we weren’t able to watch the season beforehand, this penultimate salvo of episodes, lasting more than an hour each, already seems to be close to the heights. It only remains to be seen if she will be able to satisfactorily conclude the initiatory story of her heroes and heroines, who have already been badly abused. On Netflix May 27.

The torch

If the heart of Marc (Jonathan Cohen), seducer of Sunday, had been enchanted during the first season by the sweet Orchid, their honeymoon will not have survived the return to the hotel room. Eager to meet love again, sporting his big day tuxedo, here he is now on the island of Chupacabra, with both feet in the sand and morale at its best. It was without realizing the adventure in which he must now participate: a survival program called “Le Flambeau”. No flirting in sight but its share of betrayal, failures and situations more offbeat than each other.

The 15 candidates – brilliantly interpreted by Ana Girardot, Géraldine Nakache, Kad Merad, Gérard Darmon or even Mister V – are vying for immunity there, pushing their characters to the extreme and the absurd to its climax. A hilarious parody of the television landscape – formerly the “Bachelor”, here “Koh Lanta” -, which plays with superb clichés and the grotesque, and of which we also retain the presence of Jérome Commandeur, in the role of the host stoic, and that of Pierre Niney, back in the shoes of the completely barred shrink. On Canal+ on May 23.

Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi

It is one of the most anticipated series of the year. After the excellent “Mandalorian”, place to a creation of size signed Lucasfilm: the fiction “Obi-Wan Kenobi”. The plot takes us ten years after the film “Star Wars, episode III: Revenge of the Sith”, which marked the fall of the young Jedi apprentice Anakin Skywalker towards the dark side of the Force, in the shoes of the terrifying Darth Vader.

A personal defeat for Obi-Wan Kenobi, witnessing the fall and corruption of his friend. If this series is the source of many attentions, it is because part of the original cast is also returning to the screens. Ewan McGregor resumes his cult role here, alongside Hayden Christensen (Darth Vader). If we were only able to watch the trailer, there is no doubt that the series will be able to revive, for fans of the saga, the emotions and memories of another time. On Disney+ from May 27.

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