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Toulouse. In July, he will play the world poker championships in Las Vegas.

Sébastien, 39, will compete in the World Poker Championships in Las Vegas (USA) in July 2022. (©DR)

The Landes, Toulouse and… Las Vegas ! Sébastien, 39, settled down near Toulouse a decade ago. In 3 months, he will fly to Las Vegas. The reason ? He simply qualified for the poker world championships, which will take place across the Atlantic this summer. Everything changed almost 20 years ago…

Patrick Bruel as a reference and the covid as a springboard

Back in 2005-2006. Sébastien was then a student. He played a few poker games with friends, and was particularly inspired by “Patrick Bruel, who commented on the World Poker Tour on Canal+. This period corresponds to the great poker boom in France”.

The Landais by birth consecrates a small budget for the game. “I put ten dollars on a website, which I managed to grow,” he says. I had the objective of being a winner, I always won a little bit, just to be able to play again and have fun. “Became a dad four years ago, he is embarking on a hell of a turn when the covid will turn the world upside down.

“Being independent in the construction industry, I had a break in my professional activity when the covid arrived. Suddenly, I decided to invest myself a little more in poker, to study the mental aspect, the technical, and we started putting a little more effort into that. And the King 5 is the culmination of all that effort, those hours of study, those hours of play.”

Sebastianpoker player

King of King 5

It is this famous King 5 that Sébastien won on April 22nd. Completely free competition and organized by Winamax, it takes place in teams of 5. There were more than 12,000, on February 8, when the competition started. That’s more than 60,000 players…

The “adopted Toulousain”, as he calls himself, had already taken part in it on several occasions. But this time around, the 39-year-old understood there was something to be done. “As soon as I arrived at the stadium where there were 50 teams leftI said to myself that we were getting closer to the trip to Las Vegas”, in other words, to the final victory.

“There are eight stages in all, and some can extend over 5-6 games. It all happened in the last week where we made eighth, quarter, semi and final. This last week, I couldn’t sleep anymore I was like crazy because we were going through the stages one after the other, the trip was getting closer… I told myself that we had an exceptional opportunity to go far, and that we should not waste it .”


The victory of a fifth

And “The Monkey”, name of his team, did not spoil it. But besides, who are its partners? “They are pure poker friends. We’ve been seeing each other for two years, and there are two that I haven’t seen it for real, Sebastian laughs.

“We found ourselves on a working group. To progress, in poker, what is really a plus is to be in a group and discuss strategy and technique. We met in this context Even if there are two that I haven’t seen in real life, the other two, I saw them for the first time a month and a half ago. You could say that they are friends, my friends historical I see them less, I have less news than them.”


The youngest is 26 years old, and the native of the Landes is the youngest of the crew. “We have different social origins and personal statuses: I am married and I have a kid, others are not in a relationship, the youngest has just finished his studies… Poker brings us together!

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Las Vegas, for a 40and candle

And poker will gather the troop to Las Vegas, in July, for the Main Event. “It’s the tournament of the year, already savors Sébastien. When you are passionate about poker, this is the tournament you want to play once in your life. The quinté will be at the heart of his passion.

But will also face the cream of the discipline. “There, we will meet the Ronaldos and Messis of poker! We are going to take full eyes, have fun with friends”, salivates the Toulousain. Who will blow his 40and return candle. “And if behind, there is a small financial performance, it will be the icing on the cake…”

“Only play money you are willing to lose”

Experienced in poker games for almost 20 years, Sébastien also gave advice to players wanting to get started. Especially financially. “The essential and main advice that I can give is to only play the money that you are ready to lose. You have to be a little rigorous,” he concedes. The one who also qualifies as a “cautious but competitive” player when he is partly recognizes the “mental and psychological aspect” of poker. “I signed up for a ‘Personal Development’ course, which is a bit poker-specific. I learned a lot about myself.”


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