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These destinations where to enjoy the sun less than 4 hours flight from Paris

From Cappadocia to the mountains of Montenegro via sublime beaches in Morocco or the Sporades: new direct flights enrich the offer of sunny destinations from Paris.

Skiathos (Greece)

A small lively island in the Sporades archipelago, Skiathos has, in addition to one of the most impressive airports (the “Saint-Martin” of Greece), around sixty beaches, each as heavenly as the next. Yes, the island is certainly the busiest and most touristic of the Sporades. But given its rich and verdant natural setting, its sea caves, its monasteries or its fortress, it is easy to understand why.

On departure from Paris-Orly, up to two flights per week from April 23 until September 24, with Transavia.

Oviedo (Spain)

Entirely pedestrianized, Oviedo is designed to offer travelers something to quench their thirst for art and culture. Turismo Asturias

The ancient capital of the Kingdom of Asturias, founded in the 8th century, is a perfect destination to discover the marvels of pre-Romanesque art. In the old town with its medieval atmosphere, stops are a must at the Gothic cathedral, the archaeological museum (retracing centuries of Asturian art, from prehistory to the Romanesque, passing through the Roman and Visigoth periods), the palace of the Marquis of San Félix, and of course in a figures (cider bar). But Oviedo is also a very good starting point to discover its Costa Verde, dotted with fishing villages.

From Paris-Orly, 2 weekly flights on Tuesdays and Fridays with Vueling.

Dakhla (Morocco)

Puerto Rico beach, about thirty minutes from Dakhla. Idouhna

Dakhla is a pearl of the desert, located on the borders of the Sahara and the Atlantic Ocean, where sand and water mingle. The old Villa Cisneros, where the heroes of airmail once stopped, has more recently become the world capital of kitesurfers. In Dakhla, ideally located on an endless sandy lagoon, the temperature and the wind are mild and regular all year round. Many original eco-lodges have emerged there in recent years, on the initiative of the Moroccan authorities, who want to develop responsible tourism there.

From Paris-Orly, 1 flight per week on Tuesdays, all year round, with Royal Air Maroc.

Lamezia Terme (Italy)

Tropea, pearl of Calabria, sits enthroned on its rocky promontory, dominating the Tyrrhenian Sea. The south-west of La Botte can now be reached via a new Paris – Lamezia Terme link. jovannig

Direction the “toe of the boot”. By opening the 100th line in its history to Calabria’s largest airport, Transavia opens new direct access to this region of southern Italy which benefits from exceptional sunshine and hundreds of kilometers of beaches. You will discover varied landscapes, especially in the mountains in the Sila National Park, but also treasures in sometimes unknown cities: Rossano, Catanzaro, Stilo, without forgetting the postcard village of Tropea.

From Paris-Orly, 2 weekly flights on Mondays and Fridays from July 8 with Transavia.

Podgorica (Montenegro)

View of the capital of Montenegro from the Moraca River. Leonid Andronov

It is a destination that is rising, year after year. Already serving Tivat airport, the closest to the famous mouths of Kotor, Transavia doubles the bet and opens a line to Pogdorica, the capital of Montenegro. The opportunity to discover another facet, less seaside, of this mountainous country as large as Île-de-France but benefiting from breathtaking natural assets: from Lake Skadar to the Durmitor National Park, for a fabulous journey between sea and mountains .

From Paris-Orly, a weekly flight every Saturday until October 29 with Transavia.

From Roissy-CDG, flights are also possible with Air Montenegro.

Larnaca (Cyprus)

In the south of Cyprus, Larnaca offers beaches and monuments, here its medieval castle. marinadatsenko

Direction the south of the island of Cyprus. In Larnaca, in the Church of St. Lazarus dating from the 9th century, is sheltered the tomb of the famous saint who would have returned from the dead. But between ancient cities, seaside resorts and endless beaches, the largest Cypriot airport, now linked directly to several French cities, gives access to a very wide choice of sunny holidays.

From Roissy-CDG, 2 flights per week since March 29 with easyJet.

From Paris-Orly, 2 weekly flights on Tuesdays and Saturdays from July 9 with Transavia.

Bologna (Italy)

The due torri of Bologna, one of the symbols of the splendid city of Emilia-Romagna. cge2010

In northern Italy, after its neighbors Milan, Verona, Florence or Venice, we rarely think of Bologna. However, in terms of history and discovery, “the red city” does not disappoint. The capital of Emilia-Romagna can be visited on foot and everything will give the impression of a journey through time: from the Neptune fountain to the Salaborsa library, passing through the Accursio palace or the San Petronio basilica, where we discover one of the largest sundials in the world.

From Paris-Orly, up to 3 direct flights per week with Vueling.


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