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the new travel ingredients

For young travelers it’s in the “logic of things”, while for older ones we may be arriving in another world, another dimension and in any case another era. Light years away from the one where leaving was synonymous with adventures and where we often had at best only a vague idea of ​​what we were going to discover. While all that was just three or four decades ago…

Travel lived on the trip perceived, times are changing and technologies are undeniably leading us to other horizons. Not so long ago, travel was a guide, a camera, a bit of crap and a few other things. So now we’re talking about metaverseof AI or even of augmented reality, even for simple holidays. But in fact, what is all this…

Metavers : it is a community and interactive virtual world composed of a shared universe connected to the Internet that goes beyond the one we know. The term is regularly used to describe a future version of Internet 3.0 which will also integrate the augmented reality and theArtificial intelligence.

Augmented reality : it is the superposition of elements (sounds, images, 3D, videos, etc.) or virtual objects and realities. The set thus makes it possible to enrich the experience lived by everyone whatever the field, both in everyday life and at the professional or leisure level.

Artificial intelligence (IA): this covers a set of theories and techniques implemented with a view to producing machines capable of simulating human intelligence. Either produce an intelligent behavior and model abstract ideas in order to achieve that it can come to have an understanding of its own reasoning. All applicable to all possible or imaginable areas of our lives.

Here are the ingredients of new trip with their applications both before, during and after this one. Great innovations that are beginning and will increasingly revolutionize our world and our lived.
So is it good or bad? Impossible to say yet even if as always or almost the “truth” will surely be in the end between the two.

In the meantime, according to some studies carried out in different countries, it would seem that this new world interests or at least challenges; more than one out of two people actually find it interesting in terms of travel. Of course, depending on the age, the desire is not the same and if almost two-thirds of the youngest are in favor of novelty, less than 30% of the oldest think in this way.

More in detail metaverse, AI, augmented reality increasingly find an audience when it comes to visiting a museum, an exhibition, or “experience” a concert or a show.
More broadly, even taking a purely virtual trip does not seem to be scary. 40% of people would indeed be ready to test a destination, a visit to a place or monument, “practice” a virtual nature activity, especially obviously for the most expensive or difficult things to do in real life.

So welcome to this safari as close as possible to priceless animals in Africa, this dive under the ice in the far north which cannot be improvised, the ascent of the high peaks of the planet traditionally reserved for experienced mountaineers, the visit of these sites closed to the public, this world tour that we have always dreamed of, or quite simply this trip that requires hours of transport if not a substantial budget. And in any case the opportunity to interact with this new environment to the point of even seeing the ruins that we visit rebuilt, sharing the life of the period in this castle in the Middle Ages or more simply admiring a landscape at different time of day or year. It is more and more possible…

Just as we watch our series, soon we will be able to choose our moments of escape and what we want to put in them. A minimum of equipment, technologies and an offer to refine a little and the turn will be played. Everyone will organize themselves as they see fit, with savings in the end for some, a thirst for adventure and discovery sated for others, if not even the idea of ​​having acted for the planet by limiting his travels… or almost because free time and vacations will always be there.

Simply, in the opinion – if not the desire – of many, these will be rather to be considered as moments of tranquility, of “letting go”, of time available to recharge your batteries or experience things with those around you without needing to consider an active vacation or on the other side of the world. In short, the (re)discovery of oneself and one’s close circle in real life and the discovery of the world or new things in virtual when one wishes.

After all why not, even if it will be necessary to wait a little longer before the practice or even the “concept” becomes widespread. Indeed, so much so that he will one day become the majority, instead of being a simple addition to our lives. Because, in this case, it would then be necessary to reconsider the economic and social weight of the tourism sector in our “real” world; he who still supports 7 to 10% of humanity with the associated income.

The fact remains that these new tools and these new trends are there and that they are attracting and finding their audience more and more. Why not after all ? Things have always changed and the world has evolved. And it would be utopian to believe that we could make some of them disappear with a simple wave of a magic wand.
So let’s take it as it comes by making sure to accompany these changes in order to continue to master our world. Because after all it will be precisely this new virtual world looming what we collectively want it to be. Starting with the use that everyone decides to make of it…

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