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The Ten Most Popular Live-Action Builds Of The Starship Enterprise, According To Reddit

Series like Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Lower Decks showed that there is still a lot of life in the star trek IP. The Starship Enterprise is one of the most recognizable and iconic sci-fi vehicles ever designed. The flagship of the Federation has been the setting for hundreds of hours of adventures in star trek TV shows and feature films dating back to 1966.

The mighty vessel, in various forms, symbolizes the hopes and dreams of the human race which creator Gene Roddenberry envisioned would be dramatically illuminated hundreds of years from now. Recently, a Reddit thread created by u/ZomCom13 asked fellow r/startrek members what their favorite live USS Enterprise was.

The company of the future-D

The heavily armored Enterprise-D, from one of the best the The next generation episodes, “All Good Things, saved retired Admiral Jean Luc Picard, Captain Beverly Crusher, Geordi, Data, and Worf from Klingons attacking the USS Pasteur in one of three periods Picard went through in history.

The “magnificent” upgraded Enterprise-D featured advanced phaser cannons and a third pod with the ability to travel at warp 10, making it a “big and powerful” dreadnought, according to Redditor SteveBliss88 in response to another Redditor, description of Radamand from the one “in the last episode where Riker was captain of the Enterprise.”


The presence of the Enterprise-C in the 24th century, following a journey through a time anomaly, has caused a whole new timeline to emerge. “Yesterday” welcomed deceased crew member Natasha Yar to one of the star trekThe best time travel stories. The absence of Enterprise-C in its time spawned a 22-year war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire in which Starfleet believed it was doomed.

The only appearance of C in star trek The film made an impression on Redditor Unpleasant_Grape who felt that its basic design set it apart from other efforts with its “perfect proportions and circles”. Redditor rtwoctwo felt a similar sentiment adding that it “bridges the gap between the original and The next generation very well designed.”

The company of the Kelvin universe

The reimagined flagship and the pride of Starfleet in JJ Abrams star trek The universe appears relatively small on screen but features a realistic rendition of weapon deployment and its hybrid of hydroelectric and nuclear engines. She managed to survive a black hole and a decaying orbit on her first two sorties, but succumbed to a swarm attack from a mutated Starfleet crew in 2016. Star Trek Beyond.

Redditor pi2madhatter reacted to the modified classic spaceship for JJ Abram’s 2009-2016 trilogy with a mixed analysis. They felt the overall design was progressive “which makes the ship look sleeker”, while writing “it looks so awkward, especially supporting those bulbous pods”.

The NX-01

The NX-01 Enterprise was the first human ship capable of warp five made possible by warp drive inventor Zefram Cochrane and eventual captain Jonathan Archer’s father Henry Archer over four seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise. The NX-01 ushered in a new era for United Earth’s space travel program which led to the formation of the United Federation of Planets.

The realistic feel of the NX-01 struck Redditor gerusz, who speculated that it was probably the most accurate representation of a current effort to build the Enterprise that “if you gave these technologies to a modern space agency, that is exactly what they would come from”. up with”, with perhaps some modifications in the living quarters.


The Enterprise-B was commanded by Captain John Harriman during her shakedown run when she received a distress call from two El-Aurian ships trapped in a void that would later become known as the Nexus in Star Trek Generations. Its lack of a tractor beam and photon torpedoes made rescue tricky and resulted in the apparent death of James T. Kirk.

The Excelsior-class starship design was aesthetically pleasing to a Redditor dubbed jimmyray01 who thought the model displayed was “on par with other Starfleet starship designs”, adding “I really wish I could have seen it for more than 10 minutes in a movie.”

The original NCC-1701

The heavy cruiser that embarked on several five-year missions ending with the James T. Kirk era was the hub of the original 1966-1969 star trek series and has been in service for twenty years. Her multicultural crew included a Pacific Islander coxswain, a Russian-born navigator, a Scottish chief engineer, a South American chief surgeon, an African-American linguist, and a Vulcan first officer named Spock.

According to Redditor Fenriswolf_9, the “proportions of the very first USS Enterprise NCC-1701 really work” because they are “original and iconic”. With the emergence of Disco-taking, they “would love to see one of the 3D artists making models of the various star trek ships apply Discovery surface details and lighting aesthetics to the original TOS without changing proportions, angles and configuration.”

The disco-take

The Constitution-class USS Enterprise graphically updated from the pre-Kirk era of star trek is about to embark on new missions in the Final Frontier when Star Trek: Strange New Worlds debuts on Paramount+ in May 2022. He will be under the command of Captain Christopher Pike, Kirk’s predecessor.

Redditor Guyver0 has been revived with the simplicity of the original Enterprise new design first seen in Discovery writing it “feels like the best of both worlds”. Additionally, Redditor SixIsNotANumber agreed, calling it “beautiful, and I’m really looking forward to the release of Strange new worlds.”

The E-Company

A year after losing the galaxy-class Enterprise-D, Jean Luc Picard assumed command of the sovereign-class Enterprise-E. He saw action against the Borg in the 21st Century, the Sona in the Briar Patch, and was nearly destroyed by a Reman-born Romulan praetor named Shinzon, a Picard clone. Thanks to the sacrifice of Mr. Data at the height of Star Trek: Nemesisthe ship remained in service.

Redditor earth2chercomeincher called it “the sexiest starships Starfleet has ever ordered”, citing its intimidating design which SirJiggart simplified because it “looks like a shark and bites like one”. Additionally, the creator of the u/ZomCom13 thread called it “the most powerful yet practical of” any company to date.


For seven seasons of The next generation and a feature, the Enterprise-D traveled to every corner of the Alpha Quadrant “to seek new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no one has gone before.” The saucer section touched down and was buried on the surface of Veridian III following an engagement with rogue Klingons under the command of the Duras Sisters in Generations.

The sleek appearance of the redesigned Enterprise won over Redditor Fragraham because “when you see all the tiny, lighted windows on the neck, evoking the image of a skyscraper in space,” audiences find “it’s is a flying city”. Redditor Frogman1480 agreed “it’s basically a luxury space cruise ship”, adding that it’s “a perfect vessel for hosting delegates and cash at diplomatic missions”.

The refitted NCC-1701(A)

From its launch in Star Trek: The Movie, the refitted USS Enterprise NCC-1701 investigated an approaching hostile intelligence in search of its creator on Earth. He later participated in an epic cat-and-mouse hunt with Khan Noonian Singh before being intentionally destroyed by Admiral James T. Kirk above the planet Genesis. At the end of Star Trek IV: The Journey Homethe crew was back aboard the new NCC-1701-A.

u/ZomCom13 thread admin admires refitted big-screen rendition of the original USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (and later A) after it was destroyed in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. “I like the refit model because it looks the best to me.” Fellow Redditor, mathazar felt sentimental summarizing it as a “sleek ship that I built a model of when I was a kid.”

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