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The best destinations to go on a trip to the sun in June

While the summer settles downthe gradually in Europe, you have only one idea in mind: to see the country. Excellent news, summer is a particularly pleasant season to discover many countries of the world such as Greece, Madeira, the United States or even Mauritius… Let yourself be inspired and discover the best destinations to go to in the sun in June .

Discover Corsica in June

While the summer crowds are not yet present, the Island of Beauty enjoys perpetual sunshine and pleasant temperatures. Below 26°C on average, set off to explore the Calanques de Piana, the Sanguinaires islands or even the historical remains of Bastia or Ajaccio… Between two visits, don’t hesitate to swim in particularly pleasant water, at an average of 24°C . That’s good, because Corsica is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in France, like Saleccia beach and Lotu beach…

Sun, heat, few tourists… Of course, all the conditions are met to allow you to experience unforgettable summer vacation !

Discover Greece in June

We stay on the theme of the Mediterranean to discover our next summer destination: Greece. In June, temperatures regularly exceed 30°C, but the 23°C of the sea allow you to cool off quickly. With very little rain and a beautiful sun most of the time, the month of June is perfect for discover the different facets of the country : its historical sites, its beautiful beaches, its wild expanses and its aquatic bottoms. While history buffs will find a cheap flight to Athens, nature lovers and hikers will head for Meteora and fans of idleness will bask in the pill on the beaches of Nafplion.

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Discover Mauritius in June

Many consider it a little piece of paradise, and it is true that Mauritius is a fabulous travel destination. In the month of June, it’s winter in mauritius, which then experiences pleasant temperatures, around 23°C on average. The time is right to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the island, swim with the dolphins, hike to Morne Brabant or even survey Chamarel, the Earth of the 7 colors. Far from the clichés of paradise islands, Mauritius is a travel destination in its own right, not just reserved for lovers of idleness. Witness its colonial residences, its many museums and its distilleries open to the public…

Le Morne, Mauritius

Discover Croatia in June

June is the best month of the year to discover Croatia at its best: sun, little rain, and still few tourists ! Suffice to say that it’s the perfect combination for enjoying the country’s pretty beaches, visiting its superb national parks and touring its cities steeped in history. Croatia is a particularly varied destination, which will appeal as much to nature lovers as to history buffs and lovers of idleness. From the cobbled streets of Dubrovnik to the authentic villages of the Island of Hvar, from the natural basins of the Plitvice Lakes National Park to the Kornati Islands and their Robinson atmosphere, take advantage of the beginning of summer to offer you a total change of scenery at only 2 hours flight from Paris.

Discover the United States in June

The month of June is ideal for discovering a large part of the United States, except perhaps in the northwest of the country, where it is still cold on the heights. Elsewhere, the temperatures are mild if we forget the stifling heat of Death Valley and Las Vegas where, at this time, temperatures regularly exceed 40°C. But if you dream of traveling to New York, of making a Tour of the Great West American or to offer you unforgettable vacation in California, then the month of June is ideal. It averages 25°C on the New York side and 26°C in Los Angeles at this time.

Discover Madeira in June

With 23°C and 26 days of sunshine on average, the month of June is a safe bet for discovering Madeira. The island of flowers, located 600 kilometers off the Moroccan coast, belongs to Portugal. Nature lovers, you will love to evolve on its multiple walking paths and sink into its thick forests. Between seaside paths and mountainside trails, we are here at hiking paradise. In June, despite a mild climate, the crowds of tourists have not yet appeared on the island. You can thus enjoy this grandiose natural setting just for yourself, or almost… Under a sun that shines every day.

Discover Malta in June

The off-season is the best time to enjoy Malta’s treasures. We are talking here about the months of May, June, September and October, which make it possible to avoid the crowds and the high heat of high summer. In June, temperatures are around 30°C in Malta, and the sea water, at 22°C, is pleasantly refreshing. So now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a cheap flight to Malta and set off to explore the blue lagoon of Comino, the historical monuments of Valletta, the turquoise waters of the Blue Grotto or the megalithic temples of Ħaġar Qim, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Discover Tanzania in June

Notice to travelers who dream of making a safari in africa, the month of June corresponds to the beginning of the dry season in Tanzania. It is also the driest month of the year and, with an average temperature of 29°C, it is also one of the most pleasant. The safari season is then in full swing in the North of the country, where parks such as Tarangire, Ngorongoro or Serengeti can be discovered in total wonder. At the beginning of summer, the animals are easily observed, and you will probably have the opportunity to cross paths with the famous Big Five: lion, rhinoceros, buffalo, leopard and elephant.

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And you, what will be your destination to celebrate the arrival of summer? ?

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