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Tips for going on vacation at the last minute —

It was not planned, but boom! You are going to have a vacation! Except that, of course, you haven’t planned anything. But how to leave at the last minute?!

Originally published July 31, 2015

Hell and damnation!

You were no longer expecting them, but now your leave is finally confirmed.

Go on vacation at the last minute without panicking

This should have made you happy, and yet the late news only gives you flashes of stress: you only have a few days left to improvise and organize your vacationall without putting you on the straw.

OHMONDIEU and the suitcase! You have to pack! (You don’t like to pack) But what will become of you?!

Well, stop alternating between quivers of happiness and tremors of anguish. Affordable last-minute travel is not a myth – it’s even the way many people travel.

You just need to be flexible (and by “flexible” I mean “in your choices”), to have the right reflexes, and know some tricks. Tips that, in my great goodness, I am about to share with you. (Don’t thank me, it’s my job.)

Define your desires… and your travel options

The first thing, if you only have a short time to plan your vacation, is to have no desire accurate.

If you really wanted to go trekking in New Zealand, tour India by tricycle or any other expensive trip requiring some organization, understand that it will be for another time.

On the other hand, this is the advantage of holidays organized at the last moment: you have to improvise, and thus discover places you wouldn’t necessarily have thought of! So where are we going?


To start, try to specify your desires. Are you more lazing on the beach, or hiking in the mountains? Rather a sunny destination, or would a little freshness do you harm?

Are you aiming for adventure, the real one, or a relaxing holiday? Once you have set your preferences, open Google Maps or grab a globe, and note all the countries/cities that match, while attracting you – without limiting you.

Once this first ideal list is down on paper/computer, it’s time to confront your dreams with reality. Oh yes. Maybe you’ll have to cross Unicorn Island off the list.

By reality, I mean the constraints that you will not have time to overcome.

The impossible constraints to overcome to leave at the last minute

  • Too high a budget. Drop for this time the destinations whose average return ticket price exceeds your entire budget, or whose cost of living would prevent you from enjoying. It will be for when you have had time to put some money aside. Hop, that’s done.
  • The need for a visa and/or vaccines. If certain countries outside of Europe seem affordable to you, but require a tourist visa which takes more than ten days to arrive and/or to make vaccines beforehand, forget it. You don’t have time to drown in the maze of administration.
  • Risk destinations. Some countries, such as Colombia or India, may be magnificent, but the fact remains that security is not necessarily required there. Before visiting these countries, take the time to find out about the current situation, travel recommendations, etc. And guess what? You do not have the time.

So no, not all trips are improvised… but it still leaves you quite a margin!

Aim for less “classic” destinations for your trips

I know that the Cyclades, Rome or Venice are all destinations not far away that do not require a visa, vaccines or precautions…

But imagine that you will not be the only ones to have thought of it. And tourist and ultra-popular destinations at the last minute are dead: if, by chance, there are tickets/accommodations left, they will be at full price.


So maybe it’s time to think outside the box! Do you know Macedonia? Or Croatia, for those who prefer the sea! A little road trip in England or Wales? Note that you can also travel there by bus for cheap… Here, and Galicia! Have you thought about Galicia? It’s beautiful Galicia. It’s not expensive, either. I love Galicia.

(After, of course, it all depends on where you live. If you live in Quebec, for example, Europe might not be the most obvious destination for you…) (Forget Paris, what.)

To leave at the last minute, comparators are your friends

” How ?! »some will exclaim, at the thought of leaving at the last minute. “I don’t have to book my ticket five months in advance? » Well no.

It can even be a good plan to wait until the last moment to get your plane tickets… as long as, once again, we are flexible!

Why, how, but what happens? It’s quite simple: airlines and online travel agencies have objectives to achieve, and to achieve this, depending on the destination, they must lower prices to compensate for vacancies and cancellations.

And boom! Who are they for, the -50%? They are for late travelers! And you know what ? This system also works on the issue of accommodation.


But don’t rely exclusively on the algorithms of the Air France or Easy Jet site, you might be tearing your hair out, and, well, it’s the holidays (or not far away).

Very good flight/hotel comparators, in addition to having very practical interfaces to define your budget, offer you the good plans of the moment. I’m thinking of Kayak, or Liligo, which also help you find a good idea of ​​a destination!

That said, in terms of ideas with a good quality/price ratio, my little favorite remains Drungli. Immediately locate on the map which destinations fall within your budget, and go for it my rabbits! (Sorry, I got carried away.)

To leave at the last minute, opt for a “package”

Otherwise, you have the “package” solution! What, how, what is that still “pakèdje”? It’s nothing, it’s just a system of all-inclusive travel dealswhich can serve as nice tips.

And by “all-inclusive”, I mean, depending on the offers, flights + hotel, or even tours, rentals or even cruises. Even in the middle of August, you can find offers from 200/300€. Oh yes.


Calm down, you look like a pub.

Be careful, however, to order from reliable sites. Understand: if you come across a random site, which you do not know, and which does not inspire confidence in you, there is no need to tempt fate. You will prospect when you have more time to think about it.

In the meantime, you won’t run out of choice with the great classics of the last-minute vacation package.

The aptly named LastMinute.comfor starters, which also does flash sales. travelzoowhich gives you everything it has in exchange for a simple sign-up.

Special Private Travel Sales, for all types of stays, from the end of the world to the little corner of France whose beauty you did not even suspect. Sigh. (Warning, these are low-cost offers, which may not meet your expectations!)

Or, for a holiday driving full throttle on the sports and party highway, UCPA offerswhich Clémence has already told you about in detail!

To leave at the last minute, be efficient!

Well, you’re leaving tomorrow, so? Well, we’ll have to get on with it, then.

I refer you first to this superb article (and I’m not saying that because I wrote it) offering playlists adapted to different situations to pack your suitcase.

Once you’ve launched the one that best suits your stress level, before facing your empty bag… Grab a sheet of paper and a pen. Or open a new page on your word processor of choice, roh, that was a way of speaking, that’s okay.


In an emergency, there’s nothing like making lists so you don’t forget anything. Lists to pack your suitcase, but also to enumerate all the tasks you will have to do before leaving (who to entrust Bastien, your basilisk to, in your absence, for example), or even all the papers you may need before your trip.

And then have fun!

Be sure to specify your budget, if you haven’t already. To worry now is to spend a holiday worrying about nothing.

Once everything is clear in theory, all you have to do is put it into practice. Even the suitcase will be easier to pack if you have already noted which panties you are packing.

Finally, and I particularly want to: don’t hesitate to go alone. If you have urge to leave, but things get complicated when you are looking for someone to accompany you (not everyone has the same availability, nor the same budget, at the same time)…

You’re still not going to cancel everything, are you? I promise, not only is loneliness not dangerous for your health, but it also promotes encounters while traveling!

Come on, I hope you’re happy. Because I am at that to slam everything for Sardinia.

And you, do you have other good plans to leave at the last minute?

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