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these countries where you can travel without constraint (or almost)

Thailand, Egypt, New Zealand… These countries have just lifted the latest restrictions on travelers.

No more hassle with tests, forms and other curfews when you go on vacation. As the pandemic fades little by little, more and more countries, like France, are shedding rules intended to fight against contamination. Good news for travelers, who can finally try to act as if the Covid never existed. Thailand, Egypt, New Zealand… Here are the destinations that have recently lifted all restrictions or announced that they will do so very soon.


Like a return to normal in the land of smiles. After having put an end, on May 1, to the obligation to test before departure and on arrival, Thailand will abolish, on July 1, the form to enter the country (Thailand Pass) as well as the requirement $10,000 medical insurance. Vaccinated travelers will only have to present their vaccination certificate to enter the country, while non-vaccinated will have to hold a negative test (antigen or PCR) of less than 72 hours. Thailand is also easing restrictions on site: end of wearing a mask outside, opening of bars and nightlife places without restriction, etc.

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Anchored in the northeast of the Gulf of Thailand, on the edge of Cambodia, the islands of Koh Mak and Koh Kood are much quieter than its large neighbor Koh Chang. One stands out with its deserted white sand beaches, the other with its lush nature, waterfalls and hundred-year-old trees. A nice alternative to the often busy islands of Phuket. Read our guide.


Luxor is often the starting point for an Egyptian cruise on the Nile, but also the first step in discovering the Temple of Amun in the Valley of the Kings or even Karnak. Adobe Stock

Egyptian authorities on June 16 ended all restrictions on entering the country, both for Egyptians and foreigners. Until now, people over the age of 12 were required to present a vaccination certificate, while those who were not vaccinated had to take a test within 72 hours before arriving in the country.

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500 kilometers south of Cairo, nestled between the desert and the green banks of the Nile, the city of Luxor reveals some of the most fascinating jewels of ancient Egypt. Temples of pharaohs, sacred valleys… Our guide to Luxor.


Between Cuba and Florida, the Bahamas archipelago has 700 islands. Jin Wu –

As of June 19, fully vaccinated travelers no longer have to get tested before traveling to the Bahamas. The vaccination certificate is sufficient to enter the country. Testing is no longer required for inter-island travel, for both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

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Between Cuba and Florida, this archipelago of 700 islands and islets is cut out for the Robinsonade. In the Exumas, a huge necklace of islands and islets planted with coconut palms, the deserted beaches are as soft as talcum powder. And the water, crystal clear and warm as in a whirlpool bath, invites you to dive.

New Zealand

When Cook sees this pebble in his telescope 25 nautical miles from land, he baptizes it the White Island. Stephan Gladieu / Le Figaro Magazine

New Zealand, which reopened its borders on May 1, is easing its restrictions even further. Two months ahead of schedule, the country will lift on June 21 the obligation to carry out a test before departure. Nevertheless, travelers are always invited to be tested on day 0/1 and day 5/6 of their trip, without this being an obligation. In addition, only vaccinated people can enter the country.

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On the other side of the world, New Zealand is a miniature replica of the west of our continent. A mixture of landscapes from France and England, with snow-capped mountains, orderly countryside, peaceful nature and pure air, the last land on the globe to have been populated by human beings looks like an ultimate refuge on our planet. Watch the report from Figaro in New Zealand.


In Berlin, as in the rest of Germany, all Covid-related measures have been lifted. eyetronic / Adobe Stock

Our dear neighbor lifted her last constraints related to Covid-19 on June 1st. No need to show proof of vaccination or PCR test in Germany, nor to fill in the tracking form. The mask is requested only in public transport and in health establishments. Please note that each Land has the possibility of introducing additional measures. The French Embassy lists the various sites where information can be obtained.

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Berlin continues to attract creatives from all walks of life. Like the Silent Green Kulturquartier, a disproportionate cultural space that tries to resuscitate the creative emulation of Berlin in the 1990s. the programming is racy and trendy. Watch the report from Figaro .


In Cyprus, the authorities will no longer check the vaccine or the test of travellers. romanevgenev / Adobe Stock

The Cypriot government ended all Covid-related travel restrictions on June 1. Proof of vaccination and tests are no longer requested at the airport. Travel is free throughout the southern part of the island and the mask is compulsory in transport only.

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For lovers of old stones, a plethora of heritage treasures, including Byzantine remains in the Troodos massif and the ancient city of Salamis.


Jebel Akhdar, Oman. The sultanate has abandoned restrictions put in place at the start of the pandemic. Antonin Borgeaud / Le Figaro Magazine

The Sultanate of Oman has been welcoming travelers without any restrictions in connection with the epidemic since May 24. The Omani authorities are calling on the population to be vigilant and to maintain barrier gestures, but no obligation is in force.

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Equipped with a harness, a helmet and gloves, we explore the bowels of the canyon of Jebel Akhdar, the “Green Mountain” located in the north of the country and named after its orchards built on the side of the cliff. Watch the report from Figaro in Oman.


Alaçati, a discreet village 70 kilometers from Izmir in Turkey. No more documents are required after arrival in the country. nejdetduzen / Adobe STock

To fly to Turkey, you still have to show a health pass: vaccination, PCR test or certificate of recovery. Apart from this formality, one can visit Istanbul and Anatolia without hindrance. No document is required in museums or restaurants, and the mask is only compulsory in public transport.

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Alaçati, a discreet village 70 kilometers from Izmir, cultivates an ancient cultural heritage and a bohemian spirit between charming hotels, designer boutiques and family restaurants. Find our tips for enjoying this treasure away from the hustle and bustle of the seaside resorts.


In Spain, Doñana National Park is home to miles of wild beaches. joserpizarro / Adobe Stock

Since May 18, the health pass is no longer required of tourists joining Spain by road. Once there, life resumed its course as before the Covid with one exception: the mask. It is mandatory indoors, outdoors at mass events and in transport.

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The Guadalquivir estuary is home to Western Europe’s largest ecological reserve with miles of unspoiled beach, acres of dunes, pine forests and thousands of free-roaming animals. Watch the report from Figaro in the Doñana National Park.

[Initialement publié le 31 mai 2022, cet article a fait l’objet d’une mise à jour.]


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