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These alternative destinations that resemble the most popular tourist destinations

Wroclaw, the Polish Venice

No gondolas in Wroclaw, one of the oldest cities in Poland, but no less than 112 bridges spanning a multitude of small arms of the Odra, in the south-west of the country. Add to that colorful facades in the city center, several hundred bronze dwarfs scattered all over the city and the impressive astronomical clock of the old Gothic town hall, and you will not regret for a moment the antipasti and other Venetian specialties.

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Prioritize Dordrecht over Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In Dordrecht as in Amsterdam, you can explore the city by bike to discover the main monuments, such as the Het Hof monastery, the Grote Kerk church or Huis van Gijn, the former house of the banker and collector Simon van Gijn, today now turned into a museum. A real leap in time, immersed in 19th century Dordrecht! A bike ride will also take you to De Biesbosch National Park, in the outskirts of the city.

Airs of Greece in Albania

Booming, tourism in Albania is still well preserved from overtourism. Good news for travelers who wish to visit this country on the borders of Europe, discover its archaeological riches, enjoy its sunny coast and its sublime lakes. Do not miss that of Shkodra, which Albania shares with Montenegro, and which is the largest of all the Balkans.

Visit the island of Sumba rather than Bali, in Indonesia

Unlike Bali, the island of Sumba, between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, in the Indonesian archipelago, is a paradise still untouched by tourists. The recent construction of two airports nevertheless makes it possible to visit this Eden which includes ten magnificent waterfalls and still very wild corners, as well as national parks – the island is twice the size of Bali. Within the small islands of Sunda, Sumba also has superb fine sandy beaches. Be careful, however, to respect the traditions of the ancestral villages and the culture of the island, which is still very much preserved there.

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Go to Oman, less visited than Dubai

Not fans of modern Dubai? Set sail for the traditional Sultanate of Oman, a link between India and Africa. The locals have been able to preserve the country’s landscapes and ways of life, marked by foreign influences, particularly Indian ones. Still very little visited by Western tourists, Oman nevertheless has a diversity of points of interest to visit, starting with the wadis, typical canyons of Oman. You can also observe dolphins and turtles laying eggs in Ras al Jinz.

Favor Colombia in Costa Rica

Separated by Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica are two countries that are geographically close but are not frequented in the same way. Less touristy than Costa Rica, Colombia is gradually opening up to foreign tourists, even if a whole part of the territory remains discouraged by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Colonial cities, archaeological parks, snow-capped volcanoes and plains, as well as the white sand beaches of the Caribbean… Colombia offers a diversity of landscapes that will delight nature lovers, but not only!

Discover the landscapes of the Grand Canyon on the Sentier des Ocres

Do you want to discover breathtaking natural landscapes, but without leaving French soil? Head for the Sentier des Ocres in Roussillon, in the Luberon! These old open-air ocher quarries look like the Grand Canyon, with their impressive reliefs and beautiful color palette, ranging from yellow to bright red. Good plan focused on eco-responsible tourism: the “Ocres à Vélo” route allows you to visit the various ocher sites of the Luberon, throughout a 51-kilometre loop.

Embark for Halkidiki, less known than the Cyclades

It’s a little corner of Greece that we see much less on social networks than the islands of the Cyclades… and yet! Chalkidiki, which is pronounced “kalkidiki” (from the Greek Halkidiki), is located in the north of the country and is part of the province of Macedonia. The dominant landscapes are made up of valleys and hills, vineyards, pine forests and other olive groves, while the coastline is dotted with white sand beaches and wild coves. Easily accessible via Thessaloniki airport, Chalkidiki will offer you a cure of sun and culture that you are not ready to forget!

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