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The “L’adresse” agency … the right address in Grau-du-Roi

The end of the school year is a pivotal period for students looking for a summer job, a future job, or even an internship or work-study program.
If you are looking for a position in the field of real estate, we have decided to help you by presenting you with good addresses capable of bringing you this professional experience that you so badly need. Direction Le Grau-du-Roi (in the Gard) where we present to you the real estate agency “L’adresse” and its very human approach to the profession.

Le Grau-du-Roi is one of the top destinations for a great holiday. Located in the south of Gard, in Little Camargue, it is a charming city where the change of scenery is total. A perfect place for the summer … or simply to live there all year round. To support new arrivals, who better placed than a real estate agency to be present with them in the search for a new pied-à-terre.
If precisely, you aspire to work in such an agency, “The address” at Grau-du-Roi is for you. We were able to discuss with Fanny Puig Kramb, Agency Directorboth on his work and on the “it is a point of honor to pass on knowledge to the youngest“, a beautiful promise that could only hold our attention in these complicated times for young people.

Can you tell us about your establishment and the number of people who work there?

With more than 12 years of experience in the real estate and building trades, our agency is a specialist in the coastal sector in which it operates. We also offer annual rental management of housing. We take care of everything, from finding the client to administrative management. Finally, our specialty is seasonal rentals: whether you are looking for prestigious accommodation to spend your holidays by the sea or whether you are an investor, owner of accommodation that you wish to rent for the season, we will be able to offer you a service of exception which will guarantee you a high occupancy rate.
Our agency has been established in the Grau-du-Roi sector since 2016 and is made up of a team of 8 employees who work in a family and human spirit.

In this period of economic recovery but also uncertainty, how do you manage to stay the course in your recruitment process?

We have of course had to adapt to the health and economic situation which has particularly affected our sector. But our profession is also subject “in normal times” to multiple criteria of variation, we are used to living through complicated periods and have been able to bounce back on new work habits, in order not to suffer from this health and economic crisis. So we are always during recruitment to strengthen our teams in the field.

A question that will particularly interest our young readers: out of season but also in high season (summer), what are your needs? What types of profiles are you looking for?

For the so-called “off-season” period, we are looking more for transaction-related profiles, so typically commercials. On the other hand, in high season, we need more rental management staff in order to complete our teams and carry out the exits and entries of the tenants, as well as cleaning staff.

“I make it a point of honor to pass on knowledge to the youngest”

We have decided to support young people in all stages of their lives and the search for a job (or a first experience) is one of them. QWhat is the role of youth employment in your establishment?

I make it a point of honor to pass on knowledge to the youngest. In my establishment, all ages are represented. In addition, every year I recruit apprenticeship contracts within my agency “L’adresse”.

Do you use trainees and work-study trainees and if so, what profile are you looking for first?

Sure ! I also take interns in my company, apart from work-study trainees that I recruit. Regarding the profiles, our profession being open to all with adequate training, I do not necessarily look at the professional profile but more the human profile and the values ​​of the person.

Never forget that to apply, you can of course choose to send your CV and cover letter. But don’t overlook the added value of a first contact by applying directly. And especially when you are told that we are looking at “the human profile and the values ​​of the person“, very important criteria that can only be gauged with difficulty in a cover letter.
Taking the time to apply shows the importance of where you are applying; it is also to show that this is not the umpteenth candidacy of a very long list. And by the way, Address is clearly in this perspective: when we ask them the question of how to do if we want to join them, the answer is clear: “Come and see us directly”. Now you know what you have to do.

Le Grau-du-Roi Agency
4 Avenue de l’Hermione
30240 Le Grau-du-Roi

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