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The key points to organize your first trip in a motorhome

Late flight, train caught at the last minute, journey devoid of an element of surprise… A well-managed trip, we like it! However, the various constraints that this one poses, could sometimes take away from his spirit of adventure. Traveling by motorhome, which is gaining more and more followers in France, on the other hand, lets you savor total freedom. Find our little guide to organize your first motorhome experience.

Practical guide for a successful first motorhome trip

The first essential step in preparing for the trip would be to choose the right motorhome for your needs, situation, budget and planned route. If you decide on a solo trip, for example, a small fitted van would be more than enough. To organize a comfortable trip for two, or even as a family, go for the larger and better equipped models. If the overcab motorhome offers optimized space and comfort, the integral model is a top-of-the-range vehicle suitable for inveterate nomads. In addition, be aware that if you currently do not have the means to afford the purchase of a motorhome, you can rent it. Vehicle owner networks like Goboony allow you to choose from a wide range of motorhomes in your area, to rent directly from the owner.

Choose a vehicle according to your needs and situation

different models of motorhomes for rent to organize a trip in complete freedom

Plan your route

Many of us are probably tempted by the idea of ​​leaving without a destination, but is it a good idea? Rather not! Especially in the case of longer trips or if you are a beginner in this kind of adventures. So don’t take the risk and plan your trip well in advance. Have an idea of ​​the route you are going to take, so as not to miss any site or breathtaking view. Ask other motorhome operators about the most scenic routes and places not to miss. The plan is still important, in order to plan your stopovers, parking lots and services.

Predefine your route

travel aboard a motorhome or fitted van bohemian trip idea

Find out about parking options

Indeed, the choice of a route is very closely linked to the possibilities of parking. This is essential for him to have a secure place to stop at night, drain and stock up. Airs of parking and services, as well as campsites, there are quite a few in France. Nevertheless, they are not evenly distributed over the territory of the country. Hence, the need to plan ahead in your journey. What’s more, you should not forget to reserve your parking space in advance, otherwise you may find yourself without a place to spend the night.

Find a parking/service area

find a parking area and service area motorhome france

Obtain essential equipment

To live camping, there is an inventory of essential equipment that you must always have on hand. In order to make your task easier, find a list of the equipment that you absolutely must carry with you.

  • Electric cable, adapter and extension
  • Charging batteries
  • clothes airer/ rope and clips
  • Broom, shovel/ small vacuum cleaner
  • Canopy
  • Lantern/Flashlight
  • Crockery and cutlery
  • Hygiene products
  • Sleeping bag/bedding
  • Cool box/small fridge
  • Braking wedge for sloping ground
  • Connection pipes for drinking water and waste water
  • doormat/carpet
  • Camping table and chairs

Take care of your comfort with well-chosen equipment

camping car equipment idea what equipment to take traveling on four wheels

Check the condition of the vehicle for a flawless motorhome trip

Before leaving, make sure that your vehicle is in good condition. Check things like brakes, oil, tyres, water, electrical and in general – any equipment involved in the proper functioning of your motorhome. This would save you the breakdowns and the rest of the mishaps that might occur en route. If you have never driven such a vehicle, do your first maneuvers in town, before setting off to discover the world. Due to its size, the motorhome is still more difficult to drive and especially to park. Finally, the weight of the equipment being already quite heavy, avoid overloading at all costs. Remember to place heavy objects at the bottom, near the axle. Don’t forget your papers, road maps, GPS, check the state of the roads and the weather, just to start in complete safety.

Take care of the condition of the vehicle

how to organize a camping trip care idea equipped gray vehicle

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