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The most popular destinations for the French in 2021

Flight comparators and travel agencies published their review 2021 and the French travel trends over the past year – a year affected by the ongoing health crisis but which has seen a strong summer recovery.

After an unprecedented 2020 due to the pandemic and the uncertainties directly linked to it, 2021 was marked by caution and acceptance, particularly in the tourism sector.“, sums up the Liligo search engine. According to his study, 2 out of 3 French people traveled last year. Nearly 40% of them have traveled more than once. And 73% of French people who traveled in 2021 favored France as their destination

Ranking Liligo
What were the most popular destinations for the French in 2021? According to Liligo, the Maghreb, Dubai and the DOM-TOMs occupied 7 places out of 10 in the ranking of top destinations 2021 internationally – excluding France and Europe. Marrakech has indeed risen to 1st place on the podium. Despite the social movements that rocked the West Indies at the end of the year, Pointe-à-Pitre, Saint-Denis de la Réunion and Fort-de-France respectively took 4th, 5th and 6th places in the ranking. Special mention for North America which caught up at the end of the year and succeeded in integrating the ranking after 18 long months of closure and a reopening of the borders only at the beginning of November. New York, whose searches have been multiplied by 10 for the Christmas holidays compared to last year, comes in 10th place in the annual ranking, just behind Montreal.

Among the French people who traveled in 2021, one out of 3 took advantage of a getaway in Europe, particularly in Southern Europe whose major cities occupy the entire ranking of top European destinations in 2021 with Barcelona in 1st position followed by Lisbon , Porto and Rome.

Despite this renewed activity for the travel sector and generally positive trends, 1 in 2 travelers say that the health crisis has still disrupted their travels in 2021, underlines Liligo. Mainly due to the strengthening of restrictions on the place of destination, mentioned by 28% of respondents. Only 9% of them say they have suffered an inconvenience related to a postponement or cancellation of a flight, train or other means of transport“.

Kayaking ranking
The Kayak flight comparator confirms a similar ranking for 2021 based on research on its platform. The first place goes to Marrakech – a destination regularly acclaimed by French tourists, the Moroccan city is used to this type of ranking, recalls Kayak. On the second place of the podium was Dubai, which saw an increase of approximately 108% in searches, and a jump of 17 places in the ranking, compared to 2019. Reputed to be very safe, with sun all day. year, the city of the Emirates conquers more and more travelers.

First French city, Ajaccio takes third place in the global kayaking ranking. The Corsican city, on the other hand, comes first in the ranking of national cities with an increase of around 89%, compared to 2019, followed by Nice and Paris.

Flight-Trading Trends
At the tour operator Bourse-des-vols, mainland France remains the best-selling destination in terms of the number of reservations, followed by the DOM-TOMs, Senegal (ethnic market), and then Dubai and Mexico (leisure destination). Highlights of 2021 from this tour operator include: Greece, with its open, European sunshine, was the star of the 2021 summer season; the sharp decline in Italy with numerous and changing health restrictions; the pace of sales to the French West Indies remained tied to the health restrictions of the summer and the wave of social and radical movements in the fall; the good recovery of the USA as soon as the borders reopen; and finally Morocco, which goes from cold to hot and cold but remains the resilient destination in the southern Mediterranean.

The tour operator has seen a rising basket price in 2021, which suggests a slight increase in long-haul fares and purchases of long-haul flights to catch up on long periods of confinement.

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