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these socialists tempted by dissidence… or the holidays

Now we will campaign together. “Olivier Faure should turn his tongue seven times before getting enthusiastic. Because the socialist federations are far from being so categorical, despite the agreement with LFI voted in the National Council on the night of May 5 to 6. And for good reason: of the 96 French departments, 47 will have no candidate from the ranks of the rose party. ” After the registration of the official lists in the prefecture, I am on vacation“, laughs (yellow) a PS activist from Aube, questioned by Marianne.

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In this department of Grand Est, bastion of the right where Jean Rottner was easily re-elected as its head in the regional elections of June 2021, none of the three constituencies will have a socialist pretender. Nonsense for the activist, who fears that this will promote the election of a National Rally deputy: “ In our department, Marine Le Pen came out on top with 33% of the votes in the first round. Éric Zemmour made 7%. In the most winnable constituency, the 3rd, an LFI-RN ​​duel is planned. If so, I would be surprised if LR or LREM vote Insoumis. »

The union, “it’s cinema!” »

Especially since the links between the two parties have not always been good: ” LFI in the Aube will not believe that I will tow and stick posters for them! We’ve been trying to organize a left-wing rally here for four or five months. At the departmental level, we presented a common list, “Oxygen”, with the other formations. Only the rebels refused to be part of it “, remembers the socialist. Consequence of the tensions: a dissident PS candidate could well present himself in the 3rd district of the department against the pretender Nupes.

The socialists of Aude are not the only ones in the region to be reluctant to rally. In the Great East, the positions of France Insoumise, particularly on Europe, but also the lack of consideration of the territorial network in the negotiations, have created a blockage in many federations. Michaël Weber, mayor of Woelfling, regional councilor and first secretary of the Moselle federation, thus declares to Marianne that if he is not not opposed to the union “, this one ” must be declined territorially, either according to the personality of the candidate, or according to the establishment of the party from which he comes “.

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However, the 7th constituency was given to the Greens, the 4th to the PCF while it is the one where the left is the weakest across the entire Mosellecontinues the socialist. Even the historic rebellious candidate has better local roots, she could more easily create a rally around her candidacy. ” Rare thing, according to Weber, LFI having ” no activists, no presence on the territory of Moselle “: ” They rely on other people’s activists to campaign. Except that it absolutely does not arouse adhesion. I’m waiting to see who our activists will be ready to campaign for. »

A division deemed absurd by the elected official, to the point that he says he is ready to support the socialist dissidents of his federation – numbering “ four or five –, behind a pro-European project, denouncing “ a gathering that is not one “: ” LFI wants to give the impression of making room for partners. So no, it’s cinema! I will not submit to the radical left. I officially disagree with what the party is proposing. I am for a reformist left, in the territorial reality and the reality of the government. I am a rebellious socialist. »


In the Hérault, the activists of the socialist youth will not support their rebellious “allies” either. While the region is held by Carole Delga and the town hall of Montpellier by Michaël Delafosse, two elected PS, no socialist will be invested in the five constituencies in the department. Samuel Avenin, federal animator of the JS of the department, is bewildered: “ In Occitania, the PS is very established! “, he is indignant with Marianne.

Before describing the systematic opposition of the Insoumis vis-à-vis elected Socialists: “ LFI voted against free transport at the regional council, against the charter of secularism imposed on associations by the town hall of Montpellier, today they criticize the right-wing drift of Delga when they are the ones who have allied themselves with Mohed Altrad, a right-wing billionaire, in the municipal elections. The condition of my commitment has always been to be able to look at myself in the mirror. Today, at the level of the Hérault, it is impossible. »

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The young man chose to support the dissident candidate in the 2nd constituency of the department: “ We will not pull or stick for candidate Nupes but for Fatima Bellaredj. Our federation secretary, Julien Pradel, will not support the agreement either. Because, if an alliance is desirable on the left, the conditions of this one are regrettable. »

Same refrain in the Bas-Rhin, where the Socialists got nothing either. “ I have no coercive means to force my activists to tow for one or the other candidate, but I have some doubts about their commitment to be frank “, explains to Marianne the first federation secretary Thierry Sother. Some of them sincerely doubting a Nupes victory. ” I don’t believe for a moment in a Mélenchon Prime Minister, it’s a trick “Blows one of the activists contacted by Marianne. All the more reason not to mobilize the troops.

Increased risk of defeat

The Dordogne, land historically left – the departmental council has 34 socialists out of 50 elected -, is also one of the 47 departments without PS candidates. Result of the races: dissidents from the rose party in the four constituencies of the territory. Emeric Lavitola is disappointed: “ For us, union takes on a form of humiliation. ” To the point that the federation could officially declare itself dissident: ” The question is not yet settleddetails the one who is also deputy mayor of Périgueux. But our positioning will not have a big impact. Either way, there will be dissenting candidates. I can’t stop them from going there. »

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But, despite the proliferation of opposition in the region, Stéphane Rozès, president of Advice, analysis and perspective and teacher at SciencesPo, qualifies the impact of the phenomenon. ” There are activists who think they are of decisive importance. But people don’t form an opinion so much by the leaflets they receive or the posters »,he explains to Marianne.

On the other hand, the teacher points out the importance of ” substantive questions about disagreements that have been put into perspective or set aside ” during the negotiations between the PS and LFI. “ All the essential questions, for reasons of electoral and financial opportunities, were absolutely put aside by the leaders PC, PS, EELV and Jean-Luc Mélenchon to arrive at the distribution of the constituencies and the putting forward of a label Commune Nupes “, continues the university.

And for good reason : ” Those who have a strong territorial anchor are the socialists, the communists and more recently the ecologists “, emphasizes Stéphane Rozès. Hence the importance, for both sides, of agreeing on the disagreeable. Gold, ” Among Macron’s opponents, local roots will no doubt weigh more heavily than labels. »

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This is why particular attention must be paid, according to him, to the taking of speeches and possible dissidence: ” When a great mayor like Delafosse, or a regional president like Carole Delga refuses the Nupes agreement, it is not necessarily enough to win, but it will undoubtedly be enough for the candidate stamped Nupes not to win. “, he concludes.

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