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The Petit Futé Guide to bike rides in Île-de-France

In collaboration with the French Cycling Federation, Le Petit Futé lists for you all the bike rides in Île-de-France. Thanks to his great expertise in the tourist field, he is developing a most complete guide. Indeed, the book “Île-de-France à vélo” contains not only cycling routes but also all the good local tips that you will find on the routes: culinary specialties, historical monuments and unspoiled nature spots. A must have for this summer!

Short walk or long hike: itineraries for all tastes

The Petit Futé guide explains in detail more than 150 cycle routes in Île-de-France. A short weekend stroll or a sporty hike, there are circuits suitable for all types of cycling profile.

Where to go for a bike ride in Île-de-France?

Although residing in Île-de-France, you don’t always know where to go for a walk to disconnect from the stress of Paris and its outlying towns. However, the departments bordering the capital are full of green areas easily accessible by bike. The Petit Futé guide lists the cycle routes of the most beautiful forests and rural areas of the Ile-de-France region. Besides nature, cultural attractions are also to be discovered: old castles, abbeys and picturesque villages.

For those who like to enjoy the parisian charm, several walks in the city center are also described in detail. You can then cycle along the Seine, explore the great parisian gardens and visit the many historical monuments of the capital.

Where to cycle with the family around Paris?

The guide offers a large number of easy and safe circuits for family walks. These courses are entirely carried out on green lanes separated from cars. They also offer a selection of the best points ofcultural interest to discover with your children.

The guide’s advice for a successful bike ride in Île-de-France

The Petit Futé guide shares its best tips for a successful bike trip. You will find all the advice necessary for the safety of cyclists and their comfort during the trip.

Recommendations for preparing your bike ride well

Le Petit Futé and the French Cycling Federation offer in this guide all the tips necessary for the preparation of your bike trip in Île-de-France. These recommendations help you choose a route adapted to your physical condition and your desires. You will also find a check list of all the elements to check before leaving, such as the weather, tire inflation, waterproof clothing and water bottles.

Safety advice for your journeys in Paris and its surroundings

Safety being a priority, the guide informs you of the obligations and recommendations for ride a bike safely. Whether in terms of the cyclist’s equipment or the equipment of the cycle itself, the Petit futé gives you all the necessary information (lighting, helmet, etc.).

On the other hand, in order to be able to park your bike without risk during your tourist visits, the guide explains how to attach your bike with a lock. These valuable tips will help you avoid unpleasant surprises!

Tutorial of basic mechanics in case of breakdown on the circuit

You want to go for a ride but you know nothing about bike mechanics? If my tire punctures, what should I do? The book “Ile-de-France by bike” contains a tutorial to learn quickly repair a tire of a punctured bicycle. It also guides you about thebike maintenance ; tire inflation, bike storage, etc.

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Many useful contacts for your bike trips

Le Petit futé gives you its best plans for accommodation and food on the cycling circuits near Paris. The Accueil label brings together many accommodation, catering or bike repair services that will be present on your route. The book has a large useful address book for you to fully enjoy your cycling experience.

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