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Tips for making time pass quickly with your children during your summer vacation!

Children get bored quickly during a trip. Parents therefore have an interest in inventing games so that the journey goes smoothly.

Parents have great difficulty keeping their children occupied during a long trip. Several solutions exist, starting with good comfort.

Then come board games, music or a story box. Discussions can also occupy your children during the journey. Read the following article for more details…

Travel: nothing better than activities to pass the time

During a long trip, children tend to ask every 5 minutes when do we arrive during a long trip. Let’s not forget either the shouting, the arguments after a few hours on the road. Indeed, as we know, children are impatient. Which can quickly transform the atmosphere in the car into a real hell.

To begin with, children should not be left staring at a screen for hours on end. Romain, a father of 4 children aged 4 to 16, focuses first on comfort. Since they have a big enough car, they can ask their children to move with their favorite quilts and pillows. Not to mention the comforters. Their children can thus organize a large funny room at the back. It works pretty well for the first two hours.

Sometimes it’s the oldest tricks that work. So we can bring books, like Emilie for her 7-year-old daughter. She makes him choose his books before leaving. Her daughter thus fills a small backpack. Of course, this is not always enough. It has already happened that she leaves the book aside and ends up inventing stories. We hear him secretly whispering while up front they chat and remake the world during the trip.

You can also plan board games that take time, it’s a good strategy. Celine bought Puzzled, spheres containing a ball that will have to be moved through a labyrinth. These balls have different levels of difficulty. From where the children will be able to exchange them during the trip.

Use music or a story box

You can also give children a book of mandalas with colored pencils. Emilie does not forget her daughter’s magic painting. This one has fun draw pictures or write small sentences. Creative games are indeed a good solution during a trip. According to Charlotte Ducharme, coach and author specializing in parenting, for the little ones, the stickers are more than recommended.

Music softens hearts even in the car. Paulien, mother of a 3-year-old girl, uses and even abuses it. She puts on children’s songs, nursery rhymes or just music she likes. Laetitia also says thatthey sing to pass the time. Podcasts are also a good idea, they can brighten up the trip for children.

The journeys can be long but since we listen to audio stories, it keeps the children very busy. They thus set out to discover new things. This then makes it possible to discuss several topics. For children from 3 to 8 years old, there is another magic object according to Charlotte Ducharme. It’s the story box like the Lunni that allows you to listen to several in a row during the trip.

Car journeys are also an opportunity to share convivial moments. And D’invent games as Charlotte Ducharme suggests. You give a word and you have to look for a song in which it is used. Another game: in my suitcase, I took it away. Each traveler cites an object and the next player must repeat the list without making a mistake. It is a very good pastime. Especially since it makes the memory work.

Travel: plan visual games and discussions

Celine play small bac with her daughters orally. They like it a lot and depending on the first names chosen, it can quickly go crazy. Shera relies on collective games. She invents visual games like yellow. Whoever sees a yellow car on the road first wins a point.

Travel can also be a time for have discussions with children. We can launch debates like “What would you change at home, tell me about your favorite film, what is your best family memory”. This can lead to very emotional or laughable moments. But above all, it would bring the whole family together.

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