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the agency that is revolutionizing the world of travel

Need a break from a daily life that’s a little too fast? Discover The Offline, the benchmark for tailor-made high-end travel.

A tough week of work is coming to an end soon… That said, you still don’t know what you’re going to do with your weekend. For a comfortable stay that is out of the ordinary, how about spending it exploring a city in France, Europe or beyond? Don’t hesitate any longer, pack your bags and book your tailor-made trip with The Offline. Much more than a booking platform, this 100% French startup guarantees top-of-the-range service at an ultra-competitive price. Follow the guide, we tell you more!

The Offline concept in brief

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Everyone, one day or another, wants and above all needs to take a break from stressful daily life. Subway, work, sleep… Sometimes a break is needed. The solution ? Opt for a tailor-made trip!

To help you fill this need, our team has chosen the expertise of The Offline. This top-of-the-range travel agency designs the idyllic stay for you: the one that suits you.

Moreover, we offer you a reduction of – 5% on your next reservation with the code GENERATIONVOYAGEXTO: take advantage of it!

The particularity of The Offline? This player in disruptive tourism precisely analyzes your profile, takes your wishes into account and concocts the getaway of your dreams from A to Z. A thousand miles away from ready-made stays, The Offline offers a premium service to its customers… who just have to enjoy their à la carte trip. Sustainable travel, moreover: the company is committed by setting up carbon offsetting for its city stops.

For example, the site never offers air travel for a stopover in mainland France. The Offline also deploys a range of activities labeled “slow tourism” to encourage encounters with local populations.

In addition, the accent is placed on the discovery of traditional or artisanal know-how during your trip. These many simple, logical and effective initiatives are part of a virtuous tourism appreciated by a clientele concerned about ecological issues.

The subtle alliance of people and technology at the service of your tailor-made trip

The advantages specific to tailor-made trips

The offline

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Tailor-made or à la carte trips are designed from scratch by the agencies according to your own requirements. These often deploy a wide choice of destinations. The Offline of course composes its offer in the heart of major French and European cities, but not only. The startup surrounds itself with business partners and quality local contacts to develop the à la carte trip of your dreams. You thus benefit from total independence, great flexibility and unparalleled freedom of organisation.

This flexibility allows unique experiences and discovery of the chosen destination at your own pace. The high degree of customization also allows you to preserve your budget. The total price of your stay, including trips, is fixed at the time of your reservation, thus avoiding unpleasant price surprises. Perfect for allowing yourself a few extras once there, isn’t it?

The offline

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The concept of The Offline is based on “a gentle blend of tech and human”. The initial preparation of your stay is based on a concise questionnaire targeting your desires and your profile. In the process, an algorithm consults all the offers available on the web to offer you only the best. That’s it, are you starting to see yourself there? Make way for discussions with an experienced advisor, a true travel specialist. This professional will be able to respond even more precisely to your request.

Once the reservation is made, pack your bags and let the adventure begin! But there again, no worries: a dedicated concierge will assist you throughout your urban getaway. He will respond, if necessary, to all your requests and will guarantee the smooth running of the trip at all times. Essential information, an unfortunate incident, a possible repatriation? Have no fear, support is immediate and The Offline service is extremely efficient at all times.

Behind The Offline trips, strong values

The offline

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The Offline focuses on simplicity by offering a clean, accessible, intuitive and inclusive reservation system. Watchword ? Quality rather than quantity: unique experiences, à la carte, signing an approach to travel rooted in the spirit of the times. Supporter of better travel, the site highlights atypical stays in the heart of the most beautiful cities. Traveling better, of course… but not more expensive and without unpleasant surprises.

The rates here are personalized, adjusted as best as possible to attract a large clientele in search of escape, ensuring that the company clearly stands out from its competitors. Finally, the dedicated concierge promises incomparable comfort, serenity and security to travellers. What more ?

The motto of The Offline? Quality rather than quantity: unique experiences, à la carte, signing an approach to travel rooted in the spirit of the times.

The Offline is a responsible and committed tourism player. The agency offers a large choice of virtuous activities and an address book that are just as good. It favors the functioning of the local economy by favoring short circuits. The restaurants, hotels and partner commercial service providers are handpicked in order to satisfy a clientele concerned about its tourist impact.

3 city trip ideas for your next weekend off in Europe

Among the flagship destinations of The Offline, we invite you to fly over these three wonders of European heritage. One of them will perhaps convince you to put your suitcases there for a weekend?

Budapest (Hungary)

The offline

Photo credit: Shutterstock – STLJB

Budapest is the Hungarian capital or rather, THE Hungarian capitals. This city consists of two distinct halves, Buda and Pest, separated by the waters of the Danube. Budapest is one of the most beautiful European metropolises. Steeped in history, it is full of fascinating tourist and cultural sites. We appreciate its relaxed lifestyle just as much in winter as in summer: its dynamic atmosphere too. The Offline guarantees you an idyllic stay, from the central Halles to District VII via its listed restaurants.

Oporto (Portugal)

The offline

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Oporto? An authentic haven of peace caressed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The Portuguese city is perfect for a dream weekend just 2 hours from Paris. From the medieval quarter of the Ribeira to the Palácio da Bolsa passing by the beach of Carneiro, the second city of the country is pure splendour. The Offline agency has bent over backwards, unearthing for you luxury hotels, fun activities, popular gastronomic spots and trendy bars… Beware, the liveliest coastal city in Portugal could well bewitch you.

Roma (Italy)

The offline

Photo credit: Shutterstock – cge2010

Ah, Rome… Symbol of the Dolce Vita in itself, it is without doubt the most beautiful city in the world. For the Italians at least, but staying there will no doubt prove them right. Rome, capital of the ancient world, is full of historical gems while benefiting from one of the most generous climates. From the Monti district to the Colosseum, from the Trevi Fountain to Saint Peter’s Basilica, you will probably not know where to turn. Our advice? Go there as a couple, of course…

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