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Top 10 of the best SCPIs to invest in real estate from €200!

Investment in SCPI allows to acquire shares of real estate assets in France or in Europe, most of the time. It is a management company that is responsible for finding buildings, tenants and collecting rents. The owner, each quarter in general, receives part of the rent in proportion to the number of shares he owns and their purchase value.

Investment in stone is more and more popular, especially since investing in SCPI allows you to have only the good aspects of the status of owner. SCPIs all work differently and their rate of return is not the same. What do you need to know to invest in 2022? This is what we decipher here.

Ranking of the best SCPIs in terms of yield

In this guide, we have endeavored to deal only with yield SCPIs. They are not ranked by performance.

  1. SCPI Aestriam Placement Pierre (formerly Foncia Placement Pierre) : between 4.73 and 5.16% annual return over 2021: the SCPI to choose when you want to invest in Paris and Ile de France, which for many represent safe bets.
  2. 2. SCPI PF Greater Paris : 5% return on 2021: the SCPI which diversifies its investments both in terms of geography and sectors (offices, accommodation solutions, essential shops) in Paris, Ile de France and in the regions.
  3. SCPI Primovie : 4.50% return on 2021: the one to choose when you want to invest in the field of health; and more particularly dependency and early childhood. The yield has remained unchanged for many years.
  4. SCPI Heart of Regions : 6.30% yield per year: a young SCPI dating from the end of 2018 which continues to seduce, thanks to its strategy of buying in the provinces rather than in the Paris region. With a generalized occupancy rate of 96% and three tenants on average per property, this SCPI makes it possible to invest without fear of the risk of non-payment, a criterion that must be borne in mind in this type of project.
  5. SCPI Atream Hotels : 3% return, despite the two disastrous years attributable to the health crisis in the hotel and catering sector. The SCPI took advantage of this period to buy new assets which were for sale at a certain discount. It’s a safe bet that the occupancy rate will be high at the end of the crisis: tourists from France and elsewhere will want to get away and take a vacation to put this anxiety-provoking period behind them.
  6. SCPI Corum Origin : 5.42% yield generally: an emblematic SCPI which has not weakened since its creation. The real estate assets are located throughout France. They are both offices and businesses.
  7. SCPI Pierval Health : 5.05% yield generally observed each year. This SCPI focuses on health and care establishments. Geographical diversification (France and Europe) coupled with the choice of a buoyant sector explain its success with French investors.
  8. SCPI Crystal Annuity : 5.04% annual return in 2021: a good diversification of assets in so-called essential businesses, but also, at a lower level, in the field of dependency or car parks.
  9. 9. SCPI PF Hospitality Europe : 6.25% annual return on average with real estate assets scattered throughout the euro zone. A good geographical diversification but also sectors of the future such as health or education, among others. In this type of investment, the pooling of risks is important, which is what this management company responds to.
  10. SCPI Kyaneos : 6.10% yield over one year: A somewhat atypical SCPI since it is mainly dedicated to residential rental property for individuals. Knowing the difficulties that private landlords can encounter with the new DPE, this type of property could experience dazzling success in the coming years, even if this SCPI did not wait for this to shine. The goods are qualitative, old or new.

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