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this year, I’m traveling light!

Every year, it’s the same thing: what to put in your suitcase? Last summer was no exception to the rule, you came back without having worn certain clothes, the famous “just in case”. But since the various confinements, we have freed ourselves from a certain number of shackles. Over the months, we have made comfort a priority in our lives and our wardrobes (goodbye tight jeans, bras for some, and make-up…) to refocus on the essentials. A principle to adapt to our well-deserved holidays? Certainly!

• Choose the right parts

In a previous article, we explained that to be worn, the pieces of a wardrobe must meet three criteria:

  • be comfortable
  • be pretty
  • be adapted to our way of life

A rule that also applies to our suitcase but that we sometimes forget, nose in our wardrobe a few hours before departure. The idea is to rely on a hard core. Only bring clothes that are suitable for your destination and the activities on site.

The other trick is to only take pieces that go together by betting on a set of colors. For example, a trio of white, black and another dominant color in your dressing room (khaki, coral, red, etc.). All you have to do is pick and match the pieces as you wish. The touches of color will come with jewelry or nail polish…

Above all, try on your clothes before you leave! It would be a shame to bother with a swimsuit that is too small or a dress that has become too short for your taste. You already know it, you won’t wear it!

Eliminate parts that you know will only be used once. A garment must be able to make at least two outfits.

Remember to look at the weather before leaving, you have up to ten days of forecast on Météo France, this will be useful for you to refine the number of sweaters, vests and jackets and/or windbreakers. Always plan a scarf, useful in the event of a drop in temperature or an air-conditioned train.

To optimize the preparation of your suitcase, start it a few days before departure by making a first selection and putting your things on the bed to view them. You will better realize if it is too much or not enough (more rare!).

• Accessories that make the difference

Bracelets, earrings, necklace… To bring a different note to your outfits, play on the jewelry. They don’t take up much space, let’s take advantage of them. A beach tunic worn as is to go to the market or accessorized with a pretty pair of earrings in the evening will give the illusion of a new outfit. A belt can also be a good accessory to vary your looks.

You can also bring a scarf to tie in your hair and a hat, which will not only protect you from the sun but will ensure a 100% dolce vita look. If you don’t have any, you can find them in local markets. These two accessories may answer the dilemma: take your hair dryer or not?

For bags, a wicker basket can be used as a beach bag during the day and worn in the evening. It’s trendy!

• And the shoes?

Sea, mountain… Depending on the destination, your choice will not be the same. But let’s assume that you don’t need more pairs than vacation days!

If you go to the sea, bring a pair of flip-flops or all-terrain sandals (such as Birkenstock) to go to the beach, go shopping.. Add a pair of flat sandals in leather, gold or Spartan style which will go perfectly with shorts during the day and a dress in the evening. Add a pair of closed shoes in case of rain, for example white sneakers that can be combined with a long dress.

Add a pair of sporty sneakers if you plan to do some sport or a hike. The heels? If you wear them regularly, that’s up to you, but if you’re counting on vacations to the beach or the countryside to wear them again, leave them at home.

• The toilet kit

The puzzle within the puzzle! How to go from the equivalent of the beauty department to the essentials? By sorting and reconditioning.

On the makeup side, if you don’t wear any, it’s easy. If you wear a little makeup, mascara and lipstick will be more than enough. No need to take foundation, concealer or blush because if our complexion looks gray after a year of hard work, rest and the sun will fix it from the first days.

As for beauty products, if you are not going away very long, put your favorite shampoos, lotions and milks in travel-size bottles. You will have enough to last at least two weeks. When shopping, remember to ask the pharmacy or parapharmacy if they have samples of cream or shower gel, it can help.

If you stay in France, buy the sunscreen on the spot. You will halve the size of your toiletry bag. Ditto for the hydroalcoholic gel.

For medication, take your usual kit and think about prescriptions if you are undergoing treatment.

Your suitcase is ready and there is a little space left? Resist the trap of adding a previously eliminated piece. Instead, add a book or think about the souvenirs you can bring back and store in your luggage on your return! And don’t forget to take masks for places where there will be crowds.

And you, what are your tips for packing your suitcase? Are you packing the bare minimum? Still too much? Tell us!

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