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the advantages of villa rental compared to other accommodation

Ah… the DolceVita ! With the arrival of the beautiful season, you are surely about to organize your summer vacation. And why not Italy? Its landscapes, its art of living, its culture, its gastronomy… The arguments are multiple and the temptation is great. And to enjoy practical, comfortable and economical accommodation, many tourists opt for villa rentals.

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The beautiful days are here and the word “holiday” is on everyone’s lips… With family or friends, walks and the sweetness of life are at the heart of the program. But where to go? In the sun of course and why not in Italy.

Italy, a privileged destination

The “Botte” has always attracted foreign tourists. With its Mediterranean climate, its high concentration of listed sites, its gentle way of life and its accessible standard of living, Italy is one of the popular destinations.

Our first advice will therefore be not to take it at the last minute to book your stay. This country is particularly popular in summer and it will be a shame to miss out on a great opportunity to experience a dream vacation.

If you do not know where to start to carry out your research, be aware that sites such as Villanovo are, for example, specialized in the provision of charming villas in the four corners of the country. All the added value of these sites is that it is possible to refine your search according to the criteria that seem important to you: a swimming pool, private parking, a tennis court or even direct access to the beach. This is a significant advantage (and above all a time saver!) compared to other more general reservation platforms, which sometimes require a certain number of exchanges and messages to obtain all the information expected. .

An additional tip for preparing your Journey to Italie : if you plan to visit touristic or historical places, get into the habit of buying your tickets in advance online. Steeped in history, this country no longer counts the points of interest that attract many holidaymakers, which lengthens the queues to the point of discouraging you or making you waste precious time…

Why choose house rental?

Freedom and independence. This is how one could sum up the villa rentals in italy. Booking private accommodation guarantees you privacy and tranquility. You can come and go independently, bathe at a time that suits you, isolate yourself in your room if you need to rest in peace, have breakfast at a time that suits you…

The exclusivity of a villa gives you the luxury of truly taking the time and enjoying a vacation at your own pace. Whether you are a fan of car rental on site or whether you are traveling to Italy, you will also be free to move around and plan excursions to discover the richness of the region where you are staying.

Some villas offered for rent are large, even very large. It is quite possible to consider a group stay (6, 8, 10 people), which is more complicated to plan when it comes to more restrictive accommodation solutions.

And do not forget to specify that the question of the budget is also to be taken into account. Once divided by the number of participants, the price of the weekly rental turns out to be much more interesting than nights at the hotel. The remaining envelope will allow you to do the shopping, to go out during the day or at nightfall, to schedule Cultural visits… High standard houses remain quite accessible, especially if you are preparing to travel in a group and share the costs!

Finally, this alternative to campsites and hotels will also be the ideal opportunity to discover less touristy but no less splendid places! If you want to escape mass tourism and big cities, be aware that villa booking platforms will offer you magnificent places: Piedmont and its baroque architecture, Umbria to discover the perched villages or the Alps to take a little height.

Article produced in partnership with Villanovo

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