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These holiday destinations that are the most popular for the French this year!

Are you planning to go on summer vacation? Here are some ideas of destinations to have a good time!

Although we have barely started spring, many French people are already preparing for their summer holidays in 2022. A period where rest is the key word! And what better than to go on a little trip to enjoy this moment?

The destinations available to you are numerous if we take into account the studies carried out by tourism professionals. We reveal some of them to take full advantage of this season!

Summer holidays: 4 destinations not far from France

For a short time you can enjoy summer holidays not far from France. There are many such destinations. Among the most popular are spain. The places are as secure in the face of Russian-Ukrainian conflicts but also in the face of covid-19. Especially since the sun will indeed be there for your summer stay!

Not far from there, there is also Greece. This destination is ideal for summer holidays in fairly high temperatures. You will be able to sunbathe but also discover the beauty of the landscape. The places are also full of a wide variety of sites to visit to fully enjoy your trip. Especially since the places are rather secure in terms of the preparation process.

Tunisia is also a dream destination for your summer vacation. The places are full of interesting places to fully enjoy this period. The cultural style of this region will be its main asset. And don’t forget that the sun will also be present! You can also enjoy your days at the beach. There is therefore no shortage of alternatives to allow you to enjoy your stay.

Finally, there is also the Dominican Republic. Although it is a long-haul destination, tourism professionals recommend it for summer holidays. The places offer all kinds of opportunities whether to enjoy the water or other historical places. Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities to allow you to take full advantage of the place!

What are the other places to discover?

These summer holidays are an ideal time to discover new horizons. If you are one of those who particularly appreciate this kind of journey, know that the destination options are not lacking. This is particularly the case of UNITED STATES. The places are full of sites to discover whether with family, friends or even as a couple.

You can also go to the Canada. If the places are not as hot as the other destinations we offer, they offer great opportunities. You can also enjoy outdoor spaces and natural sites. These places are full of possibilities to allow you to reconnect with nature. It is therefore a dream destination for lovers of outdoor sports.

There are also interesting places to discover in South America. This is particularly the case of Uruguay. This dream destination allows you to enjoy an exotic moment. You can also set off to discover nature by going there! There are plenty of opportunities to try hiking, for example.

Argentina is also recommended for your summer vacation. The places present neither a risk in the face of covid-19 nor in the face of the conflicts that are currently raging. It is therefore a place of choice to take full advantage of your moment of rest!

Summer holidays: Places to avoid at all costs!

It’s not every day that you go on a summer vacation! If you dream of tranquility for this period, certain countries are therefore to be avoided. And this especially because of the risks of contamination linked to covid-19. Tourism professionals strongly recommend that youavoid the borders of Japan and China. The premises may pose a risk to sensitive persons.

On the other hand, Russian-Ukrainian relations are not always favorable to a quiet stay for your summer vacation. These regions are also formally advised against by the authorities. It is the same for most of the areas that approach it. In particular, you will be able to identify the Baltic States as well as Poland which are too close to this region of conflict!

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